20 Ways To Use A Vibrating Bullet

For all the years that I have been enjoying all of what TooTimid has to offer, I have told anyone who cared to listen the following: “The ONE toy EVERY woman (single or coupled) must have is a BULLET!” Why is this? Simply put, a bullet is the absolute most versatile toy that you can have in your arsenal of pleasure items! If you do not know what a bullet is, let me explain. It is a small, cylindrical, usually “bullet” shaped vibrator. There are many variations – smooth ones, textured ones, multi-speed ones – but the concept is the same for each: small, portable, versatile and powerful! Let me show you just how versatile it truly is with my Top 20 Ways to Use a Vibrating Bullet!

1. Clitoral Vibrations During Sex

In my opinion the #1 way to use a bullet is with a playful partner during sex! Sure, it is great for you to use alone and definitely a must for foreplay, but the best thing about a bullet is the SIZE! Small but powerful, a bullet can be nuzzled right onto your clitoris during sex! You can hold it there with one hand, or sandwich it between you and your lover. He can even operate the sensations for you. Any way you use it, a bullet is the ideal “extra” for you and your lover during sex!

2. Use With A Clit Cream

Imagine, if you will, having the bliss of a vibrator caressing your body WHILE your clit is tingling with incredible sensations? Now imagine how super stimulating it would be to feel every vibration with the added sensitivity the clit cream gives you! Yes, I am saying it – get double the stimulation with a cream AND a bullet! You will get the blissful buzzing from both! Increase your lust and ride through the heightened arousal for a mind-blowing orgasm!
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3. Solo Masturbation

At least 85% of ALL women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Also, nearly 40% of all women who masturbate say they ONLY want clitoral stimulation (no penetration) when they masturbate. So, a bullet is the perfect partner because all the power is concentrated into the bullet making it absolutely spectacular for inciting clitoral climax!

4. In The Car Stuck In Traffic

One of my most famous toy reviews was when I was stuck on Chicago’s infamous Lake Shore Drive on the way to work and pulled out my mini-vibrator and had a little play time right in a traffic jam! Since bullets are battery operated, super small, and very powerful, they are perfect for long car rides or spontaneous play time – and, they can be kept in your glove compartment for whenever the need may hit!

5. Public/Semi-Public Play

Bullets are super discreet and some are even REMOTE CONTROLLED! So, imagine slipping a little buzzing buddy into your lover’s panties and then turning them on (and off) and on (and off) all through dinner or a movie!
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6. For 2 Women To Use Together

Women love clitoral attention – and two women need double! Bullets are great for lesbian couples because they are small enough not to intrude on the intimacy between the two ladies, but give that extra OOMPH when needed!

7. Clitoral/Vaginal Stimulation During Oral On Her

And why should the lesbians have all the fun? They shouldn’t! Try teasing your lover into a frenzy and then kick up the pleasure 10 notches by adding a small bullet with lots of direct clitoral power! Oh yeah, she will be yelling your name in no time! 

8. Penile/Ball Stimulation During Oral On Him

Oh, and ladies, don’t forget that you can use a bullet to increase his oral sex sensations too! Besides the balls and the shaft you can use it DURING oral sex. If you have a bullet with a lower speed you can “cheek it” and give him the buzzing BJ he won't forget!

9. Behind The Knees

The Bees Knees! I do not know where that saying comes from, but I do know that the back of the knees are VERY sensitive! Imagine trailing kisses up and down your lover’s thighs and then gently buzzing the backs of their knees! Sign me up for that!

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10. Back Of The Neck

Have you ever had a lover kiss you on the nape of your neck? Did you feel the chills when they did? Now, imagine how a slight vibration would feel there? You know it! Don’t neglect the back of the neck!

11. His Nipples Are Sensitive Too!

Keep in mind that a man has nipples too! No, really, he does! A man’s nipples can be just as (and sometimes more) sensitive than a woman’s and we women often neglect them. So, while you are pampering his chest with kisses, run a bullet over his nipples and watch the fireworks!
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12. Internal Stimulation/G-Spot

Bullets are thought mostly to be external toys, but really they can be inserted vaginally as well. Oftentimes, a bullet can be inserted just a bit – around G-Spot area – to add a little buzz to playtime or foreplay. It is especially sensual if your partner does not want the experience of full insertion.

13. The Curve Of The Butt

The backside is a very sensitive place and nothing can be more arousing than sending kisses down the spine while your lover is on his or her stomach, and then gently buzzing their backside with a bullet! Running it between their cheeks can be quite the thrill too!

14. All Over The Breasts

The nipples are not the only important part of a woman’s upper body – her breasts as a whole can be very, very sensitive. So, while you are enticing her nipples don’t forget to rub the bullet around the underside or tops of her breasts too!

