5 Best Positions For Doing It In The Car


Woman on top of man in the front driver's seat of a car, passionately kissing

Wouldn't it be nice if we could, occasionally, take advantage of the quiet and private nature of our cars by having sex in them? Escaping to your car to have dirty and loud sex is such a hot fantasy.

Don't even try to tell me that you haven't tried it, cause I know you have. Okay... so maybe you tried it when you were in your 20's, but that doesn't have to be the end of your automobile erotica. No, you can have fun and flirty sex in your car whenever you want. Wanna know how? I'm going to tell you 5 positions to have amazing sex in your car. Just keep in mind that not all positions work for all people depending on car size and personal height and weight. 

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Safety Disclaimer: 
Despite what you may have seen in porn or on your favorite soft-porn shows, you really shouldn't have sex WHILE driving. Think of safety first because while you are getting off you may run someone else OFF the road! Furthermore, I know the idea of road head (giving a blowjob to a driver while they is driving) is appealing, but honestly, it too, is dangerous.

1. Take a Seat

Illustration of take a seat car sex position

One of the easiest positions for sex while in the car is called "take a seat", which sounds pretty self explanatory but don't worry I'm still going to give you plenty of details so you can make this position work with your partner. So, if you are the person receiving, you are going to have your partner sit down in the passenger seat (the steering wheel gets in the way if you try this in the driver's seat) and then you're going to climb on top.

Have your partner move the seat back as far as it will go and then you can mount your partner facing them with your knees on either side of their hips. You can then slowly grind on your partner while hugging them close; you can also lean backwards with your body against the glove box so your partner can see and feel you as they pleasure you!

2. Reverse The First

Illustration of reverse the first sex position for the car

If you find the quarters of your car to be a bit too restrictive it is perfectly acceptable, and fun, to reverse the sitting position that we just talked about by simply turning around and facing the windshield with your knees bent and sort of dipping over the seat. Then, your partner can grab your hips and pull you back down onto themselves or they can place their feet up and thrust up into you that way. Either way the windshield is sure to be steamy!

3. Taking The "Doggy" For a Ride

Illustration of couple doing doggy style sex position in the car

If you are yearning for some doggy style sex, it's time to make use of the passenger seat again. As the receiver, you're going to want to kneel on the passenger seat and lean over the back of the chair so that you're facing the rear window. You may want to also lower the seat down so it becomes more of a lying down position if that's more comfortable for you. Then, your partner can enter you by kneeling behind you and leaning forward as much as they can. If they are too tall for this, then a laying-doggy position is fun too, if the seats go all the way down. It might be helpful to have a doggy style strap with you in the car for this position.

4. Backseat Bangin'

Illustration of couple in sex position in the backseat of the car

What a waste it is to never have sex in your backseat! I mean think of the possibilities here. You have ample room, a place to put your feet, and even seatbelts if you want to restrain your partner playfully with some auto-bondage. Backseat sex is super fun!
One of the easiest way to do this (especially if the penetrating partner is on the taller side) is for you to either mount your partner in similar fashion to the passenger seat positions OR to have you sit with your legs spread and your feet resting on the backs of both of the front seats and your partner can then position themselves in between your legs while they kneel on the floor. This is also a handy spot for some amazing oral.

5. SUV Sex

Illustration of couple having sex in back of SUV car

If you are lucky enough to have a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, you may have more options to choose from. Many SUVs have back seats that will fold up and down, making one, larger back seat. Or, they have a more flatbed back for hauling furniture and such. Either situation makes for a hot place to have sex! Just fold down the seats in any way that gives you the most amount of room and now you have a mobile bed.

Final Note: All of these positions are for inside of a vehicle. It can be fun if you have sex ON your car (such as the hood!). Keep in mind that this can get you arrested, but if you find a private and safe place to do it (or even in your garage) you can have hot, hot sex on the hood of your car!

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  • David

    When we first started dating, I had a 1974 VW Bug/Blue. I am two years older than her and we attended the same college. I could not wait for the weekend to come, because we would go to the club, dance and drink a lot. By then, I would be totally horny, all she had to do was touch my cock and it would be hard as fuck. We would go to the car, push the passenger seat back, have her go back, slide her panties to the floor and bang that pussy. She did not move, I did all the work; but she moaned so nice that I would sink my big dick further in. Great sex!

  • Uncle Tony

    This reminds me. We were out in her car. Drove back to her house and put the car in her garage. We were kissing along the side of the car and before I knew it , and I don’t know how she did it, but, before I realized it she dropped her pants and panties. Being the gentleman I obliged her bare bottom with my own bare lower half. Her arms around my neck for support and I lifted and separated her legs for my entrance. We did it standing up like that. I turned her around for doggie. Then to the back seat for more. We would do that once a week to keep it not so routine, her bed , my bed. She liked doing it in semi public places where there was a slight possibility of getting caught. Ah, the good old days!

  • Uncle Tony

    I used to use a variation of the photo. She sat on the passenger seat, facing the side window. Bent her back so that her shoulders were supported by my left arm. Good position for kissing AND my right hand was free to lift her blouse and bra. Also I could reach down and finger her pussy. Never any objections. This was good until the companion was comfortable enough to go into the back seat for #4. and #5 in the back of the Ford Escape. Loved that car!

  • Pirate

    On my 1980 Suzuki 450. Yes on a motorcycle. Put it on the center stand. Put my jacket over the handlebars. She laid back face up with her feet on the back foot pegs. I took a amazing ride.

  • Uncle Tony

    First time was MANY years ago in the back seat of my 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. We were both pretty slim back then. The back of the ’65 Mustang was a classic in a classic. My favorite car was a 2008 Ford Escape for MANY reasons. Years later the back of my Dodge Caravan, plenty of room to roll around.

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