Vibrators 101: Different Types of Vibes Explained

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Article Reviewed and Approved by: Dr. Michele Waldron, Psy.D, LADC-I, SCCT, Sexual health & Healing Reviewed on January 10, 2024

Illustration of different types of vibrators

Ever feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, but instead of Wonderland, you're diving into the dizzying world of vibrators? Maybe you've got a few basics under your belt or perhaps this is uncharted territory. No worries - we've all been there.

You see, these little powerhouses are more than meets the eye. They come in various shapes and sizes as diverse as our desires themselves. From clit stimulators to wand massagers and everything in between—each holds its unique thrill.

A journey awaits! So why not take it? After all, self-exploration isn't just empowering—it's downright fun! Ready for an adventure that promises pulsating pleasure?

Get ready, we're about to dive into a gold mine of exciting toys. This will spark your curiosity and push you towards new adventures (wink!). 

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Table Of Contents:

Everything You Need To Know 

Vibrators have evolved from basic devices into a diverse array that cater to various pleasure points and preferences. Here at TooTimid, we have something for everyone; clit stimulators; rabbit vibrators; bullet vibrators; finger vibrators; G-Spot vibrators; A-Spot vibrators; wand massagers; tongue vibrators; nipple vibrators; air pulse stimulators.

Purple air pulse clit stimulator

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Clitoral Stimulation

Ah, the clitoris—the powerhouse of pleasure. Clit Stimulators are expertly designed for targeted stimulation. Their unique design enhances sexual experiences by focusing on one of the most sensitive areas. Whether you prefer subtle or intense sensations, clit stimulators offer an assortment of speeds and patterns to help you find your sweet spot.

Some popular options include: 

  • Clitoral Suction Toys: These innovative devices use gentle suction and pulsation technology to create mind-blowing orgasms

  • Clitoral Vibrators: With their ergonomic designs and powerful vibrations, these versatile toys are perfect for solo play or enhancing partner experiences.

Clit stimulators are more than just sex toys; they are tools of empowerment that invigorate self-exploration and enhance sexual pleasure. 

Here are a few benefits they offer:

  • Targeted Stimulation: The precision of clit stimulators appeals to those who enjoy direct clitoral stimulation. The designs of these toys are honed to target the clitoris, thus ensuring intense, focused sensations.

  • Versatility: Whether you're flying solo or with a partner, clit stimulators are a welcome addition to your playtime. They can be used during foreplay to build arousal or combined with penetration for a blended orgasm.

  • Orgasmic Potential: Many people with vulvas find it easier to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Clit stimulators, with their various pulsation and vibration settings, can help unlock this orgasmic potential.

  • Discovery of Personal Preferences: With a variety of clit stimulator types available, users have the opportunity to discover what works for them. This process of exploration can lead to better sexual self-awareness and improved communication about sexual preferences. Remember, the world of pleasure is vast, and clit stimulators offer an exciting way to navigate it. They can break the monotony, enhance your sexual experiences, and help you gain a deeper understanding of your body's pleasure potential.

Rabbit Vibrator
Dual Action Pleasure

Rabbit Vibrator, as cute as it sounds packs a punch when it comes to dual stimulation. This little bunny simultaneously targets both the clitoris and G-spot or A-Spot providing double delight with its distinct shape.

For those who haven't discovered their G-Spot yet, don't fret! There's a world of pleasure waiting for you with dual-action vibrators that provide amazing internal massage along the entire length. Plus, the proximity of the clitoral roots to the vaginal wall is believed to create an extra delightful sensation.

Recent studies suggest that not every woman may have a distinct G-spot or A-Spot, but fear not—there are still plenty of ways to explore internal pleasure.

Experimentation is key, and finding what feels good for you individually is the name of the game. Engaging in self-exploration through various techniques, such as using different types of internal stimulation devices or experimenting with different movements, pressures, and angles, can help unlock new realms of pleasure.

The journey to self-discovery is as unique as each individual, so embrace the exploration and enjoy the process of understanding and celebrating your body's unique responses. Pleasure is a personal journey, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach.


Bullet Vibes
Small Size Big Impact

No larger than a lipstick tube but just as satisfying – bullet vibes are perfect for those who want discreet yet powerful vibrations. These compact powerhouses can be used in varied ways creating different sensation each time.


