The Importance Of Oral Sex

I have written a few articles on the importance of sex in a relationship. How it brings intimacy, closeness, sustains the sexual side of the relationship and helps to relieve stress while having fun! While for many oral sex IS a part of a sexual experience, for some it is not always. In fact, for some oral sex happens rarely if ever at all. There are various reasons for this lack of oral participation, some are just ridiculous excuses and some are quite valid; but the truth is, oral is an important part of sex. Why? Why is this activity important, especially if you are having “regular” intercourse? Read on.

Oral sex usually falls under the larger category of “foreplay” as it tends to happen before intercourse. Although, personally, I like to switch back and forth between sex, oral sex and other activities including anal sex. Oral sex is usually one of the first activities most couples engage in – ever – in a relationship. Then, they move into sex. Sometime after the relationship has become established, oral sex seems to fall by the wayside. It is no longer – or rarely – the gateway into other sexual activity. Why? Various reasons such as less time for sex, less motivation, downright laziness. Yes, there are many reasons why. However, oral sex offers a kind of foreplay that is extremely direct, intimate (even more than intercourse) and gets both partners raring to go! A little oral sex can go a long, long way – and it can lead to more amazing and connected sex! Furthermore, moving from oral to sex and back to oral means you have longer play and MORE orgasms (well, for the woman anyway). Doesn’t that sound wonderfully fun?

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As mentioned above, oral sex used was used to “prime the pump” for sex. That is, get you all ready to do the deed! As we age, this may be more of a need than an option. Men, especially, have more difficulties getting or maintaining an erection at times and women lose libido as they age. Adding oral sex to pre-sex activities can do wonders for both of you as far as sex and preparedness goes. In fact, in a recent poll most partners confessed that they would rather have much more oral than penetrative sex! So, the stats are in, people want more oral!

Upwards of 85% of all women NEED clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The most effective way to deliver that stimulation is during oral sex! Not to mention giving her an orgasm or two before sex will lubricate her and make her more eager and ready for intercourse. Also, giving oral sex and providing orgasms to your partner should excite you and make YOU ready for sexual penetration. Performing oral on your woman is a win-win-win situation! There really is no reason not to do it!

Not only do women benefit from oral sex, but so do men. Not only do men LOVE a good blowjob, but they also usually get very excited and erect during them. Especially as men age the benefit of a pre-coital BJ increases. As a man ages, sometimes the strength and longevity of his erection weans. This means that a BJ pre-sex can help to get him all ready to go! Plus, many women shirk their duties when it comes to giving oral and giving more oral sex is a great way to show your guy that you care about his pleasure, too. If you want to get, then you also have to give!

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