15. Inner Thighs

Delaying the moment is a fantastic way to build up arousal! Spending time running a bullet up and down her inner thighs will have her bucking and panting wanting more! Just remember not to neglect that special space where the inner thigh meets the pubic area – WOWZA!
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16. Tickle The Tummy

The stomach is another much neglected erogenous zone and nothing says “feel me now” like a little buzzing action right around the belly button! Give her (or him) some gentle kisses followed by some light buzzing and they will be putty in your vibrating hands!

17. Insertion Into The Anal Canal

Since bullets are relatively small (and usually attached to a cord) they make ideal items to add to anal stimulation. Perhaps while you are rimming your lover or giving her (or him) some oral sex you can run the bullet around the anal opening – or – be adventurous and INSERT it! Just remember never go anal to vaginal and make sure you have a retrieval cord!

18. Stimulate His Penile Shaft

Imagine his surprise when you are giving him some oral attention and all of a sudden an incredible new sensation joins your mouth! When you run a bullet up and down his shaft oh, so gently he will be writhing in pure delight!

19. Buzz His Balls

Men should not think that bullets (or any toy) is just for their woman! No! Adding a little buzz to his balls can be extremely arousing! Just make sure to start slow so you don’t surprise him too much! The testicles can be sensitive so a lower setting is great to start!

20. Nipple Enticement For Her

What can I say? A majority of women can have great pleasure with nipple stimulation so why not add a little intensity to the mix? Circling her nipples in between loving licks and sucks can bring nipple play to a whole new high!


Recommended Product: My First Silver Bullet

This is our #1 selling bullet on TooTimid.com!! Which makes it perfect for beginners but also perfect for those who are much more advanced. It is basic, yet functional, and very versatile! Tease your nipples, breasts, buttocks and thighs, or incorporate it into sex and enjoy the intense clit stimulation this toy provides!

Recommended Product: TooTimid Universal Lubricant

This water-based lubricant is one of our top sellers at TooTimid. The formula is smooth and non-sticking to provide a smooth and seductive experience while you play. You can use this lube with most toys, as well as during penetration for added wetness. The slick nature of this lube will help a bullet glide across the skin.

Recommended Product: Turbo Accelerator Bullet

This bullet may look a little intimidating but I promise, it is going to put your pleasure into turbo-drive! The classic bullet comes with a removable nubby-textured sleeve to tease your hot spots with. Not only will you drive yourself wild with the nubs but it also has 8 powerful vibration functions to choose from! Can I get a hell yeah?

Recommended Product: Pleasure Kiss Bullet

The treats that this bullet comes with are enough to take your breath away! This uniquely textured bullet has 7 tingling, buzzing vibration functions! Not only does it have multiple vibration functions but it also has 16 tiny ticklers inside that vibrate and tease your clit or nipples as you run it along your hot spots. This 100% silicone bullet is a best seller on our website for a reason! Check it out!

Recommended Product: Cutey Vibe Plus

Want to be free of the hassle and tangle of a remote? than you'll love the user friendly design of the Cutey Vibe Plus. Simply insert one battery directly into the bullet vibrator and let the high power sensations tease and tantalize you. You can even use this on your partner, and stimulate eachothers nipples! The bullet is smooth and sleek so it glides over the skin, (even more so with a little added water-based lubricant).

How Do You Use Your Bullet?
Let Us Know!

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Brianna - May 3, 2020

Never had one I wanna know if I’ll reach an orgasm if I put it into my vagina I know it’s only like 3 inches

sarah - April 26, 2020

I am 74 years old and after many years of deprivation I have decided I need some stimulation. I am getting the bullet along with other toys. can’t wait to get them I am so ready to come back to life. just because I am older doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy what I was given.

Marie - January 20, 2020

I like to insert my bullet and rub my clit with my fingers at the same time or hold another bullet on my cltioris

Very Naughty - October 22, 2019

If you use the bullet for too long a session, you can vibrate for many hours w/o the toy, I found this out the hard way, deliciously fun later, well, yes and no… I thought my nips were going to fall off. ( @ )( @ )

Elaine - July 13, 2019

Responding to Donna and her question asking if we were all you
. My answer to your question is no… I am 70 years old and handicapped but not dead yet! Love too timid and most of their toys. I have not gotten a bullet yet but you can believe after reading all of these reviews it will be the next thing I buy. Go for it Donna you will not regret it!

Amelia H. - July 12, 2019

I like my bullet. I want one with a remote

Donna - May 25, 2019

Are all of you young or can older people enjoy these products?

Shane - June 19, 2019

Looking for a very powerful bullet. My wife likes it on her clit. We have a couple of bullets but they aren’t very powerful. Any suggestions?

D - May 22, 2019

i usually just tuck it between my lips over my clit and turn it on, move my hips a bit. i could have multiple orgasms with my bullet it’s overall my favorite toy

Lilly - November 24, 2018

I always wondered how this will work and will buy it but is it quiet ? I want to use it alone but I have 2 grown sons and one daughter inlaw in the house , no husband and sleep on the couch.

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