Finger Vibrators
Your Touch with a Buzz

Finger vibrators give an extra zing to your touch. Their small size allows for versatile use and personalized pleasure, letting you explore new ways of sensation.

G-Spot & A-Spot Vibes
Deep Dive into Pleasure

The unique design of G-spot vibes are purpose-built to stimulate this elusive erogenous zone while the A-spot vibrator takes you on a deeper journey to another sensitive area often left unexplored. This is just the start - more types waiting for discovery.

Nipple Vibrators
Elevating Your Sensational Playground

Nipple vibrators offer a variety of effects to transform you intimate play, including: 

  • Enhanced Sensitivity: Nipple vibrators amplify the sensitivity of the nipples, leading to heightened arousal and potentially more intense orgasms

  • Variety of Sensations: With a range of intensity levels and pulsation patterns, these toys can provide a myriad of pleasure sensations, adding spice to your intimate play

Air Pulse Stimulators
A Journey to Unexplored Heights of Pleasure 

Air pulse stimulators represent a breakthrough in the adult toy industry, providing a unique experience that's hard to compare. These devices focus on the clitoris but without direct contact, utilizing pulsating air pressure waves to stimulate the area.

These toys do not suck on the clit. Instead, they deliver rapid air taps that pulsate against your clit.

Featuring various intensity levels, they allow you to customize the experience to your preference, making it as gentle or as powerful as you desire.


Depending on the size and shape of your clitoris, the sensation that air pulse stimulators create is often described as mimicking the feeling of oral sex, which is why they are sometimes referred to as "oral sex simulators". Gentle yet intense, these toys can lead you to exhilarating climaxes that feel different from those achieved through traditional vibration or suction methods.

Whether you're seeking new sensations or want to add variety to your toy collection, air pulse stimulators are worth exploring.

When choosing a clit stimulator, consider factors like intensity levels, noise level, and ease of use. Everyone's preferences differ, so explore and find what works best for you.

Did You Know?

It is estimated that approximately 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm (Herbenick, 2017).

The Art of Clitoral Stimulation

Unveiling the power and pleasure of clit stimulators in enhancing sexual experiences.

The Unique Design and Functionality of Clit Stimulators

Clit stimulators boast a unique design that sets them apart from other vibrators. Their primary goal is not just to give intense vibrations but also to pinpoint the clitoris for concentrated stimulation.

Different types like butterfly or suction-based clit stimulators, offer diverse sensations, each catering to individual preferences. Finding the right clit stimulator for your needs is key.

A well-crafted clit stimulator can be more than just a sex toy—it becomes an extension of your body’s natural responses, allowing exploration and discovery at your own pace. Whether used solo or with a partner, these toys can add new dimensions to intimacy.

  • Suction-Based: This type creates gentle vacuum pressure around the clitoris—akin to oral stimulation—for an indescribable sensation that many users rave about.

  • Vibrating: From soft hums to powerful pulsations, vibrating models allow you complete control over intensity levels—an ideal pick if customization matters most.

  • Pulsing: For those who prefer rhythmic thrills rather than constant vibration—a pulsing model could be perfect. The intermittent buzz keeps anticipation high throughout use.

Including clit stimulator in your intimate moments not only boosts self-pleasure but also helps foster open communication between partners about desires and boundaries. Plus, it’s a great tool for those looking to enhance arousal or simply explore different avenues of pleasure.

As with any adult novelty, the key is patience and practice—allowing time to understand how your body responds can lead to mind-blowing experiences.

Illustration of purple rabbit vibrator

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Delving into Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have earned their place in the spotlight for good reason. They're all about double-duty pleasure, offering simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation.


The Dual Action of Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit vibrator is more than just a fancy gadget; it's an invitation to experience dual delight. These little wonders are named after their unique design: a main shaft for internal use and an external stimulator designed like bunny ears for targeted clit play.

The real magic happens when these two work together. While the main shaft (longer insertable part) targets your G-spot with powerful vibrations, those cute 'bunny ears' focus on your clitoris - creating a blend of sensations that many find incredibly satisfying.

But what makes them so popular? Let's break it down:

  • Versatility: The combination of internal and external stimulation caters to different needs at once, enhancing overall satisfaction.

  • User-friendly Design: Most models feature easy-to-use controls that allow you to adjust vibration intensity and pattern according to your preferences.

  • Variety: From petite versions perfect for beginners to larger options boasting multiple functions – there’s a rabbit vibrator out there suited perfectly to every user.

