Fun Sex Games To Play With Your Lover

OK, time to fess up….how many of you reading this have played “Spin the Bottle?” What about “Truth or Dare?” I know, a blast from our post-pubescent past, right? “Sex” games have been around as long as I can remember – and I am most sure there are more today than there ever have been. While these somewhat mild teenage versions were fun to play with the neighborhood boys and girls – the adult versions of the sex game are MUCH more fun and erotic! You may ask yourself, why play a sex game? Well, sex in and of itself is a bit of a “game” if you think about it. A game of seduction; a waiting game (how horny can I get and how long can I stave off the orgasm); and a mind game as well! What better game to play with your lover, right? Well, there are also more formal games that couples can play – actual board games where you both are winners – there are also bondage games that can bring a new sense of excitement to your sex life. Any sex game can reignite a stagnant sex life, help break the ice in a new relationship, or even just be something different to do on a Tuesday night. Reinvent and rework your inner teenager and open yourself up to some kinky and fun sex games!

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Strip Poke-Her Anyone?

It might seem like a novel idea to keep the lovin’ alive through a board game, but for many couples – new and established – board games are the beginning of a new and hotter sex life! A common way to begin down this new road to lover-ville is to try a couple’s game. These come in different styles – from simple and sweet, to sultry and seductive – and either can be a great start. For example, Pillow Talk is a great game to reignite the romance in your life. You'll find cards in it that prompt open communication while getting you hot and wild at the same time! It's a perfect way to explore new techniques and positions in a non-threatening and non-critical environment. Not all the cards are this tame – they do heat up a little more – with the idea of keeping the ROMANCE in the relationship. This is great for new couples especially because it can definitely get the ball rolling – so to speak. If you are interested in really stepping things up – and even bringing some friends into the mix – then the game Intimate Dares is for you. This game combines erotic dares, stripping and “naughty” cards to bring your next small gathering – or personal night – to a whole new level! Learn from each other – teach one another – and be sensual and sexual! Any or all of TooTimid’s sex games can help bring a new found passion as well as laughter and fun to any relationship!
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Tie Me Up Tango

As I have discussed on more than one occasion, BDSM (or SM) is not just for the super kinky! It is not all about leather, whips, humiliation and pain (although it could be) but it is about FUN, TRUST, SEXUAL EXCITEMENT and bringing a couple together! Couples can experiment with so many different levels of bondage play that there is literally something for everyone! Sex games that involve bondage truly bring sex to a new level! When couples experiment with blindfolds for example, they can experience sex from a whole new level. Taking away the sense of sight brings a new excitement to sex play. Imagine lying on the bed, having your lover blindfold you. You can HEAR him, SENSE him but cannot see him. You have no idea – is he naked? Is he near? What will he bring to bed with him? Your lover can tease you with surprise by bringing a toy, ice, wax or whatever floats your boat. Experiencing sex without sight is something that you REALLY have to try. If you are ready to step it up, consider some light restraining. Sexual restraint does NOT have to be scary – but conversely, can be EXTREMELY erotic! Most people who embark on the journey of sex with restraint find themselves aroused just being tied up! For me as well, the very nature of being “bound” and “helpless” renders me instantly aroused! There is an element of trust with bondage – you definitely have to trust your partner. However, the ironic thing is – no matter how much you trust your partner – being bound is something that instantly makes you nervous... no matter how many times you have been tied up! For beginners, I recommend some furry handcuffs. These are soft and sensuous – and they also are easy to use and remove. Since handcuffs do not really inhibit movement they are great choices for beginners. Simply bind your lover with the cuffs and let your imagination run wild. The best way to experiment with handcuff bondage is to either role play – like love prisoner and bad cop – or to play “can’t touch me.” This game – in case you are unfamiliar – is when the person bound is not allowed to touch their lover. You do not necessarily need handcuffs for this game – but it sure adds more fun to the mix. Comfortable with bondage already? Then step it up with a restraint system that intrigues you! First-Timer's cuffs are another option for those into bondage play. They are soft enough to be comfortable, but sturdy enough not to slip off or come loose! They can be used to lightly restrain – or totally immobilize- your lover. Plus, they come with a free blindfold. This, of course, adds new dimension to your sex play by putting one person in total control of the other. When you combine the elements of restraint with blindfolds you really change the perspective of sex. Sex in general puts you in a vulnerable state. You are opening up – literally and figuratively – to the other person. Being naked, vulnerable, open, trusting – these elements are so overemphasized when bondage is utilized. This makes sex super intense and I suggest everyone try it! 
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Role Reversals

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that role playing is one of the most common sex games that couples play. From the “Naughty Nurse”; “Stripper / Patron”; or “Hooker / John” – role playing is free and fun to do. There are endless possibilities when it comes to role playing – and everyone has a different idea of what would be fun and sexy! Role playing can be as detailed as you want – from full on costuming, props – even going to a different location to “pretend” can add a dimensional quality to the playing! Some couples find that being someone “besides themselves” enables them to act different – or more sexual. Many women, for example, find that pretending to be a prostitute or stripper enables them to get more in touch with their “sexual” side. Pretending to be someone in the sex industry puts a sort of new perspective on the sex play. For many men, pretending that they are with someone besides their partner can be extremely erotic and exciting. Perhaps taking the time to go the extra step during role playing can make all the difference. For example, actually “paying” for the sex in the prostitute / john scenario can liven things up quite a bit (as well as giving the woman some incentive to do her best “work.”) All in all, role playing is a fun way to bring your innermost fantasies to life – with someone whom you can trust!
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Truth? Go With The Dare!

It is important to remember that you can turn anything into a sex game! Including the standard, teen-age truth and dare game. Although, while you used to dare to kiss someone, now you can dare to have sex with someone. The dares should help you to connect with your lover as well as bring them into your fantasy. If you love oral sex with your lover, you can dare him or her to give you oral sex. If you are looking to experiment with anal sex, you can dare you lover to do you anally. Truth or dare can be just as fun and exciting as it was in your mother’s basement at 16 – in fact, the dares can take on a whole new level now! The whole idea of a sex game is to connect on a new level with your lover. Whether you purchase a board game, some restraints or just use your imaginations – sex can be a new experience when you utilize fun and fantasy. Do not close your mind to new possibilities – and remember that even the longest lasting relationship can use a little fun sometimes! So…take your partner, visit Too Timid, and check out all the possibilities for sex play! Hey, why play Monopoly when you can play NAKED!!!!!!

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