5 Erogenous Zones To Pay More Attention To

Every “body” has erogenous zones, that is, places on the body that when stimulated cause sexual arousal. Some are very obvious – mouth, breasts, chest, vaginal area, penis and balls – and some are less obvious. The wonderful and somewhat magical thing about erogenous zones is that when you hit on a new or neglected one, the results can be absolutely orgasmic! So, here are just 5 erogenous zones that you should be “zoning” in on.

You may not think of the head as an erogenous zone, but I assure you, it totally is! Have you ever just lazily rubbed your fingers through your man’s hair, tickling the nape of his neck? Do you recall the nice little happy moan he made when you did it? Or, have you had your woman put her head in your lap during a night of Netflixing and stroked her hair while she lay there? Yes! The head is very much an erogenous zone as well as an intimate zone! The harder you rub, the better the results. Massaging the head can be extremely relaxing, stress-relieving and definitely arousing!

The belly button is a very interesting little part of the body, isn’t it? The place where we were connected to our mothers in the womb, the belly button is a cute and pucker-ish little place that, when stimulated, can create some very arousing sensations. There are different approaches to belly button stimulation. You can tickle it with the very tips of the fingers, lick around and in it with your tongue, or even suck on it gently. Any way you decide to try, playing with the belly button is a fun and sexy way to hit this mid-body erogenous zone.

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If you really think about it, how often do we spend concentrating on the BACK of our lover’s body? Sure, you may give a little ass nibble, but what about the back of the thighs? The back of the knees? Or, yes, really, the Achilles heel? These spaces on the body are extremely sensitive and create a very nice reaction when tickled, touched or licked. Whether you are concentrating on the entire back of his / her legs from knee to ankle or simply kissing one part or the other it is imperative that you give it a shot.

Have you ever watched a movie and seen a man take a woman’s hand, turn it over and place a gentle kiss on her wrist? Do you know how incredibly erotic this feels? Not just a kiss placed there, but also a little sucking can feel absolutely divine! Women are not the only ones who can benefit from some inner wrist stimulations – men will enjoy this too. In fact, men may enjoy it more since their wrists and hands are often neglected. Plus, if the mood strikes you can move from the more subtle wrist licking to some serious finger sucking.

In my opinion, the small of the back is one of the most erotic spaces on the human body. That delicate curve right above the ass is a sensual space that just begs for attention. Yet, once again, this spot gets neglected because it is on the back of the body and we tend to concentrate on all the goodies on the FRONT of the body. Exploring the backside of your lover and, particularly, the small of the back can render some pretty magnificent results. Go on, give it a little lick.

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