There are is a wide variety of different kinds of rabbit vibrators to choose from, some with added features to enhance your stimulation. Check out some of the best and most common rabbit vibe features:

  • Rotating Shaft: This rotation mechanism offers a unique internal sensation. The shaft rotates inside, creating a pleasurable feeling on your G-spot and vaginal walls that provides a whole new dimension to your pleasure.

  • Thrusting Shaft: This mechanism includes a self-motion thrusting shaft that moves up and down to stroke your G-Spot and vaginal walls on it's own through a soft accordion design.

  • Clit Teasing & Tickling Rabbit Ears: are designed to provide direct, intense clitoral stimulation. They typically come with a multitude of settings, allowing you to choose the intensity and pattern of the vibrations, which can range from a gentle purr to an intense throb.

  • Added Features: Furthermore, many rabbit vibrators are now rechargeable and waterproof, providing convenience and versatility for use in different settings.

In essence, these gadgets give you the ability not only to explore but also to control how you want to feel pleasure - making them one seriously enticing option.

Illustration of black bullet vibrator with wireless remote

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Bullet Vibrators
Compact Yet Powerful

Size doesn't always matter, and bullet vibrators are here to prove it. Despite their small stature, these mighty toys pack a punch when it comes to delivering intense vibrations.

Versatility of Bullet Vibrators

A standout feature of bullet vibrators is their versatility. Because they're compact and lightweight, you can use them in various ways for different sensations. They work wonders for clitoral stimulation but don't limit themselves there.

Bullet vibrators are perfect for precise external stimulation including:

  • Clitoris 
  • Nipples
  • Balls/Testicles
  • Or any erogenous zone yearning for attention

You might find pleasure using them on other sensitive areas like nipples or along the inner thighs - exploring your body with this toy can be quite an adventure. And because bullets are discreetly sized, they're perfect travel companions too.

The design allows easy control over speed and intensity levels; from gentle buzzing that tickles your senses to high-speed pulsations that get your heart racing. The variety in vibration patterns adds another layer of fun - every session can be unique.

But let's not forget about couples play either – bullets make fantastic additions during intercourse or oral sex due to their petite size which doesn’t interfere with partner contact while adding extra buzz where needed most. Combining tongue stimulation with direct clitoral stimulation via a bullet can be a supercharged way to amp up arousal and speed up climax.

  • User-friendly: Perfect for beginners thanks to its simple operation yet equally satisfying for seasoned users seeking targeted stimulation.

  • Couple friendly: Can enhance shared intimacy by being incorporated into couple’s play without disrupting the flow or physical connection between partners.

  • Variety at hand: Offers numerous vibration modes allowing customization according to personal preferences each time you decide have some 'me' time or want spice up partner play.

Overall, bullet vibrators prove that great things do come in small packages. They're a versatile addition to any adult toy collection and their powerful performance may surprise you. So why not give them a shot? You might just find they hit the spot.

Illustration of purple finger vibrator on hand

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Finger Vibrators for Intimate Touch

There's a certain magic to using your fingers during intimate moments. But what if you could amplify that touch? That's where finger vibrators come in, offering an extra buzz right at your fingertips.

Advantages of Finger Vibrator's Portability

The small size of finger vibrators doesn't limit their potential; instead, it amplifies their versatility. You can use them solo or with a partner and take them just about anywhere thanks to their discreet design.

Beyond portability, the real advantage lies in how they mimic natural human touch but add an electrifying sensation into the mix. It lets you explore different areas without feeling intrusive or overwhelming - perfect for beginners venturing into sex toys.

From teasing the clit to exploring other erogenous zones, these versatile devices offer an abundance of pleasure-inducing possibilities. Here are some of the benefits they bring to the table:

  • Ease of Use: Whether you're a beginner or a pleasure pro, finger vibrator are incredibly easy to use. Simply strap them onto your fingers, and you're good to go!

  • Increased Intimacy: When used with a partner, finger vibrators can add a thrilling dimension to your intimate moments. They allow for more direct, controlled stimulation, enhancing the connection between you and your partner

  • Versatility: Finger vibrators are not just for clitoral stimulation. Use them to tease the nipples, testicles, or any other erogenous zones for a varied and exciting sexual experience.

  • Control: Finger vibrators offer excellent control and precision. You can easily adjust the pressure and location of stimulation, allowing for a highly customized pleasure experience. 

