Cabin in the Woods Erotica

Cabin in the woods fantasy erotica - just you, your lover, and fresh mountain air.
There is nothing like the fresh mountain air and nature to put you in the mood for sex.

You have been planning this little romantic getaway in the woods for some time and booked it for the weekend of the anniversary of when you and your lover first met.

It happened to be on a ski trip, where you first made love in a mountain ski lodge. So going on a getaway in a cabin in the woods always reminds you of that first time.

It is a lovely cabin on a hill overlooking a valley. There are no other buildings, roads, or people in sight. For a few days, we are the only ones who exist right now, except for the birds, the tall pines, and the wild creatures in this beautiful mountain wilderness.

This is heaven!

It is hard to imagine that only four hours earlier you were sitting in an office surrounded by other cubicles, phones ringing, air conditioning buzzing, bright computer monitor staring arrogantly back at you as it underlined the spelling mistakes in your report.

You couldn’t wait for the clock on the monitor to read 4 o’clock and you were practically vibrating in your seat waiting to get out of there and begin your long weekend adventure.

The drive is about an hour and a half out of the city, and as the tall buildings fade in the background and the open road spreads out before you, excitement is trembling inside your belly. You can barely wait to see Daemon who is meeting you at the cabin. Your pussy throbs at the thought of seeing him.

“Only thirty more minutes,” your mind whispers with a tease.

As you pull onto the long winding dirt road that takes you up the mountain, you open the window of your sedan and breathe in the smell of the fresh pine woods mingled with the undergrowth of damp moss. His Jeep is already there in the driveway as you pull up. Again, excitement causes a flurry of butterflies to flutter inside your belly as you turn off the ignition and step out of the car.

The cabin is a modern rustic A-frame crafted from maple logs with two stories and a top balcony overlooking the freshwater lake and valley below. The birds chirp a happy sing-song welcome from the trees that surrounded the cabin, the fresh green mountain air filling your lungs. Antique rocking chairs sit silently on the front porch, as if awaiting your arrival.

You lug your suitcase up the porch steps to the front entrance and read the old sign that hangs on the door. “Welcome to Mystic Pines." The door opens with a heavy creak, and you are now standing in an enormous open-concept great room built of rough logs, raw hand-hued beams arching above into a cathedral ceiling, balconies on both sides overlooking the living area, a massive floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace in the middle as a central focus.

“Daemon?” You call out, your voice reverberating off the high ceilings.

You hear pots and pans clanging from a room to the left and then Daemon appears wearing a silly apron that states, “My Girlfriend Loves Meat!” LOL!

“Just marinating the steaks,” Daemon says, with a lopsided smile, his eyes beaming.

He comes over and gives you a big hug, then kisses you passionately on the lips. For a moment the world disappears as you melt into the warmth of his embrace and everything is right in the world for just one moment.

Then your stomach grumbles loudly and you are reminded that you are famished.

As Daemon prepares the veggie skewers: portobello mushrooms, purple onions and rainbow sweet peppers; you take your suitcase up to the second floor to explore the rest of the cabin.

“Cabin?!” your mind declares, “This is a freaking log mansion!”

Daemon has one rule when you are together. Stay away from the kitchen. He is the head chef, and since you can’t even boil water without burning it, you happily oblige.

The master bedroom is quite large with a king size bed, heaped with hand embroidered pillows with the words, “Love”, “Peace”, and “Relax”. “Yes!”, you think… “All of the above!”

On one side of the room is a private bathroom with an old clawfoot tub and a built-in modern shower. On the other side there is a fireplace and beyond that, large patio doors that lead out to the upper balcony.

As you step out onto the patio outside you are struck by the beauty of this place, which overlooks the valley and the crystal blue lake below.

A large outdoor jacuzzi with jets is beaconing you from the corner of the balcony. You press the buttons on the control panel to turn it on and adjust the heat to a comfortable 100-degree F temperature. Having sex in an outdoor hot tub has been on your bucket list for a while and now the tub will be prepared for some action.

As you sit in the warm water, jets massaging your back and bottom, you feel the knotted muscles in your body begin to relax. The barbecue supper was delicious, as always, and you now await Daemon to come join you in the tub.

Twilight has swept over the mountains and the first stars begin to twinkle in the sky above. The patio lanterns blink on and out in the woods, fireflies floating, blinking their dancing yellow-green lights like sparks igniting the forest canopy. The high-pitched singsong of crickets carries up from the lake and you are surrounded by the woodsy scent of pine, as the cool air tickles the sweat on your forehead. The hoot of a night owl echoes close by, as a full pale moon floats up over the lake, gazing at its mirrored reflection in the still waters below.

