Panty Vibrators

Who knew panties could be so pleasurable? With these vibrating panties from TooTimid, you can enjoy erotic delights in a fun and sexy way. These discreet, wearable vibes will ensure you have an incredible time no matter where the night takes you.

Our vibrating underwear is designed to be quiet and inconspicuous, allowing you to increase your arousal without anyone knowing about your special hidden buzz. Plus, the remote-control feature allows you to adjust the level of vibrations or even hand over the controls to your partner for some seriously sexy foreplay.

With a variety of sizes and styles, we have the perfect vibrating panty for any woman in our collection. Choose a lacy number to enjoy a sexy and romantic look, or make things a little bit naughty with a G-string or thong vibrator. And the vibrations don’t have to stop when things get hot and heavy; we also have crotchless panties that you can continue to wear while having sex. If you want to transform a pair of underwear you already own, choose one of our petite panty vibes that can be slipped into any pair for discreet stimulation whenever you crave it.

All of these wearable vibrators are designed to hit just the right spots to stimulate you sexually. As soon as it starts buzzing, you’ll feel your arousal increase and edge you towards orgasm. Once you have your own pair, you’ll love coming up with creative ways to enjoy their discreet yet sexy pleasure. Wear them while out and about with your partner; there’s nothing like having a sexy secret that only you two know. You can also wear them just for yourself either around the house or while out on the town; just use the remote control to send yourself a sexy little boost whenever the mood strikes.

Shop at TooTimid to find the best vibrating panties for women. All orders are billed and shipped discreetly and come with our convenient one-year guarantee.

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