Types Of Dildos

I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that there are different kinds of dildos. How boring would it be if there was only one kind? Dildos come in many different colors, sizes, materials and even vibrating and non-vibrating. So, why do you need to have more than one? That is like asking a woman if she needs more than one pair of shoes! Dildos are not one-size fits all in any way, shape or form. Let’s explore the world of the dildo.

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The standard dildo is one which is phallic in shape. This means it is penis shaped. Having a penis shaped dildo is absolutely essential. They are wonderful solo play toys as well as great for addition to couple’s play. You can take the fantasy quite literally when you are playing with a toy that resembles a man! To add to the experience, they also come in different skin tones and even colors like pink or purple! How fun is that?
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Besides simply being a phallic shape, many dildos are ultra-realistic in feel and look. This means that they are textured (veins and “skin” appearance), they have curves and defined penis heads, and can even be made of realistic skin-like materials like cyberskin! Having an ultra-realistic penis replica adds an extra level to solo play. Also, because they are so realistic looking they are great for couples who wish to have a threesome experience without an additional partner.
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Suction cup dildos are amazing additions to the dildo genre. They offer hands-free fun by their ability to attach to a variety of surfaces (bathtubs, floors, chairs, shower walls). Suction cup dildos come in a variety of sizes and shapes (but not in glass) and can vibrate. Use solo or with a partner – a suction cup dildo is fantastic for fantasy play where you want to imagine you are taking control of your own pleasure – and for partner play when you want to have a semi-realistic addition to your couple time. Suction cup dildos can be used with harnesses or with on their own.
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Glass dildos are wonderful and VERY necessary additions to any toybox. Firstly, because they are made of glass they have a completely different feeling when inserted. Glass does not bend or give in any way (like a standard jelly or rubber dildo) and therefore provide a more intense sensation. Also, glass dildos come in different shapes, sizes and with unique textures in more options than a standard. Glass can be heated or cooled as well, which will offer a new sensation not available with the standard dildo. Furthermore, they will last, well, forever, so they are a fantastic pleasure investment.
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Double ended dildos are exactly how they sound – double ended. Typically used with another female partner, a double ended dildo offers two sides for play. Some variations of double dildos include ones that are “U” shaped and can be used for anal and vaginal stimulation at the same time. Some double ended dildos have different textures on each side (maybe bubbles on one side and ridges on the other). In this regard double ended dildos are like having 2 dildos in one.
Recommended Dildo: Silicone Double Dong

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