7 Popular Games Turned Sexy For You to Play With Your Lover


Okay, time to fess up….how many of you reading this have played “Spin the Bottle?” What about “Truth or Dare?" or "Never Have I Ever?". I'm guessing most of you said yes to playing at least one of those. But how many of you have played these games in a sexual way? Playing some type of sex game is an amazing way to spice things up in the bedroom, especially if you're bored stuck in lockdown or quarantine. Watch below as Angela plays a round of "Would You Rather?", maybe it will give you some ideas.

The whole idea of a sex game is to connect on a new level with your lover. Whether you purchase a board game or just use a card deck you have at home – sex can be a new experience when you utilize fun and fantasy. Do not close your mind to new possibilities – and remember that even the longest lasting relationship can use a little fun sometimes! Below are some examples of games you can play tonight.

Strip Poker, Anyone?

You've probably seen strip poker in some tv shows or movies, it really is a classic. The loser of each round has to remove a piece of clothing. Make it a little more exciting by letting the winner decide which piece of clothing gets removed. If you have no idea how poker works, maybe play a game of 'go fish' with the card deck instead if that's easier. Either way it will be very sexy. And to end it with a bang, set a rule early on that the final winner gets oral to receive oral in any room of the house they want.

NSFW Truth or Dare

It is important to remember that you can turn anything into a sex game! Including the standard, truth or dare game. Although, while you used to dare to kiss someone, now you can dare to have sex with someone. The dares should help you to connect with your lover as well as bring them into your fantasy. If you love oral sex with your lover, you can dare them to give you oral sex. If you are looking to experiment with anal sex, you can dare you lover to do you anally. Truth or dare can be just as fun and exciting as it was in your mother’s basement at 16 – in fact, the dares can take on a whole new level now!

Sexy Pictionary

So, I think we all know how Pictionary works, but have you ever thought about using it with your lover? It's the same premise, draw until your partner can guess what the drawing is. But let's make it a little more kinky than that. Sketch out one of your fantasies or a sexual position you're craving. If your partner guesses what it is correctly, then you guys can do it right then! And if they guess wrong, then you can still do it! The goal here is not for it to be competitive at all, but rather make it a sexy experience where you're sharing your desires with one another and then playing out those desires.

Would You Rather? X-Rated Edition

Just like Angela in the video above shows, playing "would you rather" can easily be turned into a sexual game. Honestly, if you want you could play the video above for some example questions to use. But, my guess is that you'll be able to come up with some sexy questions to ask your partner on your own. It can be a way to learn more about your partner's deepest fantasies or you can keep it more direct. By direct I mean asking something like "would you rather go down on me or be inside of me right now?"

Let's Get Dicey

Okay, I know the title of this one is cheesy but I promise this can be a really sexy game. If you have a basic pair of dice lying around, that's really all you need plus a piece of paper and a pen. Tear that piece of paper into 20 pieces, each of you will write down 10 things that you want your partner to do (can be naughty or romantic, whatever you prefer). Then simply roll the dice and whoever gets the higher number wins. The loser will then have to pick one of the pieces of paper out of a bowl and whatever they pick they will have to do as long as they are comfortable with it.

Sexy Scrabble

If you've got a Scrabble board hanging around, then this will be a fun one to play. First, you've gotta set the mood. Light some candles, throw on some sexy background music and maybe even throw on your favorite lingerie. Then, go ahead and start playing Scrabble like you usually would - the only difference is this time the words you spell have to be erotic in some way or a body part. Once you fully spell a body part, lean over and tease that body part on your partner. This will be incredibly sexy and will really help build up the tension before the two of you just can't wait anymore.

Have Some Roleplay Fun

I know sometimes roleplay takes some thinking ahead of time in order to buy the proper outfits and lingerie to fit the scenario, but I bet there are some things hanging around in your closet that you could pull out. From the “Naughty Nurse”; “Stripper / Patron”; or “Student / Teacher” – role playing is free and fun to do. There are endless possibilities when it comes to role playing –  think outside of the box and have some fun!

Our 3 Best Selling Sex Games:

It might seem like a novel idea to keep the lovin’ alive through a board game, but for many couples – new and established – board games are the beginning of a new and hotter sex life! A common way to begin down this new road to lover-ville is to try a couple’s game. These come in different styles – from simple and sweet, to sultry and seductive – and either can be a great start. Below are our top 3 selling games:

1. Oral Sex Couples Board Game

Oral Sex Couples Board Game is the game for lovers that contains a perfect mix; just enough teasing, foreplay, kinky games and sexuality! Enjoy a kinky and fun night with your lover!

2. Glow In The Dark Sex Dice


Sexy adult dice

Our second best selling sex game is simple, it's a pair of Erotic Dice. One die has a variety of sexy actions while the other die has your favorite body parts so you can spice up your love making and try new things together! These sexy dice get you out of your shell and are the perfect way for spicing up foreplay!

3. Pillow Talk Card Game
Image of Pillow Talk card game

Pillow Talk Card Game is a great game to reignite the romance in your life. You'll find cards in it that prompt open communication while getting you hot and wild at the same time! It's a perfect way to explore new techniques and positions in a non-threatening and non-critical environment. 

Not all the cards are this tame – they do heat up a little more – with the idea of keeping the ROMANCE in the relationship. This is great for new couples especially because it can definitely get the ball rolling – so to speak.

Have You Played Any Sex Games? Let Us Know Below In The Comments!


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    I like time free no pressure sex
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    long live the queen

  • Danni

    I wouldn’t do it in the shower, too much going on in a small area. I swallow. I love the feeling of taking my lovers sex in, including her breast milk. I want her inside me. I want to hear us moan especially doing 69. Just the sound, the scents and the feeling comes to a point where we are going to lose control…which is important as we enjoy each other. I love to masturbate and I get wet and am not ashamed of sliding a finger into my panties…for a nice lick. I like open sex, so I want to see my lover enjoy me as enjoy her. Seeing her vagina is a beautiful thing as a vagina is a beautiful thing. I want to variations of quickies and long duration. My lover and I are not ashamed to say we love sex, we have a glass of our orgasm along then with wine. It solidifies our love….

  • Scott Mayorga

    I invented my own sex game (Intimate Emporium) to develop a couples relationship paired with healthy spending habits. Because we all know that stress is a mood killer and nothing causes more stress than money problems. In my game everyone wins; there is no loser. hematech@yahoo.com

  • Lynda

    We have a second home at the beach. We try to get there one week a month. Every week that we go down we write down something we want to try in the bedroom. We throw all these little notes into a box and each of us get to draw one out from the other person. I am always intrigued with what my husband writes and he is normally pleasantly surprised to what I write. My favorite was he gave me a full body massage then massaged and fingered me til I exploded. I think his favorite was the special word for a blow job anytime and anywhere. It’s funny because he will still give me the special word even though we are not playing the game. Sometimes I go ahead and do it.
    We also have a great list of would you rather questions for each other. Like would you rather be tied up or blindfolded, give or receive oral sex, and have sex on every floor in the house or on each peice of furniture. We have about 100.

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