Pompoir Guide: How to do Pompoir Exercises for OMG Orgasms!

Sex Education Guide:  How To Do Pompoir Exercises For Stronger Orgasms

Welcome to TooTimid’s amazing guide to pompoir, where you will learn all about how to perform pompoir exercises for OMG orgasms!

Are you ready to transform your pleasure for you and your partner? Yes, please!

Okay, then let’s go 😊

*Caution: None of the exercises are supposed to cause you any pain or discomfort. If you feel any pain, we encourage you to stop your exercises immediately and seek medical attention.

But first, what are pompoir exercises?

Have you heard of Kegels? Well, pompoir is like Kegels on steroids. They are a sexual workout technique for your vagina and PC muscle (pelvic floor muscle or pubococcygeus muscle). These sexy exercises (also known as "Kabzah" or "Kabza") strengthen your vagina so you can achieve more powerful orgasms. They also give more pleasure to a male partner as well, by stimulating their penis with your vaginal muscles (called “milking” the penis).

According to Denise Da Costa, a pompoir expert and the author of Pompoir: The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Floor Fitness, “Pompoir is a sexual skill” where a woman can give her partner an amazing orgasm just by manipulating her vaginal muscles, even with both her and her partner remaining still. It's also considered an artistic technique.

Pompoir is an ancient tradition that is said to have originated in India and South Asia and has its origins in Tantra, sexual Taoist practices, and the Kama Sutra. The purpose of pompoir is to enhance pleasure, intensity, and length of P-to-V sex.

Da Costa notes that pompoir “requires extensive training and control of the vaginal or PC muscles,” which can take months to become an expert at. For the best results, the author recommends a workout regime of 5 days a week, for about a half hour each day, with weekends off.

Pompoir focuses on several techniques that a woman can learn including pushing, pulling, squeezing, twisting, and extruding with the muscles of the vaginal wall.

Okay, so that all sounds amazing. But how can this benefit me?

The Benefits of Pompoir Exercises

Just like doing kegels, pompoir helps you build strong PC and vaginal muscles—so strong in fact, you can suck your partner’s penis using your vagina.

I know, right!?

How does that work?

The vagina is a muscle designed to push out, pull in, squeeze, and contract. By exercising these muscles, you can learn to isolate each specific muscle group, and thus learn to control and manipulate a penis.

End result? Intense, mind-blowing orgasms for you and your partner.

How Pompoir Exercises Help You Achieve Stronger Orgasms

Pompoir is not a magic pill, but if done regularly and consistently, it can help you achieve bigger, better, more powerful orgasms. 

Here’s how, according to Da Costa’s book:

For women:

  • Awakens sexual responsiveness.
  • Helps achieve vaginal orgasms. 
  • Helps induce female ejaculation during orgasm. 
  • Helps increase fertility.
  • Stimulates different levels of sexual enjoyment. 
  • Helps treat and prevent pelvic floor weakness. 
  • Prevents urinary incontinence.
  • Improves mental well-being.
  • Stress reliever.
  • Improves self-esteem.
  • Boosts sexual confidence.

  • For men:

  • Longer-lasting intercourse.
  • Prolonged orgasm. 
  • “Size” doesn’t matter for women with healthy and strong PC muscles.
  • Stimulates different levels of sexual enjoyment. 
  • Boosts sexual confidence.

  • These sexual exercises are also great for women who are pregnant or menopausal, according to the book.

    For pregnant women:

    Pompoir exercises help women keep in “shape” after the baby, so you can still enjoy sexual intercourse. Like kegels, doing pompoir improves “sexual desire, performance during coitus and [the] achievement of orgasm”.

    For menopausal women:

    Women experience a decrease in estrogen while going through menopause which causes a “thinning and weakening” of the PC muscle, as well as loss of “tone, elasticity, and suppleness in the tissues of the pelvic floor”. Da Costa says that doing pompoir before and during this life transition will ensure more “pleasurable sex” for many years to come.

    Do pompoir exercises increase sexual desire for more powerful orgasms?

    According to one study on post-partum moms, after doing kegels for 8 weeks they experienced a stronger pelvic floor. This also “increase[d] women's ability to achieve optimum orgasm, duration and intensity of orgasm, number of orgasms, and vaginal sensation during sexual intercourse…” as well as a heightened “sexual satisfaction”. In addition, doing pompoir or kegels increases blood flow to the genitals and increases lubrication, both of which enhance sensitivity, pleasure, and awakens the libido.

    Da Costa also notes that pompoir tightens the vagina, which creates “more friction” which aids in attaining “vaginal orgasms.”

    “The continuous practice of those exercises will cause the orgasms to be stronger and last longer.”—Da Costa, Pompoir: The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Floor Fitness.

    So, YES!

    How to Do Pompoir Exercises: Getting Started

    To start your DIY pompoir home routine, you will need to have a safe, private place to do your “workouts”, Kegel balls or another pelvic training device like the Blush Wellness Dilator Set, and a sleek vibrator (one shaped like a long bullet made of ABS plastic or silicone). And, don’t forget the lube!

