Bullets & Eggs

Tease and tantalize your way to intense arousal and powerful orgasms with these vibrating bullets and eggs from TooTimid. Though these are some of the smallest vibrators we offer, make no mistake — they deliver erotic thrills that are just as exhilarating as some of our largest and most complex toys. But with an egg or bullet sex toy, you get a small and convenient package that’s discreet and easy to store at home or take with you on the go.

These buzzing little delights are ready to go at a moment’s notice to satisfy your sexual desires. Place a vibrating bullet or egg directly on your clit and enjoy as waves of pleasure wash over you as you build up to an explosive climax.

If you’re a beginner with sex toys, you can’t go wrong with one of these small vibrators. Bullets and eggs are some of the most classic sex toys, and they’re extremely easy to use. Many women find these vibrators a bit less intimidating thanks to the small size and the control you get by being able to place the vibrator wherever you’d like and pick the vibration settings. Even the most experienced sex toy users find themselves coming back to these go-to vibrators again and again because they deliver consistently exciting sexual arousal.

Keep in mind that bullet vibrators don’t have to be used only during masturbation. In fact, a wireless bullet or egg is a great option for incorporating a fun sex toy into your love life. Because of their small size, these vibrating toys are easy to use during sex with a partner. Make it part of your foreplay for even more excitement, or hold it on your clit while being penetrated to intensify your pleasure.

At TooTimid, you’ll find a wide range of sex bullets and eggs from which to choose. Go for one that’s silky smooth or one with a textured surface, or pick one with a wireless controller or warming capabilities. Browse our collection to find your perfect fit and get our one-year guarantee on any purchase.

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