How To Make HIM CRAVE Sex With You

While it is true that most men really crave a lot of sex, sometimes our partners are not as into sex with us as we would like. Maybe we have sort of gotten comfortable in the relationship, or have stopped putting in the little efforts that we once did to sex up ourselves and our love life. Maybe we are feeling that our guy is just not as enthusiastic about sex with us. So, how do you make your man CRAVE sex with you? How do you make it so that he is literally drooling at the thought of getting between the sheets with you? Well, there are some very easy answers to those questions and I am a gonna tell you!

Remember when you were newly in the relationship and any time you saw your guy you would wax, shave, put on make-up, wear a thong, a skirt and boob tops? Yeah, why did you do all of that? You were trying to seduce him, right! RIGHT! So, what happens when we are in a relationship for a long while? We start thinking that our guy has “already seen us in the corset” or that he “loves us how we are.” While these things are probably true, it doesn’t mean that we should come to bed with cold cream on our face, our hair done up in curlers and with enough stubble on our legs (or bikini area) to cause friction burns! NO, you need to put in the EFFORT to let him know that sex is an important part of the relationship and that you are willing to put in the effort to make yourself appealing to him. Once he sees the sexy you that he originally lusted after he will be lusting after you just like before only more so because now he loves you too!

Ladies, you have to be aggressive in bed sometimes. Yes, you do. You can’t just sit back and wait for him to want to have sex with you, because if you are not putting in the effort or showing HIM that you want him, then he just may not want to have sex with you. Believe it or not, men are sensitive too and they want and need to know that they are desired and lusted after too. This means, initiating sex, being aggressive in bed, attacking HIM when he comes home from work, leading HIM into the bedroom. Yup. Let him know that you want him – need him – NOW! Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if you looked smokin’ hot while you did it either. Just sayin’!

Learn How You Can Give Him A Sexy Surprise!

If your sex life has less “X” in it lately, then it is time to make your man moan! You need to get him thinking about sex all the time, put him a bit off balance and give him something that he would not expect or that you have not done since your early dating years. For example, when is the last time that you snuck under the sheets on a weekend morning and woke up your guy with a killer blowjob? Or, has your dirty talk come from super hot to super not? Vamp up the dirty talk from PG-13 to XXX! Try a new sexual position that puts you in control like woman on top or reverse cowgirl. Join him in the shower on a weekday morning – yes, a WEEKDAY morning! Give him sexy surprises that will leave him wanting to do the same and more right back to you!

All of these things work toward showing your guy one, important thing: YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM! After all, don’t we all just want our lovers to desire and crave us? Show him that you do, and I guarantee he will be lusting after you!

How Do You Make Him Crave Sex With You? Let Us Know!

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