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Many people have been curious about anal play, but fewer have tried it. Those people are missing out on a vast array of pleasurable possibilities! At, we're here to give you everything you need to satisfy your curiosity and experience mind-blowing sensations, including both information and a great selection of the best anal vibrators. Let our sexperts walk you through everything you need to know about anal sex, then order vibrating anal toys that are sure to satisfy your desire to explore. We'll help you spice up your sex life with back-door stimulation during masturbation or foreplay with your partner!

Explore Different Types of Vibrating Anal Toys

If you're not sure where to start, take a moment to learn about the most popular types of anal toys.

  • Anal Beads: Vibrating anal beads can feel incredible inside you, and since they're relatively thin, they're often the best vibrating anal toy for beginners. You can leave them in to provide stimulation as you're enjoying other sexy activities. Then, pull out the beads during or right before your orgasm to intensify your pleasure.
  • Butt Plugs: Butt plugs should be inserted and then left in place. They give you a great feeling of fullness and can help prepare you for insertion of another toy or a penis.
  • Prostate Massagers: If you have a prostate and haven't tried a prostate massager, you absolutely should! These vibrating anal toys are made to stimulate your prostate, which feels absolutely amazing; in fact, the prostate has been called the "male G-spot." You might even cum just from using a prostate massager!

No matter which type of anal vibrator you choose, don't forget the lube. When you're inserting any type of adult sex toy anally, using lube is a requirement, not an option.

Find the Best Anal Vibrator and Order With Confidence has two priorities: your satisfaction and your privacy. We ship every order of vibrating anal toys in a discreet package, with a shipping label that shows "Atlantic Innovations" as the sender, not "" We'll also appear that way on your credit card statement. And we won't mail you any catalogs later on or share your contact information with anyone else. Your secret is safe with us! Once you buy one of our erotic toys, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied. In fact, we stand behind every product we sell for a full year. If your new toy breaks, we'll replace it! And if you just don't like what you bought, you have 30 days to exchange it for something else. When you shop with, you have nothing to lose and a world of pleasure to gain. Place your order today!

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