  • Portability: As mentioned above, due to their compact size, finger vibrators are easy to stow away in a purse or suitcase, making them the perfect travel companion.

Finger vibrators serve as proof that great things indeed come in small packages. They offer a unique blend of convenience and power, making them a worthy addition to any pleasure seeker's collection.

Did You Know?

A survey conducted by the Berman Women's Wellness Center found that women who use vibrators report higher levels of sexual satisfaction, with 80% of them agreeing that vibrators play a significant role in their sexual wellness (Berman Women's Wellness Center, 2019).

Finding Your Buzz
Varieties of Finger Vibrators

Different strokes for different folks, as they say. There are multiple types out there including those with adjustable speeds and various pulse patterns giving users complete control over intensity levels. Some even feature textured surfaces providing more unique sensations.

Safety First
The Importance of Material Choice

In choosing any adult toy, material matters greatly not only because it impacts comfort but also safety concerns like allergies or irritations. For instance, silicone-based finger vibrators are popular due to its skin-like feel and hypoallergenic properties making it suitable for sensitive skin types too.

All said and done, no matter which type tickles your fancy (literally), remember to keep things clean. Regular cleaning ensures longevity while maintaining hygiene standards so make sure always sanitize after each use.

So, if you're looking to add a buzz to your intimate touch, finger vibrators could be the secret ingredient you've been searching for. They offer versatility, portability, and an array of unique sensations that will elevate your self-pleasure or shared experiences to new heights.

Illustration of teal G-Spot vibrator

Uncovering G-Spot and A-Spot Vibrators

The world of vibrators is vast, with each type designed to enhance pleasure in its unique way. Among these, g-spot and A-spot vibrators stand out for their specific targeting of internal hotspots.


G-Spot Vibrator's Role in Pleasure Enhancement

G-spot vibrators are specially designed to target the G-spot area, a highly sensitive region located on the front wall of the vagina. The curved or angled tip helps users easily reach this elusive spot for continuous massage.

This precise design makes it easier for you to stimulate that nerve-rich area which can result in powerful orgasms when done right. It's like having a treasure map where 'X' marks your orgasmic bliss.

With varied vibration patterns available, they offer diverse sensations catering to individual preferences. Some even come with extra features like heating functions or clitoral stimulators making them multi-functional powerhouses.

The anatomy of the G-Spot Vibrator includes:

  • Curved Tip: The hallmark feature of G-spot vibrators is their curved tip, designed to massage the G-spot with precision and stimulate it effectively

  • Shaft: The shaft of a G-spot vibrator is often ergonomically designed for comfortable insertion and optimal internal stimulation.

  • Material Variety: G-spot vibrators come in a range of materials to cater to different preferences. Some are made from harder materials for firm, intense stimulation, while others feature a flexible design allowing for adaptable play and exploration of different angles and depths. 

  • Handle: The handle of these vibrators is typically designed for easy grip and control, facilitating maneuverability during play.

A-Spot Vibrators
A Deep Dive into Pleasure

Moving deeper within, we find another sweet spot - the Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone or more commonly known as the A-spot. Less well-known but equally exciting as its cousin G.

A-Spot vibrators, also known as deep-spot vibrators, are designed for those who crave deep sensual stimulation. These long vibrators can penetrate deeper than their counterparts, reaching the anterior fornix erogenous zone (or A-Spot) located at the innermost point of the vagina - 1-2 inches past the G-spot and before your cervix. These tools make what might seem unreachable reachable.

The benefits of these pleasure devices are manifold. They provide a unique sensation of deep internal pleasure that is different from the stimulation offered by other vibrators. This can add an exciting new dimension to your sexual experiences.

Because the A-Spot is less sensitive than the G-spot, stimulation in this area can be more intense without being overwhelming, and can often lead to powerful and satisfying orgasms. Exploring this less commonly targeted erogenous zone can enhance your sexual self-awareness, encouraging you to discover new realms of pleasure

Specially crafted designs allow stimulation without excessive thrusting – a godsend for those who prefer deep stimulation without the discomfort. It's like getting your favorite cake slice from the top shelf, no stepping stool needed.

It is recommended that intermediate - advanced users explore A-Spot stimulation while beginners start with stimulating the G-Spot though their fingers, various toys, and techniques before moving to a A-Spot penetration.

