Passionate Sex Positions

There is always a discussion on what are the best positions for orgasm, or the best feeling positions, or even the most acrobatic. However, what about the most “passionate” positions? Which sexual positions offer the most intimacy between partners? It is true that any sexual position should provide passion but there are a few that lead to intense passion! So, the next time you want to add a different level of intimacy to sex – or just try something new and fun – give one of these positions a try!

The missionary position always gets a bad rap as being “too vanilla” for some people. While it is true that the missionary position is a fairly, well, common position – the truth is that it is popular for a reason. Namely, couples have been doing it for centuries because it is a very romantic and close position where you are face-to-face with your partner. This promotes closeness, kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes. For passionate positions missionary definitely comes out on top!

Not only does woman on top feel amazing, it is also surprisingly intimate and passionate. Even if she is not in missionary (where she is down, close to her partner’s face), the position is still super passionate because he can watch her face and her expressions, not to mention touch her all over while she rides him. Imagine the woman on top, taking control, enjoying herself immensely. Her partner can caress her breasts, stomach, thighs, and clit. He can feed her a finger to suck on. He can watch her climax and feel her shudder. Yeah. That is super passionate, don’t you think?

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Spooning is not just for after sex or sleeping. Oh, no, it is also for having sex! Albeit, only the man can be the “big spoon” when it comes to spooning for sex, but that is OK. In the spooning position the man cuddles up behind his partner and enters her from behind. He can then kiss her neck, cheek (and head if she can turn around enough), whisper in her ear, touch her all over, and even give her clitoral stimulation. The woman feels tenderly embraced by her partner. It is for this reason that spooning adds passion to the forking.

OK, I know you will think I am crazy, how can a position where you do not face your partner POSSIBLY be intimate OR passionate? OK, let me set the scene. The man is seated, most likely on the couch. His lover lowers down onto him, facing AWAY. She grinds, slowly, against him. What does he do? He holds her close. He whispers in her ear. He grabs her hips, encircles his arms and fondles her breasts, he reaches around to play with her clit. Or, he simply holds her back against him as she slowly, and seductively, grinds against him. Oh yeah. I defy you to tell me that is not passionate!

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