6 Reasons Oral Sex is Important in Any Relationship

Woman holding a sliced grapefruit and licking it imitating oral sex
I have written a few articles on the importance of sex in a relationship. How it brings intimacy, closeness, sustains the sexual side of the relationship and helps to relieve stress while having fun! While for many oral sex IS a part of a sexual experience, for some it is not always.

In fact, for some oral sex happens rarely if ever at all. There are various reasons for this lack of oral participation, and some are quite valid; but the truth is, oral is an important part of sex. Why? Why is this activity important, especially if you are having “regular” intercourse? Read on.

1. It Feels Good

Alright, this one is so obvious that you probably let out an audible "DUH!", but I felt it needed to be said. Oral sex is important because it feels amazing and is a completely different sensation than any other sexual endeavor. Nothing against penetrative sex, but oral sex has this magical power that feels like it is taking you into a whole different galaxy.

2. Many People NEED Oral To Orgasm

Upwards of 85% of all clit-owners NEED clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The most effective way to deliver that stimulation is during oral sex! Not to mention giving your partner an orgasm or two before sex will lubricate them and make them more eager and ready for intercourse. Not only do vagina-owners benefit from oral sex, but so do penis-owners. A pre-sex BJ can help to get your partner all ready to go!

3. It Helps To Mix Things Up

When it comes to sex, I think we are all eventually going to be looking for a way to mix things up a bit - and oral is a perfect way to do just that. Oral is a completely different experience than penetrative anal or vaginal sex. You can also mix things up within oral. By that I mean, maybe bring in a bullet vibrator to rub on your partner's nipples while you're going down on them or insert a vibrating butt plug right before oral begins.

4. It Can Be Very Intimate

When receiving oral from a partner, it's very common to feel vulnerable. Making eye contact, communicating your needs, asking for what you want - these can all be very intimidating. But, when you do this you are deepening your connection with your partner.  Also, your partner is putting their own needs aside and taking the time to make sure YOU feel good. There's nothing more intimate than someone putting their own sexual needs on the backburner for a while, while they take care of you.

5. Foreplay Means More Play

Oral sex can fall under the larger category of “foreplay” as it sometimes happens before intercourse. It's usually one of the first activities most couples engage in. Then, they move into penetrative sex. But what if instead of following that usual ritual, you went back and forth and back and forth. Moving from oral to sex and back to oral means you have longer play and MORE orgasms are possible. Doesn’t that sound wonderfully fun? A little oral sex can go a long, long way – and it can lead to more amazing and connected sex! 

6. You Deserve It! (And so does your partner!)

Now, here's another one that I think is obvious (or I hope it is anyways). Oral sex is important because your partner deserves that 1:1 time you are giving to them. That time you are spending specifically to make sure they are pleasured. Especially if this is one of (or THE) only ways they can actually orgasm. Don't you think they deserve that amazing head you're giving them? And trust me, if you put in the effort to give them the oral you deserve - it will be reciprocated.

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  • Sexless And Want To Give It

    Been married for over 26 years now and I always want to give my beautiful wife oral but she never wants me to give it to her. I try and try but no luck. She says that she doesn’t want it and I know she needs it. So what can I do to get her to allow me to please her?

  • Please Your Partner

    So sad to hear that women are expected to give oral, yet don’t receive it. It took me a bit to get use to it but now love to eat out my wife and happens often.

  • Non-existent

    My husband has gone down on me 3 times since I have known him. We have been married for 30 yrs and I have asked but never have gotten it from him. So I started withholding BJs for him. Never worked. So sad and lonely for Oral.

  • Debbie

    Every love making session includes oral sex during our long foreplay. My husband will
    Go down on me every day. I have watched BJ film technics and really have gotten creative. Sometime my husband will getting ready to leave for work and tell me his Horney for me. I’ll say” drop your pants and I’ll give you a lil preview of what’s in store when you get home”
    I’ll give him a quickie right there in the kitchen and clean him up so he can pull his back up.
    The BJ is only complete when you swallow all of his load. This is a no brainer. I always swallow his large loads but I will sometimes collect a week with of his ejaculations and freeze then in disposable shit glasses. During extremely long foreplay we will pull out 4 or 5 of his frozen loads and drip them over his cock while I gobble up a weeks with if cum. He”ll do the same and drip a few loads over my pussy and breast and ass and lick it off. Since I squirt so much and so often we’ve even found a way to collect my squirts to later consumption. Oral sex is a major part of our love making.

  • Lonely Kitty

    I always give oral but I don’t receive it from him. I LOVE giving it to him. Out of 12 years in this relationship I have received oral 3 times.

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