These toys can open up new avenues of pleasure previously unexplored. So whether it’s g-spot or A-spot vibrators you're curious about, remember – each offers its unique brand of satisfaction.

The anatomy of an A-Spot Massager includes:

  • Long deep penetration vibrator (5+ inches).
  • Curved, angled design to reach & massage A-Spot.
  • Can be a vibrator or a phallic realistic dildo with proper shape.
  • Longer G-Spot vibes work for A-Spot stimulation too!

Illustration of blue wand massager

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Wand Massagers
Power and Versatility

For those seeking a powerful and versatile toy, wand massagers are an ideal choice. These gems are known for their robust vibrations and flexible use.

The Multi-Use Nature of Wand Massagers

Apart from delivering intense pleasure, these wand massagers can also help relax tense muscles. So whether you need a deep tissue massage or some intimate fun, they've got you covered.

Now let's talk about power - wand massagers don't hold back in this department. Many users appreciate the strong vibrations which lead to more satisfying experiences compared to other vibrators on the market.

This isn't just hearsay; several studies back up these claims. For instance, one study found that 93% of women achieved orgasm using vibrator stimulation with many citing wands as their go-to choice (Debby Herbenick et al., 2009).

Moving on to versatility – unlike most toys out there focused solely on sexual gratification, wand massager provides both relaxation and pleasure simultaneously due its dual nature design.

  • You can use them all over your body
  • Increase or decrease intensity according to your preference
  • Add attachments for varied sensations
  • Dive into the world of edging to practice orgasm control
  • Engage in external prostate massage to improve your endurance

To add another layer of flexibility, many models offer rechargeable batteries so not only do they deliver exceptional performance but they're portable too.

Remember our bodies are unique what works wonders for someone might not work for another. Don't let this deter you! Try out diverse models until you locate what suits your requirements the most.

Illustration of red tongue vibrator in the shape of a rose

TooTimid Recommends: #1 Selling Tongue Vibrator For Rim Job Sensations

Tongue Vibrators for Oral Simulation

Ever wondered about the intriguing world of tongue vibrators? These pleasure devices are designed to mimic the sensations of oral stimulation and rim job sensations, offering a unique and pleasurable experience. Remember, never go anal to vaginal without proper care and cleaning practices.

These vibrators are designed specifically for oral sex. There are actually a few types, there are tongue vibrators that go on the tongue via a stretchy ring and provide a little extra buzz for oral sex. There are a few designs to choose from, but the most important factor is the ability for the ring to stay steady in the mouth during oral sex. 

There are also tongue vibes that are made to replicate oral sex for females where the toy has a tongue the literally goes up and down in a licking motion.

Don't limit yourself though, tongue vibrators can be used for stimulating a variety of erogenous zones including:

  • Clitoris: The delicate, fast movements of a tongue vibrator can provide highly pleasurable sensations on the clitoris, potentially leading to intense orgasms.

  • Nipples: This sensitive are can be highly responsive to the gentle flickering and sucking motions that a tongue vibrator provides.

  • Perineum: Often overlooked, the perineum can be a hotbed of nerve endings that respond positively to the unique stimulation offered by a tongue vibrator.

  • Anus: With appropriate safety measures, tongue vibrators can be used to explore anal pleasure, offering a unique RJ (Rim Job) sensations that differ from traditional anal toys.

Let's explore the design and function of these unique devices.

The Realistic Feel of Tongue Vibrators

Tongue vibrators stand out in the vast sea of adult novelties due to their distinct shape and movement. Much like a human tongue, they're flexible with soft edges that can tantalize sensitive areas with ease.

They aren't limited by anatomy or endurance - these nifty gadgets offer varying speeds and patterns at your fingertips. This level of control allows you to customize your pleasure journey based on personal preferences.

You might be wondering: "What sets them apart from other toys?" Well, imagine having an eager partner who never gets tired. That’s exactly what tongue vibrators promise - endless stamina combined with precise targeting for non-stop pleasure.

Mimicking Oral Stimulation Perfectly

A well-designed tongue vibrator replicates those intimate flicks and swirls we associate with oral stimulation. Their surface is often textured or ribbed, creating realistic sensations when gliding against skin.

And it's not just about the tongue action. Many models come with added features such as suction, pulsation or even heating elements to enhance your experience. It's like having multiple partners working in tandem to send you over the edge.

