4 Role Play Ideas Any Couple Can Do

I am sure you all know what role play is, right? When you pretend to be someone or something (i.e. doctor, nurse) that you are not in order to experience a different reality than your own. Sexual role play is extremely fun for many couples because it allows them to experiment with different scenarios and situations that they are not familiar with. Or, it allows them to become a different persona. The level of in-depthness with a role play scenario is completely up to the couple, and it can be used as foreplay only or it can be used in a “start to finish” mode where each person stays in character until an agreed upon time (usually after sex). Sexual role play gives intimate partners an opportunity to explore different fantasies with a person who they trust. So, if you have some curiosities about sexual role play and need some ideas, read on to discover 4 role play ideas any couple can do!

Note: Sexual role play is about fantasy. You should only participate in roleplay when both partners have shown clear consent. Some fantasies may not appeal to your partner (i.e. rape fantasies) so it is important to find fantasies that make both people excited and not uncomfortable. If the suggested ideas do not fuel that sexual fire, than find an idea that works for you.

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While a pretty cliché fantasy, the doctor / nurse / patient scenario offers an easy role play idea that anyone can begin with. The idea that someone is taking care of us (Doctor or nurse) and they are flirting and being sexual while doing it is a HUGE turn on for both men and women. How often have you fantasized about the naughty nurse giving you a sponge bath? Or the handsome doctor just taking you during an exam? Admit it, you have. This role play is extremely easy to do because all you need is a bed and the rest is just fluff.

If you want to do it up right, though, I would suggest investing (or renting) a costume like a naughty nurse or sexy doctor. The appeal here is being taken care of – in ALL ways – and getting your sexual needs fulfilled. Perhaps the nurse needs to attend to your sore penis? Or, you need a breast exam from your doctor? There are no hard and fast rules here other than to have fun.

Another extremely popular fantasy for role play is the Professor / Student or the Professor / Naughty Schoolgirl. Figure out what set up works best for you. Many men have the fantasy of getting to sexually “teach” a school girl. Hence why the plaid skirts and tight white topped costumes with knee socks are so popular! Also, many men find women in glasses to be extremely sexy! Called the Professor Fetish for good reason! You don’t really require any special costuming for this, but I am sure if you got the naughty school girl garb your man would NOT complain. If you have the “professor” glasses, simply add a tight skirt and cleavage showing top, put your hair in an updo with tendrils falling down and VIOLA – naughty professor. What your “lesson” is going to be is up to you. Traditionally, the Professor is in charge here. Although, getting seduced by a disrespectful little student may work well too. I see a ruler spanking in your future!

I don’t care what you SAY you would think about, but I think most women have had at least one fleeting thought about what it would be like to be a stripper! Even if you disagree with that profession, it is a fantasy so it is OK. Or, perhaps, what it would be like to hire an escort or a prostitute. You would never do it in real life, but it is a curiosity you have had. These fantasies fuel the naughty and taboo parts of our sexual repertoire. Another easy fantasy to pull off all you need is some sexy lingerie (for men or women) and your own couch! The stripper puts on the show and then the patron gets to have a very personal lap dance! Or, the prostitute / John scenario, perhaps the escort makes house calls. Want to take it up a notch? You could meet up at a bar and let the prostitute’s naughty appearance be a total surprise. You could negotiate the payment and the terms of “use” for the transaction. The idea behind these scenarios is a forbidden activity where you would likely engage in activities you normally wouldn’t. Just make sure you both discuss the will and will nots so that no one gets hurt. These fantasies work wonderfully for exploring the forbidden and the ultra naughty!

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This fantasy involves a photographer who gets a little too excited by his/her model! It can be super fun and flirty. The model gets all dolled up with make-up and accessories (or if the male is the model he is pretty much good to go!). The photographer picks out the outfits, the poses, etc. As the photo shoot heats up, the poses get naughtier and naughtier. Perhaps the model starts to masturbate? Do you have toys? Maybe toys are brought into the picture. You can pretend to take the pictures or you can actually take some erotic photos! Just remember to delete them if you don’t want to keep them! This fantasy allows the model to feel glamorous and sexy and the photographer gets to put her/him into any sexual pose he/she wants! Then, the model gets to thank the photographer for the fantastic session! It is a win-win fantasy that can be adapted to other locations inside OR outside to vamp up the fun!

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