5 Ways to Please Your Vagina-Owning Partner Orally

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Your body has a secret weapon against your lover; your mouth. Your mouth is much more valuable than you realize! You can drive your partner wild with desire by properly using your lips, tongue and saliva. Your mouth is a treasure trove of pleasure-inducing tools, so now is a great time to use them to the best of your ability! To improve your foreplay and enjoy an evening of fanciful oral bliss, here are 5 sexy ways to please your partner with your mouth.

1. Kiss Everywhere

Nothing beats the basics! Kissing is a great way to get your partner aroused at the start of your romantic endeavor, but you can keep the lips going for as long as you like! Kissing quickly or aggressively inspires lust and can really heat things up. When done slowly, kissing can be extremely sensual and pleasing, especially when you move to other parts of the body.

You can start with classic French kissing; a long, passionate make-out session is always a great way to excite you and your partner. But don’t feel restricted to your partner's mouth; feel free to let your lips wander over their ears, neck and chest. You can even go lower to the stomach, thighs, vagina, legs, and feet to really drive them crazy. Whatever your speed, be sure to kiss them all over. Leave no skin untouched by your lips.

2. Nibble & Suck All Over

Show your partner how hungry you are! Nibbling and sucking can easily be coupled with kissing and inspires feelings of dominance and desire. If you are unsure what your partner's threshold for biting is, begin lightly and gauge your force based on their reaction. The neck, lips and ears are all popular tasty choices, but you don’t need to stop there! Venture south to the breasts, stomach and thighs. These are all sensitive areas for you to munch at.

A word of caution: biting and sucking can leave hickeys. So, if your partner is sensitive about people seeing your love marks or is employed as a neck model - you may want to avoid getting too rough anywhere above the chest. However, hickeys can be a great way to flaunt your passion, so if you're not visiting the grandparents in the next few days, ask if they want to try it out! It will be a reminder of your sexy evening for the days to come.

3. Pay Attention The Chest

Give the chest special attention! Kissing and gently biting the breasts and nipples is a fantastic yet simple foreplay technique that is sure to satisfy. Put your lips directly on the nipple and suck away while one of your hands rubs and pinches the other.

Your partner will feel fantastic sensations that may have been forgotten, and you’ll feel like you’re back in high school, hiding under the bleachers with your partner during lunch period! Well, I think that’s what the teens are doing these days… either way, wetting the ta-ta’s is a great way to give awesome oral pleasure.

4. Give The Vagina Some Lovin'

Of course, one of the best ways to please your partner orally is to give them oral sex! I know you are probably shocked to hear it, but it’s true. This is a great way to please them orally because you get to focus on the best parts; the clitoris and vagina. Licking and sucking the clitoris will build your partner's arousal and is a great way to make them orgasm, especially because most people with vaginas NEED clitoral stimulation to do so.

You can also incorporate fingering as well. Try rubbing the G-spot and sucking away at the clit to really satisfy your partner. You can also do this vice-versa; tongue your partner internally while rubbing the clit. Whatever you do, a fair tongue-to-finger ratio is the perfect recipe for total bliss!

5. Back Door Play

This sensitive little treat is overlooked by many, mostly because people think it’s icky or taboo. The truth is, anal stimulation is extremely pleasurable for both penis and vagina owners. Before going right for the goods face-first, make sure your partner is comfortable with it. Always ask for consent. It is also important to make sure that the receiver's anus and your hands and mouth are clean to reduce the risk of infection.

Now that you are all squeaky-clean, you can begin with rimming. Slowly and lightly lick around the anus, perineum (or “taint”) and butt crack. When you and your partner are ready, you can lick faster and thrust your tongue deeper. If you are both feeling good about it, you can put a finger in. Slowly move in with just one finger and explore. Orally pleasing the anus is a great way to introduce anal play into the bedroom if you are a first-timer. This can evolve into other things, such as, using anal toys and having anal sex. However, in the beginning, light licking and gentle fingering will be a pleasurable surprise that will have your partner begging for your tongue every night!

Bonus Tip: Talk Dirty

Okay, so maybe I am reading too deeply into “oral” pleasure, but this is a great way to use your mouth and drive your partner wild. Talking dirty can really excite them, especially if you start earlier in the day. In the morning, tell your partner all of the things you can’t wait to do to them. Tell them how sexy they look. Call your partner on the phone and remind them to bring home milk and also that you are going to blow their mind tonight. When you're finally ready to jump into bed together, DON’T STOP! Whisper in their ear all the things they love to hear. Keep feeding into their desire during foreplay and intercourse. If you are typically a quiet lover, moan to show them just how much you are loving them. The spoken word is incredibly powerful, so don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage.

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    I love sucking and licking my woman clit it’s like heaven for me as well as her

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