What Is A Blended Orgasm?

There’s been a bit of buzz around the internet about a powerful kind of sexual pleasure called the Blended Orgasm. I’m so excited to tell you all about it! By combining multiple sexual pleasure points into one, you can have one of the best orgasms on your own or with a partner! You may be thinking, “There’s more than one way to orgasm?” Or maybe you’re just a beginner who hasn’t found many ways to stimulate yourself yet. This type of orgasm really gives women the full body quivers and the deep moans all of us desire. So are you ready to hear all about the Blended Orgasm, yet?


A Blended Orgasm is an advanced orgasm using both clitoral and g-spot stimulation simultaneously. The two erogenous zones (g-spot and clitoris) combine into a very powerful, single orgasm.

You Start With Your Clitoris

When a woman says that she is having trouble reaching her orgasm, we immediately recommend more clitoral stimulation. In fact, about 80% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to fully climax. Eighty percent! So, when we start discussing other means of providing orgasms, of course we have to start with clitoral stimulation and keep the clit in the mix with a Blended Orgasm!
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Then Add The G-Spot

Though the g-spot rests about 1-3 inches inside the upper wall of the vagina and is the second part of the Blended Orgasm, the clitoris still plays a major role in g-spot orgasms. Usually I recommend a little pre-g teasing of the clitoris in order to increase your personal arousal, and increase the size of the g-spot. Yes, you read that correctly! The g-spot can grow from itty bitty (smaller than a little pea) to quite big and ready to please (just smaller than a quarter for some women). The g-spot, which feels like a rougher patch of skin a velvety-smooth vagina, offers a very distinct sensation when it is massaged. It’s really an incredible gland, and any woman will tell you that firm pressure and rubbing on the g-spot incites some intense orgasms. Some women may even squirt!

How To Have Blended Orgasm

Just like the definition suggests, you’re going to need to stimulate both your clitoris and your g-spot simultaneously. This may mean propping you back up with pillows so you can reach inside and curl your finger to hit your g-spot, while using your other hand to pleasure your clitoris. I recommend using toys and a silky water-based lubricant (safe for you and your toys) in order to assist.
Begin by arousing yourself however you’d like. You've got to get yourself in the mood to keep this serious self-sex going! Dream up your sexiest fantasy. Tease your nipples and rub your thighs. Pull up some free pornography on your device of choice and get hot and bothered.

The Blended Orgasm is not necessarily a “quickie.” It’s a more advanced technique of give and take between two of your orgasm-triggering areas, and it may take some time to master. To ensure that you are comfortable and find the least resistance during your orgasm exploration and stimulation, it’s key to remain lubricated. Organic lubricants like Aloe Cadabra and Hydra Lubricant, and even the top-selling water-based lubricant Astroglide are wonderful at making you feel naturally lubricated, while giving you long-lasting lubrication.

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Tease your clitoris and arouse your g-spot. Remember what I said above about how important the clitoris is in the orgasm process? It’s the perfect place to begin to tease yourself, and prepare your g-spot (and body) for some serious pleasure. If you are blessed with the ability to orgasm several times in succession, go ahead and let yourself come, recover and start teasing again. For those who have yet to produce multiple orgasms, you want to practice a technique kind of like men’s edging. You’ve got to bring yourself close to orgasm, and then back off just enough to keep yourself from orgasming, but still remaining aroused.


Once you are sufficiently aroused with clitoral stimulation, your g-spot should be easier to find. When your body responds to sexual pleasure, the g-spot fills with a kind of ejaculate fluid, growing in size. This is why, when some women have intense massage on their g-spots, they can squirt this fluid - also known as female ejaculation. Find your g-spot (the rougher patch on the ceiling of the vagina) with a curled “come hither” finger. You will know it not only by the texture change, but the sensation change. Massaging this sensitive area will feel much different than massaging any other area within the vagina.

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Blend And Repeat

Then, you’ve got to find your sweet spots and balance (blend) clitoral and g-spot stimulation! This is when that edging comes into play. Bring yourself to the brink of a clitoral orgasm and then firmly and fiercely massage your g-spot. At first it may feel like you need to pee - it’s the g-spot’s close proximity to the bladder - but you won’t pee, and that feeling will subside to deep, deep pleasure. When you’re close to erupting in a powerful g-spot orgasm, add in a little extra clitoral stimulation and BOOM! Your clit will be prepped and ready to orgasm, your g-spot will fill your whole body with throbbing pleasure and you will reach your Blended Orgasm with legs shaking, panting breath, and full-body satisfaction. The best part? You can keep going from clit to g-spot and back again until you can't stand it anymore - making your Blended O last longer and climax stronger!
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Expert Tip

If you are finding the Blended Orgasm is too difficult to manage with just two hands, add in some sex toys! Tired hands and wrists can kill the mood, but incorporating strong vibrations on your clit and g-spot - as well as extra length for tired arms - will help you achieve your Blended O faster and more comfortably! Take a look at my favorite Blended Orgasm products below:
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20-Function Silicone G-Spot Massager is petite for g-spot massage and has a lighted tip that gently heats up! Bonus! It can be used for pinpointed vibes on both your g-spot and your clit, making it a great buy for Blended Orgasm seekers!
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Wild G
This smooth, curvy jelly vibrator has functions a-plenty to give you your ideal Blended Orgasm! With 3 clitoral stimulators, rotating pleasure beads, strong vibrations and a reversible rotating head, the Wild G is the complete package.

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