Water-based Lubricants

Get the extra glide you need for comfortable and arousing stimulation with these water-based lubricants from TooTimid. Water-based lubes are a great option for couples who want to experiment with sex toys in the bedroom.

The makeup of the lubricant ensures that it’s safe to use with vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and more. These sex lubes won’t damage the material your toys are made from and will make any kind of penetration much more comfortable and pleasurable. This is especially true for silicone sex toys, which are eroded when used with silicone lubricants.

Having wetter, better sex is also a sure thing when you use water-based lubricants with condoms. Couples can choose this type of lube to ensure that the lubrication they enjoy during sex doesn’t interfere with their contraceptives. The simple ingredients also make it a body-safe option for masturbation. If you love the super-slick feel of hot, wet sex, you can recreate that sensation while getting off on your own by using a water-based lube.

One of the biggest benefits of using water-based sexual lubricants is that they are water-soluble. This makes cleanup so much easier because lube can be washed off your body and any sex toys you may have used almost effortlessly.

Whether you want something to add extra lubrication during sex, make sex toy penetration more comfortable or provide slick sensations while you masturbate, a water-based lubes is the safe, affordable and sensual choice for men, women and couples. Using lube can be a simple and easy way to enjoy a more satisfying sex life and improve your sexual wellness. Choose from this great selection at TooTimid to get a one-year guarantee with any purchase. All our products are shipped and billed discreetly, and if you have any questions, just contact our friendly staff via phone, email or chat.

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