Sex Toys for a Long-Distance Relationship

Please Your Partner Across the Miles With the Best Sex Toys for a Long-Distance Relationship

When your partner is out of town or you're in a long-term, long-distance relationship, the wait until you can have sex with them again can be excruciating. But thanks to modern technology, you're no longer limited to fantasizing about them while you pleasure yourself alone. Our app-enabled sex toys allow you to share intimate experiences across the miles and bring each other to orgasm without being in the same room. All you need is your phones and the best sex toys for a long-distance relationship to be able to make each other moan, squirm, shudder, and cum even when you're apart.

App-Enabled Toys in a Range of Styles From Top Brands

At, we carry a great selection of the best sex toys for a long-distance relationship made by the best manufacturers, including Satisfyer and We-Vibe. Imagine your lover using a wearable vibrator that you can control with your phone: You'll be the one giving them pleasure, controlling when and how the device works as you bring them to an intense climax (or two, or more!). You can do the same with app-controlled cock rings or even air-pulse vibes. Remotely controlled panty vibrators are also great for using at a distance. Put on a discreet panty vibe or cock ring and let your partner vary the intensity or turn it on or off to catch you off guard as you go about your day; by the time you get home, you'll be desperate for them to push you over the edge!

Shop With to Pleasure Your Partner From Anywhere

When you buy the best sex toys for a long-distance relationship from, you'll always get high-quality products and discreet shipping, so you can shop with confidence. Order one for yourself and a matching or complementary product to ship to your partner: There's no better surprise gift to send to a long-distance lover than a sex toy that will let you please them from afar! Shop with us today and let us help you keep the intimacy in your relationship even when you're not physically together.

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