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So many men are absolutely intrigued and driven by the female G-Spot and G-Spot orgasm! Men want to make their women squirt like water fountains, shake like they are having a seizure, and fall to the bed sweaty and unable to move. Is this realistic? Is this really how a gspot orgasm happens? Furthermore, how do you really stimulate her G-Spot effectively? What should you realistically expect from G-Spot stimulation?

A LITTLE ANATOMY LESSON: The first thing you need to know about G-Spot stimulation is, well, WHERE is it? The G-Spot is located on the upper (belly side) wall of the vagina, about 2-3 inches inside. It is more noticeable in some women than in others. The more it is stimulated, the more it engorges with blood, and the more prominent it will become.

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Firstly, I hate the word “expect” because I believe, firmly, that during sex you should have fun and enjoy each other and not “expect” anything. Furthermore, if you put yourselves in a situation of expecting a certain reaction it puts a lot of pressure on the woman to have a “porn star grade” G-Spot orgasm. Sadly, this is a rarity, but G-Spot stimulation feels amazing even without the orgasm. So, what should you realistically expect? First, to have to put in a lot of time and effort to get her really stimulated. A LOT. Secondly, you should expect her to go through periods of extreme pleasure and perhaps discomfort. Depending on how familiar she is with G-Spot orgasms, it may take her some time to adjust to the feeling of the stimulation –so be understanding and patient. Thirdly, IF and this is a bit IF she has a G-Spot orgasm expect her to be very, very emotional and grateful! Finally, expect to have fun. That is the most important.

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Technically, the best way to stimulate the G-Spot is through finger exploration. Why? They can feel around inside for the rough patch that indicates the G-Spot, angle their fingers to push against it, and easily position their hand for maximum stimulation. For the most effective results, the G-Spot requires some firm and constant pressure, the best way to achieve this is to have your partner place his/her fingers inside (facing up), hook 1-2 fingers, locate the spot and then move them in a “come hither” motion across the spot. To further increase stimulation, a little pressure on the pubic bone will push the spot down, into the fingers. When the spot is found – she will let you know! It is an unmistakable feeling for sure.

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The thing about G-Spot stimulation is – the more orgasms she has BEFORE you start G-spot stimulation, the more likely she is to react favorably to G-Spot stimulation. So, this means, take your time and give her as many orgasms as you can! Clitoral ones, internal ones – lots of orgasms. Then, when you start the finger stimulation you have to put in the time. Continual and firm stimulation without break is idea. This is why finger stimulation is the most successful – stimulating her through sex doesn’t always work because the man will orgasm before she has had enough stimulation! So, get comfortable, find the spot, make sure she is super primed and ready and just stimulate, stimulate, stimulate!

Sex Positions To Stimulate The G-Spot

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The more aroused she is, the more likely a G-Spot orgasm is – so add in a bullet or mini-vibe. Let her stimulate her clitoris while you are stimulating her G-Spot. Let her get the best of all worlds and super stimulate her! It is sometimes too hard to provide the necessary finger stimulation and provide oral stimulation to her clitoris, so if you let a little toy help you out it is much easier. Not to mention she may have a couple more clitoral orgasms while you are at it! Win-win!

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As far as stimulation during intercourse goes, doggy style seems to be a very effective method of stimulation. The woman should be on her hands and knees and place a pillow under her stomach to keep the angle. The man then penetrates her – but shallowly, not deeply – and when she feels his penis head pass over her G-Spot she can tell him and he can concentrate his thrusts in that general region. Adding in clitoral stimulation at the same time can also greatly enhance the chances of an actual orgasm – so keep the buzzing buddy handy.

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This positional twist works with both the fingering method AND for intercourse stimulation. The female lays on her back and bends her knees back as far as she can (holding her knees if necessary). The further back she can roll herself, the better the stimulation will be. This puts pressure on the G-Spot and makes it easier to stimulate. Variations include her legs on his chest or on his shoulders, or even just one leg back helps immensely.

In general, the best way to stimulate her G-Spot is to find ANY and ALL positions that allow this. IF you notice she has a particularly powerful reaction to a position – STICK WITH IT. As long as you can! Slow, deliberate, shallow strokes are the way to go!

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