In essence, a good tongue vibrator offers all of the perks of oral pleasure without any drawbacks - whether that’s tired jaws or awkward angles. These toys provide consistent and customizable stimulation for solo playtimes or shared experiences.

FAQs About Types of Vibrators and Their Benefits

No, vibrators are for everyone, regardless of any complications one may be experiencing with orgasm potential. Although commonly recommended as a potential aid to help with orgasm difficulty by medical professionals, vibrators will not always help with this issue and is usually paired with multiple solutions. It is important to consult a medical professional for a proper treatment plan. Vibrators can enhance pleasure by increasing sensitivity and add variety to sexual experiences for individuals and couples alike. They are also great for trying new types of sensations and learning about what you like.

Yes, there are several potential health benefits that come from using vibrators such as; improved mood; better sleep; stress relief; pain reduction, depending on the root cause; and more. They also promote sexual wellness and body awareness.

When used responsibly, vibrators typically do not induce enduring desensitization. Rather, they have the potential to heighten sensitivity and facilitate more powerful orgasms through the augmentation of blood circulation to the genital region. To mitigate the risk of desensitization, develop a comprehensive understanding of your body and the sensitivity levels of your erogenous zones. In instances where certain erogenous areas exhibit heightened sensitivity, TooTimid suggests the adoption of a "touch-less" vibrator, such as an air pulse stimulator. These devices employ rapid air pulses to deliver diverse types of pleasure without excessively stimulating the targeted area. When using vibrators like wand massagers or clit stimulators, it is imperative to refrain from placing the device in a single location for an extended period (more than a few seconds). Instead, regularly maneuver the vibrator around the intended area to ensure a nuanced and varied experience.

Vibrators are available in many designs and for many types of pleasure. A bullet vibrator or vibrating egg are designed to massage your clit. If you like g-spot stimulation or penetrative sex, a vibrating dildo is a realistic toy sculpted like a penis. For penetrative and clitoral stimulation at the same time, we encourage you to try a Rabbit Vibrator, or a Dual Stimulator

Our Expert Guide: How To Use A Vibrator has everything you need including our Sexpert's step-by-step video for visual learners.

Our Complete Guide: How to Clean Sex Toys has a video as well as a quick overview on how to clean your vibrator! Vibrators that require batteries should always have the batteries removed when they aren't in use. Areas of a sex toy that are insertable or that make contact with your body can be washed with Adult Toy Cleaner and warm water.

Sex lubricants are highly recommended to prevent friction from dry penetrative sex. Water-based lubricants are great for vaginal dryness, and silicone lubricants are great for anal play! We also encourage you to explore stimulating creams for the clitoris, prolonging lubes for penises, and more!

Our Sexpert always recommends starting with what sensation you enjoy first, and then exploring a type of sex toy from there. If you enjoy having your clitoris massaged, you would want to explore different types of clitoral vibrators. If you prefer vaginal penetration, a vibrating dildo may work best for you!

Our Guide and Video: Vibrator vs. a Dildo answers all of your questions! A dildo is a sex toy sculpted like a penis. They are usually designed for penetration where a vibrator can be anything from a wand massager to a vibrating egg for clit stimulation!

The use of vibrators during pregnancy is generally considered safe, but it's crucial to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure it aligns with your individual health and pregnancy circumstances. Opt for body-safe and easy-to-clean vibrators, avoiding any discomfort or irritation. Be mindful of not stimulating the cervix excessively and explore comfortable positions as your body undergoes changes. Prioritize open communication with your partner and pay attention to your body's signals, discontinuing use if any discomfort arises. If you have complications or high-risk factors, follow your healthcare provider's guidance to ensure the safety of both you and your baby.

Communication is key. Whether you’re the one communicating this desire to your partner or vise versa, approach the conversation openly reserving any judgement and express your desires emphasizing that a vibrator is a tool to enhance pleasure, not a replacement for your partner. Discussing this potential experience together and exploring options can make the experience more comfortable. Vibrator vs. a Dildo answers all of your questions! A Learn about how to introduce sex toys in the bedroom here.


Herbenick, D., Fu, T. C., Arter, J., Sanders, S. A., & Dodge, B. (2017). Women's experiences with genital touching, sexual pleasure, and orgasm: Results from a U.S. probability sample of women ages 18 to 94.

Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 44(2), 201-212. Berman Women's Wellness Center. (2019). Women and Vibrator Use: A Retrospective Assessment of Sexual Outcomes.

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