How to Create the Perfect Sex Playlist

Woman laying in bedroom with lights in the background and headphones in listening to music

Having a sex playlist that is ready to go and that you can confidently put on is definitely a good idea. I'm sure there are endless of these playlists on whatever music platform you use, but it's better to make your own for a few reasons that I will cover below.

To help you start creating a your own sex playlist, we've compiled a list of 20 songs you can add to your playlist as well as tips to help you create your playlist, read on for more!

Download Our Recommended Playlist:

4 Tips For Creating Your Sex Playlist:


Plain and simple. If there is a song you're considering to add to your sex playlist but deep down you know that you know every single word and every single beat of the song, skip it! I totally get it, you love the song and it might even turn you on but chances are if you know it this well then you'll either be too into the song or you might even start singing and dancing to it without even realizing it.

I do want to say though, this type of song is perfect for putting on some kind of pre-sex playlist. If you want to set the mood and vibe to a sexy song that you love, turn it on before sex. That way you won't be so into it during sex that you forget about the actual sex, but you can still have fun with a song you get turned on to. Maybe perform a little strip tease for your partner to these types of songs.


Alright, so I know I just explained not to add songs you know all of the words to, but I think I need to add something else to that. You might not know "all" of the words to your favorite song to dance to at the club or the songs you just throw on when you're drunk with your friends, but these songs should still be avoided.

I'm talking about songs like "Pony" by Ginuwine, we all know it and we all know it well. It's also clearly about sex, but my recommendation is going to be that you keep this off of your sex playlist. Again, these types of songs would be amazing to add to a pre-sex playlist.

*Foreplay Challenge!*

We challenge you to try and listen to at least 3-4 of the songs from our recommended playlist to COMPLETION before engaging in any sexual activity! That means no intercourse or oral sex in any way! Enjoy your partner's pleasure zones that do not include their penis or clitoris! You can concentrate on each other's ears, nipples, neck, arms and more!


Honestly, the best way to approach a sex playlist is to always make it way longer than you think it needs to be. It's better to have a playlist that's too long than one that is too short and ends in the middle of a steamy sex session. Or worse, the last song on the playlist just keeps playing over and over.

Either way, you're in a situation where you have to completely stop everything to get up and find new music to listen to. This is super awkward and in some cases might just ruin the mood completely. Just make sure your playlist is obnoxiously long and you'll never have this issue.


This one kind of falls in line with the last tip, if you do this then you'll also be covered for tip #3. After you've created your sex playlist, you should always be adding on to it. This helps because it ensures your playlist will never be too short but it also helps to ensure there is always some variation in your playlist.

Plenty of people throw on their sex playlist almost every time they take part in a sexual activity. If that's you, you don't want your playlist being completely predictable and the exact same every single time you have sex or masturbate.

The ideal time for foreplay for many is at least 10-15 minutes. I know that doesn't sound very long, but when you're ready for sex even a minute can feel like a lifetime. Think, the longer the foreplay, the more intense the sex will be! 

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  • Chow

    I’ve got a sensual R&B and rock playlist depending on the vibe I’m going for. A lot of Miguel, Ne-Yo, Prince, Robin Thicke, D’Angelo, and Marsha Ambrosius to name a few on the R&B list. Then Led Zeppelin, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, and Red Hot Chili Peppers and more on the rock list. I wish I could post them all.

  • K

    Always and forever on the Secret Story album by Pat Metheny.
    Everything by Enigma.

  • Raquel S.

    Baby I want you, Amos Lee
    These arms of mine, Otis Redding
    Magic, Colby Collette
    Make you feel my love, Adele
    and anything from Norah Jones

  • Sarah Woodson

    Omg y’all didn’t mention Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones! That one I name one of my toys after Mick Jagger!

  • Carol W

    Slow Hands by Niall Horan

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