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We're proud to be a woman-run company trusted since 2000. Our Adult Toy Experts have created complete guides on vibrators, dildos, fleshlights and more. What vibrator should I own? How do I use a dildo? What is a butt plug? How do I clean my vibrator? You asked, and our sex toy experts listened.

  • How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Bedroom

    How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Bedroom

    Plenty of sexually active people can tell you adult toys are a game-changer in solo play. They can fulfill fantasies, satisfy a kink, thrust deeper, and vibrate in ways we’d never achieve alone. It’s for these same reasons that knowing...

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  • How Long Do Sex Toys Last?

    How Long Do Sex Toys Last? How Often To Replace Your Vibrator?

    This is a question that pops into a lot of people’s minds when deciding what type of toy to purchase as well as how to know when a toy has “rendered its last O!” Much like everything, sex toys do have an expiration date – a bedroom life, as it were - and while some will last a lifetime, many will not.
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  • 8 Best Toys For a Squirting Orgasm

    8 Best Toys For a Squirting Orgasm

    The elusive squirting G-Spot orgasm is something that all women want to experience and try desperately to achieve. There are many toys designed to help with a G-Spot Orgasm and here are just the top 8.
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  • All About Pussy Pumps

    All About Pussy Pumps

    A vaginal (or pussy) pump is a suction device meant to cover all or most of the labial area (lips and clit entirely) and a clitoral pump is a smaller suction device that covers only the area around the clitoris. Both operate on the same principle: create suction, pump the little "mask" to increase the suction, the blood engorges the clit or vaginal area, creating a more sensitive area. Once you release the pressure, the vaginal lips and clitoris will stay engorged for a short time, and then slowly return to natural size.
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  • How to Use Kegel Balls

    How to Use Kegel Balls

    Have you heard of Kegel exercise? Are you looking for an easy way to get more control over incredible orgasms?  Have you heard of Kegel, Ben-Wa or Orgasm Balls? Read on for five different Kegel Balls, and how to use them for Kegel exercise!
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  • The Complete Guide to Sex Toy Materials

    The Complete Guide to Sex Toy Materials

    If you have ever shopped for a sex toy – and you most likely have – you notice many things about the description of the item. One very important bit of information is the type of material that toy is made of.
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  • Quick Guide to Cleaning Sex Toys

    Quick Guide to Cleaning Sex Toys

    Here is a quick, down-and-dirty guide to getting your sex toys clean. Proper cleaning of your toys will extend the life of your toys! You NEED to clean your toys, and here is how to clean them properly!
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  • Your Complete Guide To Sex Toys

    Your Complete Guide To Sex Toys

    If you are a newbie to adult products, this is a great place to start.  This article will give you the basics on sex toys, lubricants, materials and cleaning.  Before making your first purchase, it is important to know the basics.  This article will even cover some common sex toys FAQ's.
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  • Your Guide to Strap Ons

    Your Guide to Strap Ons

    Strap-on dildos can be used by women and men in a variety of ways to spice up sex! Read this guide to see how you can use a strap-on! 100% Discreet.
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  • The Best Toys For Couples

    The Best Toys For Couples

    If you're looking for a romantic gift to enjoy with your partner, then this is the list for you! We've selected our most romantic toys for two that are sure to delight! Now Mr. and Mrs. Claus aren't the only couple who find Christmas exciting!
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  • Advanced Sex Toy Play

    Advanced Sex Toy Play

    You may be asking yourself, “Well, if I know about toys already, why do I need to hear more about using them?” The answer is simple: we never stop learning! So, if you consider yourself to be a master toy user read on, you may just learn something new with my Advanced Sex Toy Play advice!
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  • Sex Toys For Threesomes

    Sex Toys For Threesomes

    As a woman who has had a few threesomes during her heyday, I can say that toys can be an integral and very fun part of any threesome experience.  So, let’s explore some fun and flirty ideas to bring merge toys and threesomes!
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  • Sex Toys For Your Health

    Sex Toys For Your Health

    Of course we all know that sexual enhancement items, specifically vibrators, are for intimate enjoyment, but how many of us know that sex toys are also an important part of female (and in some cases, male) health? Yes, it is true. Sex toys are not just for orgasms anymore – they can actually make us stronger and healthier. So, let me give you a few reasons why every woman needs to invest in her sexual health – and in sexual enhancement products.
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  • Beginner's Essentials: 8 Starter Toys & Tips

    If you've never tried toys, it can be overwhelming getting into them. There are so many options and different types of toys that offer unique pleasures waiting to be discovered. At TooTimid, we got you covered. Our staff member Chelsea has put together the perfect guide to getting started with sex toys, check it out!
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  • 6 Best Sex Toys for Women

    With so many adult toys on the market, what kind of toys do you think she wants? This video quickly explains the top 3 types of sex toys women desire the most. All of the products explained in the video are available on The links are below the video in order from when they appear in the video. Enjoy!
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  • Best Rechargeable Toys

    Why do we love rechargeable toys? Let me count the ways! We just adore rechargeables for their money-saving, travel-friendly, cordless vibrations! If you're looking for a new toy to take an adventure with, you should check out our 10 Best Rechargeable Toys
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  • 10 Toys Your Clit Needs

    Ladies, if you are seeking some strong, fast orgasms, you cannot forget your clit! With more nerve endings than the head of the penis, the clit is it’s own little orgasm generator, you just have to provide a little spark. Check out our list of Toys Your Clit Needs!
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  • How To Clean Sex Toys

