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Vibrating Jellies

Jelly vibrators are extremely popular and economical. They come in a variety of textures, colors and styles - one to fit every desire.

Jelly is one of the most popular sex toy materials due to its soft, smooth structure and versatile designs. At TooTimid, we know that customers love the firm yet flexible feel of a jelly dildo, which is why we offer so many different designs to fulfill your unique sexual desires.

Whether you're searching for a dual stimulation G-spot vibrator, a gentle clit stimulator or a waterproof jelly vibrator, you'll find a great fit in this extensive selection of sex toys. Our vibrating dildos and stimulators come in a variety of sizes, styles, textures and designs, allowing you to customize your intimate experiences with the erotic sensations you crave.

Browse our full collection of jelly vibrators to discover a unique toy for boosting your sexual satisfaction. These soft vibrators are great for using in various positions because the flexible design makes them comfortable to insert from a variety of angles. That soft texture also contributes to a gentle touch on the skin, although you can spice things up by trying a ribbed, bumpy or beaded vibe rather than one of our silky-smooth options. You can also search for specific features, like dual penetration vibes that offer vaginal and anal stimulation, or vibrating dildos with rotating beads in the shaft for added pleasure. Our thrusting vibrators are another great option to consider if you like rougher sensations while you work towards a powerful climax.

Use your vibrating jelly for masturbation to experience new sensations and thrills, or incorporate into your sex life to make things even hotter between you and your partner. Jelly dildos and vibrators are great for incorporating into foreplay or even during sex. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation, just give us a call. Our friendly and predominantly female staff is knowledgeable about our products and eager to assist you in improving your sexual well-being.

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