Anal Lubricants

If you enjoy backdoor play, be sure to get one of these anal lubricants to ensure that you maximize your pleasure. When it comes to anal sex, you need a super-slick lubricant to ensure that you can enjoy comfortable penetration. These sex lubes are specially formulated to give you the glide you need for a more enjoyable backdoor adventure.

You can use these lubricants to enjoy anal stimulation with a partner, or you can apply them to some of your favorite sex toys while pleasuring yourself. Whether you’re experienced in this area or you’re a complete beginner when it comes to anal stimulation, you’ll find that these are the best anal lubes to make your intimate encounters purely pleasurable and undeniably arousing.

Unlike with vaginal penetration, you won’t have natural lubrication when engaging in anal sex. That’s why it’s so important to use plenty of lube to ensure that the experience is both comfortable and arousing. Whether you’re being penetrated by a partner or a sex toy, a lube designed specifically for anal play is your best bet. That’s why we’ve put together this great selection of anal lubricants. You’ll find plenty of options to delight your senses and stimulate you for an enjoyable experience. Choose from water- or silicone-based anal lubes, or pick a lubricant that delivers a warming sensation. You can also choose a desensitizing gel that can help enhance the pleasure of anal sex, especially if it’s something you’re exploring for the first time.

Anal play can be a bit intimidating for those who are beginners, but it’s so much more comfortable and enjoyable when you use a great lube. Test it out on your own at first to discover the positions and sensations you like the most. Just apply anal lubricant to your vibrators, butt plugs or other sex toys. You can then use your lubes when engaging in backdoor play with a partner. Get ready to experience new levels of stimulation and arousal with these super-slick lubes from TooTimid. Order from us to receive a one-year guarantee as well as discreet shipping and billing.

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