Blowjob Positions To Rock His Cock

There can never be enough articles on giving blowjobs, can there? Women want to know how to give a good one, what techniques to use, and what positions are the best. The fact is, the more you change up the techniques and positions the more turned on he will be by each time you give him oral sex. Ladies, would you like it if your boyfriend always gave you oral sex in the same position? Never trying something more adventurous? Of course not! You want it to be an experience EVERY time. Why? Different positions make the oral sex feel, well, different.

For blowjob giving, a change in position will change the depth that the penis can slide into your mouth or throat. Certain positions offer a more comfortable way to add in hand movements or allow the man to buck into your mouth. So, obviously, it is to both of your benefit to change things up for variety. So, what are some variations on the blowjob theme?


We often think of giving our man a BJ while he is lying on his back and you kneel or lay in between his legs. A variation on this basic position is to come at him from the side. Kneel with your butt somewhat even to his hips and lean over him. This position offers a sort of “side” entrance to your mouth, and even better, it offers him the access to your genital area for fingering. This can greatly heighten his excitement and yours and when you are more excited, you will suck him with more verve!

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This position is often toted as “the beginner’s position for deepthroating” because it makes sliding his penis down your throat much easier due to the natural flex of the throat. I’m talking about the woman on her back, her head dangling off the side of the bed. As her head tips back it opens her throat (just like in a medical procedure when they are tubing a patient). The man can then slide his penis into her mouth and down her throat as deeply as she can take it – which will be considerably deeper than in other positions.


How many times have you been sitting on the couch with your lover, watching a movie and just had that desire to suck him off? Well, why wait? Just slide on down between his legs and do it to it! The angle is perfect for really getting busy with his penis, it is comfortable for him and for you. He can grab your hair, hold your head or just buck up into your mouth. You can use your hands, your breasts, and your mouth – with full access. Also, if you so desire, you can transition into the lick him side saddle position by getting up on the couch and kneeling next to him.

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This one goes under the heading of “spontaneously sexy” because it is a spontaneous thought. Imagine you are in the bathroom and your lover is showering. You peek in to see him all lathered up with soap. You have the urge to get in the shower with him and give him a nice shower blowjob. Shower oral is fantastic on so many levels. First you have the nice, warm water flowing down both of your bodies. Then you have the perfect place to sit or kneel for comfort. Finally, he is as clean as clean can be – which can be extremely attractive when thinking about putting his private part into your mouth! Shower blowjobs are less about the position and more about the spontaneity and the extra sensations. Definitely a must do!

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