5 Best Car Sex Positions

Think about how much time we spend in our cars. Driving to and from work, to and from shopping, to and from restaurants. We are always in our cars! Wouldn't it be nice if we could, occasionally, take advantage of the quiet and private nature of our cars by having sex in them? I mean, COME ON PEOPLE, car sex can be oh, so, hot! Don't even try to tell me that you haven't tried it, cause I know you have. OK, so maybe you tried it when you were in your 20s, but that doesn't have to be the end of your automobile erotica. No, you can have fun and flirty sex in your car whenever you want. Wanna know how? I'm going to tell you! Just keep in mind that not all positions work for all people depending on car size and personal height/weight. 

Despite what you may have seen in porn or on your favorite HBO soft-porn shows, you really shouldn't have sex WHILE driving. Think of safety first because while you are getting off you may run someone else OFF the road! Furthermore, I know the idea of road head (giving a blowjob to a male driver while he is driving) is appealing, but honestly, it too, is dangerous.

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You find yourself in a deserted parking lot late at night. No one is around. What do you do? YOU HAVE SEX IN YOUR CAR! One of the easiest positions to get into while in the car is woman sitting on top of the man while he is in the passenger seat (the wheel gets in the way if he is driving.) Move the seat back as far as it will go, take off your pants and boxers, then your lovely passenger can mount you facing you with her knees on either sides of your hips. She can then slowly grind on you while hugging you close; she can lean backwards with her body against the glove box and you can see and feel her as she pleasures you both!

If you find the quarters of your car to be a bit too restrictive it is perfectly acceptable, and fun, to reverse the sitting position by having your partner turn and face the windshield with her knees bent and sort of dipping over the seat. Then, you can grab her hips and pull her back on to you or you can place your feet up and thrust up into her! Either way the windshield is sure to be steamy!

If you are a hankerin' for some doggy style sex, have the woman kneel on the passenger seat, and lean over the seat facing the rear window (and lowering the seat into more of a laying position may help). Then, the male can enter her doggy by kneeling behind her and leaning forward as much as he can. If he is too tall for this, then a laying-doggy position is fun too, if the seats go all the way down.

What a waste it is to never have sex in your backseat! I mean think of the possibilities here. You have ample room, a place to put your feet, and even seatbelts if you want to restrain your partner playfully with some auto-bondage! Backseat sex is super fun! One of the easiest way to do this (especially if the male is on the taller side) is to have the woman either mount him in similar fashion to the passenger seat positions OR to have her sit with her legs spread and her feet resting on the backs of both of the front seats and the man can then position himself in between her legs while he kneels on the floor. This is also a handy position for some pre-sex oral if the mood strikes you!

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If you are lucky enough to have a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, you may have more options to choose from! Many SUVs have back seats that will fold up and down, making one, larger back seat! Or, they have a more flatbed back for hauling furniture and such. Either situation makes for a hot place to have sex! Just fold down the seats in any way that gives you the most amount of room and now you have a mobile bed! Just bring some blankets and you are good to go. The sky is the limit for this situation because you will likely be able to achieve standard positions like missionary or cowgirl!

FINAL NOTE: All of these positions are for inside of a vehicle. It can be fun if you have sex ON your car (such as the hood!). Keep in mind that this can get you arrested, but if you find a private and safe place to do it (or even in your garage) you can have hot, hot sex on the hood of your car!

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GQ - December 8, 2019

My partner and I were on an 8 hr drive, returning home in her upscale SUV. Our conversation will always turn to sex at some point. We got so hot from that conversation, I got hard and she got wet. I was driving. She undid my belt and zipper to release my erection from its cramped quarters then went down on me. She is an expert at oral and had me close to cumming in no time. I was afraid I would crash the car so we pulled off the highway and onto a deserted gravel road so she could suck me dry. She was now so close to orgasm herself that she changed her mind and said she needed me inside her.
We opened passenger door, she spun sideways in seat facing out and leaned back onto center console with legs In the air. I stood outside car, leaned in holding her legs up and slid my cock into her. The height and angle were perfect! My position was ideal for thrusting hard and fast into her. She had shuddering orgasm in less than a minute, followed closely by two more. I came with her on her third Big O. As I was beginning to pull out of her, an old farm truck drove by. He couldn’t really see what was happening but I’m sure he figured it out.
Once we were back on the road we fantasized about that farmer getting all worked up and horny then going home and doing his wife right then.
We got so turned on from thinking about it, we had to jump into bed as soon as we got home for round two.

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