    TooTimid's best-selling water-based lubricant safe for all toy materials and sensitive skin

    How-to Pompoir Exercises: Basic Techniques and Movements

    Here are the basic techniques and movements you will need to learn.


    • Suck: This is sucking the toys (and your partner’s penis, ultimately) inside you, in 3 stages.
    • Pulse: Sucking the penis or toy in strong, fast pulses.
    • Squeeze: Tightening the vaginal muscles together and “massaging the whole penis or any portion from head to base.” This feels like a “kissing” sensation on the penis.
    • Expel: Pushing the penis out with a forceful contraction.
    • Capture: Pulling the penis inside the vagina using the vaginal muscles. 
    • Lock: Holding the penis “locked” inside like a kung-fu grip!
    • Twist: Side-to-side movements using the vaginal muscles to twist the penis back and forth.
    • Milk the Cow: Combining the squeeze, lock, and sucking motions in “waves” up and down the penis.
    • Contracting: Shortening the vagina. You do this by focusing and imagining you are closing the vagina. This feels like a caressing massage to the penis owner.
    • Relaxing: Fully relaxing your vagina muscles.
    • Pulling: Imagine pulling the vaginal lips together to close the entrance to the vagina.
    • Pushing: The opposite of pulling is when you focus on opening the vaginal entrance wider.

    Exercise 1: Warm up: 

    • Lay in a reclined position on the bed or a yoga mat and focus on contracting and releasing your PC muscle. Inhale and contract, exhale and relax.
    • Do 3 sets, 5 squeezes, then relax for 30 seconds.
    • This should be performed slowly with control as if you are doing yoga.

    Exercise 2: Chair Pompoir

    • Sit comfortably in a chair, back straight, feet on the floor, and slightly apart.
    • Place hands on your thighs with palms down.
    • Inhale and squeeze your vaginal muscles, as if holding onto something for a count of 5. Relax and exhale.
    • Repeat 5 times.

    Exercise 3: Standing Pompoir

    • Stand with feet shoulder-width, hands on hips.
    • Inhale and squeeze vaginal muscle as if holding something for a count of 5. 
    • Relax and exhale.

    Exercise 4: Laying Down Pompoir

    • Lay down, palms on the floor at your sides.
    • On the inhale, raise your hips and tighten your butt, stomach, and vaginal muscles for a count of 10. 
    • Relax.
    • Repeat 5 times. 

    Using Ben Wa or Kegel Balls:

    Luxury Kegel Ball Set

    Ben Wa balls have been used for centuries in ancient Taoist and Tantra sexual practices to enhance intercourse. Using them with pompoir creates resistance, like weightlifting—except with your vaginal muscles, so will help you meet your goals faster.

    • Lie on the bed with legs apart.
    • Use lube to insert 1 Kegel ball.
    • Place 2nd ball at the vaginal entrance.
    • Stand up and try holding both balls inside you by contracting and locking your vag muscles for 5 minutes.
    • Lay down and release and relax, removing balls.

    Alternate techniques:

    • Sucking: Insert one Ben Wa Ball and try sucking the 2nd one inside, by placing it at the mouth of your vagina. 
    • Repeat 15 times, then push out.

    With Fingers:

    • In a reclining position, insert two fingers and practice squeezing tight around them for a count of 10. Relax. 
    • Repeat 10 times.

    With a Vibrator: 

    Sleek simple vibrator great for beginners


    • Insert just the tip of your vibrator into your vagina. Try to move the vibe forward, then back. 
    • Repeat 10 times. Relax.
    • Insert the vibrator halfway inside of the vagina and try squeezing the mid-section of your vagina around the vibe for a count of 10.  
    • Repeat 10 times.
    • Alternately, try sucking the vibrator in and out of the vagina, then side to side (twisting). Push out to expel the vibrator (expelling).

    Milking the Cow: 

    • Laying down, try to squeeze, lock (holding the vibe inside as you squeeze), and suck the vibrator in combination. 
    • Alternate pulling, sucking, twisting, gripping, holding, locking, and expelling. 

    Now you are ready to try it with your partner!

    Once you feel confident with these techniques, you can try them out on your partner. Imagine their surprise when you milk the pleasure out of their penis!

    Oh, my!

    Conclusion: The Secrets to Success and Final Tips

    Here are some more secrets and tips for success.

    • Daily Practice: Do pompoir exercises daily Monday-Friday for the best results in sets of 3. In 12 weeks, you will have a super-fantastic, powerful vagina.
    • Use Your Kegel Balls: Use your Kegel balls when you are not training as you go about your daily routine at home. Insert and hold inside for 20 minutes at a time while doing housework, or your morning routine!
    • Patience: Give yourself time to develop the skills. It gets easier the more you do it. At first, you won’t be able to feel the difference in all the various movements, but as you continue to practice, these will become more familiar to you.
    • Focus: Focus and visualize what you are doing with your vaginal muscles.
    • Control: Keep all movements slow and controlled.
    • Breathe: Remember to breathe!

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