You relax back into the bubbling jets and take a sip of champagne. You realize that the jets are strategically placed on either side of the lounge seat, with wrist jets, for easing tension in the arms. However, you have something more exciting in mind for them.

You position your pussy over one of the jets, so it pulsates against your clitoris just right. Easing the straps of your bikini top down, you begin to massage your full breasts as you gently grind your vulva against the bubbling jets. You nipples perk in the cool mountain air and you breathe out an audible sigh into the night. Somewhere in the distance, thunder rolls across the heavens, and you feel a storm brewing inside of you.

The warm jets pulsing against your pussy feels unbelievably amazing as you pull your bikini bottom aside and your clit begins to throb. Before long, you are humping the jets, riding them full-force, as you throw your head back and moan loudly. The crickets chirp back from the lake as the sound of thunder rolls closer in climax, the sound of gentle rain drops hitting the balcony awning above.

Just as the first wave of orgasm overtakes you, you open your eyes to see Daemon standing there, watching you. Your first reaction is to cover your breasts, but then you realize how silly that is since you have both seen each other naked at least a thousand times. Your cheeks burn with embarrassment at getting caught in the act.

He stands there in all his glory, tall, tanned chest muscles glistening under the patio lanterns. His hair, dark and shining, is rather too long and unruly, and a wayward curl falls down on his forehead. His deep, dark hazel eyes gaze at your face as you allow him to witness your orgasm in full fury.

As you settle back down, the jets massaging your lower back, your breasts buoyed by the water, Daemon steps into the tub and sits down opposite you. You soon feel his foot rubbing your calf in the waters below, and he curls his finger at you beaconing you closer, a sideways smirk on his full lips and handsome face. Your pussy clenches in response.

You stand, the water running off your naked torso and belly in small rivulets. He pulls you down to sit on his lap. His cock is already hard and waiting.

Your pussy is still wet with your own lubrication, and as you slide down upon his full erection, your body stiffening in response. OMG! It feels like it has been forever since you have had his hard, throbbing cock inside of you. So divine!

The night has cast a spell upon you, as he pulls you close and kisses your lips. Your mouth opens, inviting his tongue to dart inside your mouth. Your tongues intertwine. You are both so hungry for each other. You feel his fingers begin to fondle your clit in warm wet circles, as lower yourself fully upon his full cock, and begin to move your hips and ride him deeply.

As he wraps his strong arms around you, pulling you tight, you throw back your head and let his lips find the hot pulse of you neck. A small moan escapes your parted lips, as his mouth moves down to one breast and his teeth graze your hard erect nipple.

His hands lift and raise your ass and you rise and undulate on top of him, buoyed by the water, feeling rather weightless. His cock swells even larger inside of you as you feel him getting closer to climax. He sucks your nipple deep inside of his mouth. It shoots electricity down your body. In the distance, the thunder echoes more loudly now and you see a flash of light dance across the sky from above.

A quick pulse builds to a deep, hammering throb in your pussy, as your whole body goes rigid, your hips buckling against him. Your fingers intertwine in his dark locks as you tug sharply, and he lifts you up, stands and pivots to lay you on the side of the jacuzzi, his cock still deeply embedded inside of your vagina.

It is agonizing torture, as he pounds deep into the core of your being setting sparks shooting off inside your brain as the intensity builds inside of you. Again, a streak of lightening bursts to light the dark sky, followed quickly by rolling thunder. You groan with pleasure as his hard shaft thrusts inside you, once, twice, and one last time as he explodes his seed deep inside.

Your pussy contracts, throbbing around his cock as you come together. You arch your back, pressing your pussy closer still, and cry out into the night. Lightening and thunder break through the darkness, as you ride our orgasm together. The rain begins to pour now in full force with our final release.

You are curled up in the large king-sized bed beside him, your head nestled in the crook of his arm, your leg resting lazily over his hips. You snuggle together, basking in the afterglow of your passion, and as the rain beats on the roof above in a slow tempo.

With the thunder now passed, the crickets resume their singsong by the lake, outside the lover’s cabin in the woods.


  • Fast Eddie

    I think good lovers with as much history as they seemingly had would have pleasured each other orally before allowing themselves the satisfaction of orgasm.

  • Pattty

    I love that story would love to see more

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