    When you're dealing with germs in the office, the solution to staying healthy is pretty simple. Wash your hands, and wash them a lot. Then wash them an extra time after touching anything that may have been handled by the sneezing person in the next cubicle. But what about dealing with germs in your private life? How do you clean your sex toys to keep from sharing any germs with your partner… or even with yourself?
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  • Reasons You And Your Lover Need Sex Toys

    The question of “why should I have sex toys” comes up a LOT!  For some people they want validation that what they're doing is “normal."  For others it's an honest question, “if I have a partner, why a sex toy?”  Others want to know why their partner needs a toy if she has “the real thing.”  If any of these situations ring true for you then read on to see why I think EVERY person should have at least one sex toy!
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  • 10 Best Sex Toys for Couples | Sex Enhancers You'll Both Love

    Whether a new or seasoned couple, when intimacy starts to fade and nesting sets in, it can be difficult to find the right spark to set off the fireworks in the bedroom. From fingertip vibrations to extra thickness, from extra stimulation to restraints to keep them subdued, there are so many options of thrilling, erotic products to keep you and yours aroused and intimate. Check out our suggestions for 10 Best Sex Toys for Couples!
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  • 9 Non-Standard Toys You Should Try

    9 Non-Standard Toys You Should Try

    If you don’t really have an extensive understanding of exactly how many different types of sexual enhancement products there are, don’t worry, most people don’t! So, whether you are new to sex toys altogether and want to try something fun OR you are a sex toy pro but want something different, read on for the 9 non-standard items you must consider trying!
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  • Toys for the Timid

    Toys for the Timid

    Many people ARE timid when it comes to sex toys.  They want them, but they are intimidated by the selection or just the process of buying an item.  TooTimid has a fantastic selection of toys for the super Timid – meaning, toys that appeal to first timers and may not seem like a toy.  A way to ease yourself into sexual enhancement products.
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  • 10 Discreet Toys You Would Never Know Are Sex Toys

    10 Discreet Toys You Would Never Know Are Sex Toys

    Not everyone wants a toy chest full of 10” rabbit vibrators, realistic dildos, and large dongs! We have put together our top 10 choices for devilishly discreet toys you would never guess are sex toys! We dare you to leave them out in the open, and see if your friends realize what they are!
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  • 7 Glass Toys You Need

    7 Glass Toys You Need

    It is time to experience one of the sexiest, safest, and up-and-coming materials on the market. Glass! Glass is an excellent new material to wrap your hands and bodies around because it is non-porous, luxurious, and stimulating! We would love for you to experience a sensual glass toy, so read on to see 7 Glass Toys You Need!
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  • 6 Types Of Toys Every Woman NEEDS

    6 Types Of Toys Every Woman NEEDS

    There are so many sex toys available that it may be overwhelming for someone to choose where to start or what is a “must have” as opposed to a “could have” – so let me take some of the guess work out and tell you the “must haves.”
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  • 5 Best Products For Ladies With Allergies

    5 Best Products For Ladies With Allergies

    Do you have allergic reactions to certain materials? Do you have a latex allergy? Are you wanting the sexual pleasure of a superior toy or the sensations of a powerful vibrator? Searching for the best sex toy can be a tricky experience for women with extra sensitive skin. Here are our 5 Best Products For Ladies With Allergies!
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  • How To Stock Up For Great Sex

    How To Stock Up For Great Sex

    Whether you are married, single, dating or celebrating your “independence” – there are items that all sexually active people should have on hand – or at least should consider having.  Being ready for a sexual encounter is so important – and this means more than emotionally and physically – but technically “ready.”
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  • 5 Ways To Use Kegel Balls For Pleasure

    5 Ways To Use Kegel Balls For Pleasure

    While the overall purpose of Kegel balls is to improve vaginal muscle tone, they are often used to provide erotic enticements and can, in some women, render orgasms!  So if you are toying with the idea of using some Kegel balls for fun, read on and find just a few ways how.
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  • Latex Allergies

    Latex Allergies

    Nothing ruins a good orgasm like really horrible itching. Although most genital itching has a pretty obvious cause sometimes there's a stealthier culprit.  What if the very products you're using to keep you safe from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are the ones that are giving you the symptoms that are driving you crazy?  It could be that you have a latex allergy.
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  • 5 Household Items That Make Great Sex Toys

    5 Household Items That Make Great Sex Toys

    Before there were lovely stores for easy and embarrassment-free shopping to acquire sexual enhancement products, such as TooTimid, there was only your imagination. Many a woman or man has used different household products as sex toys. Everybody has certain items that can bring sexual pleasure to them, if they just look around with a creative eye! If you want some safe, tested, tried-and-true options, here is a short list.
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  • 6 Toys for Tech Lovers

    6 Toys for Tech Lovers

    It’s no surprise then that one of the most lucrative (and desirable) industries has coveted some incredible minds. Big names like Lelo and Jimmy Jane are front-runners in sexual experiences, and they are creating new and innovative technology to bring the best solo and couples sex to the world. From USB rechargeable, to waterproof and from high-grade materials to new impressive motors and designs, here are 6 Toys for Tech Lovers!
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  • Guide To Glass Toys

    Guide To Glass Toys

    Glass toys are a wonderful option for variety, people who may have allergies to latex, rubber or other popular materials, or even just to have a firm toy that doesn’t bend or break.  Here is all you need to know to help you decide if a glass toy is for you!
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  • 5 Sex Toys For Blended Orgasms

    5 Sex Toys For Blended Orgasms

    Blended orgasms are powerful climaxes that involve simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot. There are vibrators that are specifically designed to help you experience a thrilling blended orgasm. Here are 5 of them!
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