Wand Massagers

As one of the most iconic women's vibrators, wand massagers have earned their reputation for delivering consistently pleasurable and exciting sexual stimulation. In this collection of wand vibrators from TooTimid, you'll find a delightful array that can be used to push your pleasure to the next level.

There are so many great wand massager models out there these days that just about every woman should be able to find out that can be used for improved sexual satisfaction. If you’ve had trouble reaching orgasm before or want something to make masturbation more intense, it’s time to try one of these wand vibrators and experience new sensations that tease and tantalize you towards climax.

With a simple, sleek and discreet design, electric massagers can be used in a variety of ways to achieve sexual satisfaction. The most popular way to use a wand massager is to stimulate the clit during masturbation. With regular use, many women are able to have multiple orgasms or even squirting orgasms as a result of the strong vibrations applied directly to this most sensitive area.

You can also use a wand vibrator to make sexual encounters with a partner even more stimulating. During foreplay, use the wand to apply vibrations to your partner’s body or vice versa. Before working towards the clit, for example, your partner could start by massaging your buttocks, thighs, stomach and nipples for some erotic arousal. During intercourse, the wand can be applied to your clit to experience even more intense arousal while being penetrated by a partner. Order from us to receive a one-year guarantee with your purchase plus discreet shipping and billing.

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