5 Inch Dildos

Get a perfectly sized dildo to suit your needs when you choose one of our 5-inch dildos from TooTimid. These penetrative sex toys are slightly smaller than the average dildo, making them a great fit for those who consider themselves beginners.

A 5-inch dildo allows you to enjoy the realistic sensations of penetrative sex whenever the mood strikes. The smaller size makes it easy to insert and manipulate to achieve the increased arousal and powerful orgasms you crave. When it's not in use, the size makes it easy to store discreetly or even take in a purse or bag when traveling to your partner's place. The size won't overwhelm you or make you uncomfortable, but you'll still enjoy incredible sexual stimulation in all the right places.

A 5-inch dildo is a versatile sex toy that just about any woman can use. When you masturbate, the dildo allows you to simulate real sex and enjoy the unique sensations of penetration in a satisfying way. And with so many features and options, you can even add new elements to excite and arouse you. Choose a dildo with balls to enjoy a more realistic feel along with added external stimulation. If you want to get off in the bath or shower, a waterproof 5-inch dildo is a must-have. You can also use suction cup dildos to pleasure yourself in all kinds of positions. You don't have to limit your dildo's use to masturbating, though. Your 5-inch dildo will be a welcome addition to the bedroom. It won't make your partner feel insecure, yet you can enjoy the pleasures of double penetration for a kinky threesome fantasy. You can even entice your lover by putting on a show as you ride your dildo to ecstasy. Discover new and exciting sexual thrills with a 5-inch dildo from TooTimid. Your purchase will be billed and shipped discreetly, and all products come with a one-year guarantee.

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