5 Best Sex Positions to Hit the G-Spot Every Single Time Without Fail

Image of man and woman having sex

Who doesn’t want to have the best sex ever? And what woman doesn’t want to have a glorious G-Spot orgasm? Well, I think it is safe to say that all women would love to have this type of orgasm and those who have already had one would like to have more! However, the G-Spot orgasm is not always easy to achieve. Sure, there are those rare women who can just think about it and have an orgasm – but they are the rare birds of our sex.

Most of us need to learn how to have a G-Spot orgasm. The G-Spot, on average, is a hard thing to stimulate during intercourse. Why? Well, it is on the top side of the vagina, about 2-3 inches in. It is not always enlarged enough to be stimulated. Also, it takes a long time to get to the point where you can have an orgasm from G-Spot stimulation. So, how can you improve your odds? Well, read on to find out!

Start With These 3 Tips

1. AROUSE. Make sure you are properly aroused! Give yourself many clitoral orgasms as you possibly can. The more aroused you are from foreplay and sex, the greater your chances of having a G-Spot orgasm!

2. RELAX. Stimulating your G-Spot is so pleasurable it is nearly painful! Some women who are experiencing this stimulation give up before they orgasm because it is not as comfortable in its pleasure. So, be as relaxed as you can, try to take in all the sensations.

3. POSITION. It is important to find the proper position for stimulation during sex! This article is going to give you the top 5 Sex Positions to Hit Her G-Spot!

Note: It should be said that while most people associate a G-Spot orgasm with squirting, not all women will squirt, so please just have fun and don’t worry so much about squirting!

Top 5 Sex Positions For G-Spot Stimulation


Illustration of the pillow talk sex position

G-Spot stimulation is all about the angles baby! So an easy way to create the proper angle is to lie on your back, put pillows under your butt (probably at least 2) so that your hips and pelvis are up at a high angle. Then, your partner can come between your legs to enter you and either pull your legs back, or, preferably have you bend your knees and place them on his chest. This will put your G-Spot up high and if he pushes against your front side with his hand, above your pelvic bone, the G-Spot should be bulging out for his attention!


Illustration of sexy scissoring sex position

Sometimes it is nice if the woman takes control of things and gets on top. The standard Cowgirl position (woman on top on her knees) can work well for G-Spot but an even better twist to this is the scissor move. The woman will get on top and straddles him crossways (so your legs are scissored with his) and you have one leg over one of his hips. Then, you can move yourself to the angle that is going to work just right for that G-Spot stimulation. It is also going to put the pacing in your hands, which can be instrumental when you hit that spot!


Illustration of the counter strike sex position

The goal here is to create the perfect angle and height for him to enter you. Tables, counter tops, bathroom sinks are all at great levels for him to penetrate you just right! Of course, he has to be the right height as well. Find a place to lay yourself down, scoot to the end of the table (or counter) and arch your back a little while he enters. It's a great position for clitoral stimulation as well, so give yourself a hand! Spice things up and have sex somewhere besides the bedroom and see if you can find that sweet spot to reach, well, YOUR sweet spot!


Illustration of the leg up gspot stimulating sex position

Are you flexible? Well use that to your advantage! You will have greater success reaching and stimulating that G-spot if you create some natural pressure. A sure fire way to do this is to start in standard woman-on-bottom missionary and then either bend your knees and put them over his shoulders or straight up and down against his chest. Then, he puts his weight on you and enters you in the perfect position to rub that taught little spot!


Illustration of the doggy style sex position for gspot stimulation

Yes, it is true, doggy style is the #1 way to reach the G-Spot during intercourse. It puts the woman on her hands and knees, allowing the man to put pressure on her G-Spot during sex. It also helps when the man has a natural, downward curve to his penis! In this position the vaginal canal is more taught so there is more friction, and it is easy to go slowly and angle just right to hit that sensational spot. Try leaning forward on your arms to change the angle of your vaginal canal giving him an easier time of stimulating you.

Take these positions and hit that G-Spot tonight! When it comes to stimulating the G-Spot during sex it really is just all about positioning, if you bring these positions into the bedroom tonight you should be able to find that G-Spot! If you're finding that you still aren't hitting the G-Spot with these positions it may be time to bring one of our best sex toys for squirting. If that's the case, don't be ashamed. Sex toys are your friend, not your enemy. 

Have You Tried Any Of These Positions? Let Us Know Below With An Anonymous Comment!


  • Carlynn Serrano

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  • Keith

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    I’m new to this! Heyyy itsssmeehh Sophie! Thanks for allowing me to come by and take care about the public and your company and how you Get to know what you voted to make a difference! It’s a learning curve that sounds like fun! I’ll look forward to this info!

  • J Alfred

    I agree with Mo, you had me right up till I saw the picture of him getting pegged. I’m not really sure how that stimulates her G-spot.

  • Uncle Tony

    You never know what is going to work with a given person on given day. A lot depends on what the person experienced during the day. Always start with the finger rub her until your finger falls off or she has her first orgasm. then mount her for about 20 insertions. Then I go down on her and lick her until she comes again. Then flip her over and pull up on her hips for doggy style for a while. You may find yourself coming at this position. OK. If not lay down and rest, well almost. Pull her on top of you and let her fuck herself on your cock. Let her control the pace and depth and length of time. When she is done she will roll off and be beside you.

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