Future Sex Toy Tech: Air Pulse Technology Sex Toys for Touch-less Clitoral Stimulation

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Welcome clitoris havers and lovers. Today we want to give you the low-down on a newish type of innovative technology that is making vulva owners orgasm in 3 minutes or less. Amazing right!

It is called “air pulse” technology, and it is the new holy grail of clitoral stimulators.

What is Air Pulse Technology?

Air pulse technology is a high-tech, revolutionary type of clitoral toy that uses air pressure waves to gently pleasure the clitoris without directly touching it.

Air pulse toys are designed with a hollow clit stimulator that has a really fast pulsating pad at the end of the suction seal. This is what produces that "air" sensation, so it isn't actually blowing air on your clitoris. (More on that, below!)

Sounds like magic, and well, it kind of is! At least in the way it feels.

How Does It Work?

Air pulse pleasure wave toys feature a small round silicone nozzle that surrounds the clitoris establishing a gentle suction seal, without touching the clitoris itself. Once it is turned on, the small pulsing pad inside the clitoral stimulator puffs out rapid micro-pulses of air and sonic pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris to amazing bliss.

While air pulse stimulation can feel different for everyone (depending on the size and shape of your clitoris), many clit owners say it feels like receiving oral pleasure, “like little kisses on your clitoris”, or like a soft mouth encircling and sucking the clitoris. It has been referred to as “mind-blowing!”, “earth-shattering”, “unbelievable”, “Blew me away,” and “Amazing!”.

Here is what a few of our customers have said about air pulse sex toys:
“Oh Wow! The orgasms from this thing are like nothing I had before…”
“Best orgasms I have ever had!”

“Fastest and most intense orgasm I’ve EVER had in my life!”

And, “Super strong pulses! Quick and squirming orgasm!”

So, we have it under good authority that air pulse sex toys feel amazing and are quite unlike any other type of clitoral stimulator on the market. They are literally changing the way that clitoris owners achieve orgasm.

How to Use an Air Pulse Sex Toy

Air pulse sex toys are a bit different than regular vibrators and may take a bit of relearning to figure out how to use them. Follow these steps for the best orgasmic experience.

1. First, get to know your toy before you place it on your erogenous zones. Turn it on, try the various speeds and patterns, and get to know how it works. You don’t want to be fumbling toward ecstasy only to push a wrong button and ruin your experience!

2. Once you are familiar with your new toy, turn the toy on the lowest setting.

3. Next, gently spread the inner labia apart to expose your clitoris.

4. Lube your clitoris as well as the silicone nozzle with body-safe water-based lubricant. We recommend our #1 Best Selling Universal TooTimid Water-Based Lube with a natural feel that mimics bodily fluids and is designed for sensitive skin.

5. Place the little round nozzle over the clitoris, so it is positioned inside the center hollow. You should feel it create an air suction seal of light pressure when it is correctly positioned. Once you have it in place you shouldn’t have to move it.

6. Now, you may turn up the air pulse intensity if so desired, to get the level of stimulation you prefer. Many toys have up to 10 levels of intensity!

7. If all goes well, you will likely experience a very intense orgasm in a few minutes. In fact, many vulva owners report achieving orgasm in 3 minutes or less.

8. Rinse and repeat, or bask in your afterglow!

Air Vibrator?

Is it a vibrator? It depends! While it looks like the same shape and style of many clitoral vibrators, most air pulse sex toys don’t really vibrate. They pulse air. Although we do also carry many air pulse stimulators that DO vibrate! So, unlike a vibrator that needs to touch the clitoris directly, an air pulse toy surrounds the clitoris, never coming in direct contact with it. This means that people who find vibrator stimulation too intense or overstimulating on the clitoris can use air pleasure toys without being overwhelmed by sensation or feeling numbed out.

So, instead of buzzing your clit to orgasm, these types of toys blow tiny breathes of air on your sweet spots, which delivers incredibly intense sensations without direct contact.

Why is it So Amazing?

1. Subtle, Yet Intense Stimulation

Pleasure wave technology is so amazing because the clitoris is the number one pleasure center on the body for vulva owners. The clit has approximately 8,000 nerve endings that are super-sensitive and designed specifically for pleasure. In fact, 70-80% of vulva owners require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

Here are some other reasons why clitoris owners and other people love air pleasure technology.

2. Feels Like Oral Pleasure

We already mentioned how air pulse toys don’t touch the clitoris, so they don’t overstimulate or numb the clitoris.

Many vulva owners report that air pleasure technology feels just like oral sex and suction for unbelievable sensations.

3. Stimulates Nipples Too!

Air pulse technology toys can be used by vulva owners and penis owners alike, and people of any gender or sexual orientation. This is because while they are awesome for stimulating clits, they also suck and pleasure nipples as well!

4. Orgasms in 3 Minutes or Less

Many vulva owners experience orgasm very quickly, in under 3 minutes. Some people say it takes less than one minute!

5. Multiple Orgasms

Because the clitoris doesn’t get over-sensitized, clit owners find they can go for a 2nd, 3rd, or multiple rounds of stimulation to achieve wave after wave of orgasm.

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