Water-based Lubricants

Buy the Best Water-Based Lube for Better Sexual Experiences

Have wetter, better orgasms with water-based lubes! The simple ingredients in water-based lubricants make them a good option for both masturbating with a sex toy and enjoying penetration with a partner. Because it's water-based, this type of lube doesn't interfere with contraceptives and won't damage your favorite toy. Improve your sexual encounters or re-create the super-slick sensation of hot, wet sex while getting off on your own by using a water-based personal lubricant from TooTimid.com!

Increase Your Pleasure With Water-Based Lubes

Whether you want to add extra glide during sex, make penetration more comfortable, or provide slick sensations while you masturbate, water-based lubes offer a safe, affordable, and sensual choice for couples and singles. These products give you extra glide and more arousing stimulation with greater comfort. They're also available in many varieties, so you're sure to find the best water-based lubricant for you in our inventory. We have personal lubricants that have a natural feel as well as products that come in fun flavors. You can also buy water-based lube designed to add stimulation with a warming or tingling sensation. We also carry desensitizing lubricant that can help you relax for more comfortable anal play. No matter what type of water-based lubricant you prefer, we can help you find it!

Water-Soluble Lubricants That Keep Your Toys and Your Sheets Safe

Water-based lubes are essential if you use silicone sex toys, which can erode if you use silicone lubricants with them. When you use a water-based lube, it won't damage any of your favorite toys; these products are safe to use with most vibratorsdildos, and butt plugs.

Another big benefit of using water-based products is that they are water-soluble, meaning that they're easy to clean up when you're done having fun. Water-based sexual lubricant washes off of your body and your toys easily, and it comes off of your sheets and clothing when you do laundry.

Sexy, Slick, and Affordable Lubes

Choose from TooTimid.com's great selection of water-based personal lubricants today and you can feel confident about your purchase, thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. You can also rest assured that your privacy will be protected; all of our products are shipped and billed discreetly, so when you order the best water-based lube from us, nobody will know but you. Shop with us today to enjoy more comfortable and satisfying sexual experiences!

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