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5 Positions To Eat Her Out

Oral sex is not always done the same way. No sexual activity should EVER be done the same way every time. Sure, you may have your favorites; we all do, but try to change it up every so often. Your lover will love you for it! So, here are some tried-and-true and very new oral sex positions for HER! See More Sex Positions Here

Sex Toys

5 Toys That Feel Like A Tongue

The feeling of a tongue running up and down your clit is so stimulating that sometimes it is the only way a woman can experience an orgasm. Stimulation of the clit is absolutely essential when you want to bring a woman to orgasm. After all, what other reason could we have a clitoris for? See More Sex Toys Here

How-To Guides

9 Ways For Her To Cum Faster

One hard fact of sex is that not all women can orgasm, well, quickly. For many women achieving climax can be quite the lengthy ordeal and some men even get a bit frustrated trying to get her there! For other women, the first one may come quickly but subsequent ones could take what seems like forever! See More How-To Guides Here

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5 Ways To Play With Her Nipples

The nipples. The crown jewel of the breasts! Not only are they sexy to look at, they have purpose when it comes to sexual arousal. When a woman is sexually aroused her nipples become erect and, usually, very sensitive. Nipple stimulation can lead to a variety of very nice reactions – including ORGASM! So, if you are neglecting this very important part of your lover then you need to read on and discover 5 way to play with her nipples. Read More

How To Surprise Him Sexually

Don’t we all love surprises? Sure we do, and what is better than a sexual surprise? Men love surprises and they especially love it when their partners think of sexy surprises to give them. There is something UBER hot about a girlfriend who knows how to tickle her lover’s fancy with a super sexy surprise. Need some ideas?Read More

6 Positions Any Couple Can and Should Do

In the midst of all the information regarding amazing positions that couples should do there is rarely any mention of positions that ANY couple can do. Meaning – older, younger, shorter, taller, a little extra, a little less, flexible, not-so-flexible – you know, bodily variations and differing abilities. Read More

How To Use A Suction Cup Dildo For The First Time

Many people overlook the suction cup dildo because they do not know how they can use it or because they believe it is only for certain types of play (like in the shower). Suction cup dildos are extremely versatile toys and can be used in many different places, alone or with a partner, and even with harnesses. If you are new to the world of suction cup dildos, let this be your introduction to how to play with your new sticky stud for the very, first time. Read More

5 Ways To Tell Her You Are In The Mood

It seems to be a regular occurrence in established relationships where sex no longer just “happens” but instead we wait for cues from our partner that they want sex. While sometimes those cues can be somewhat obvious, others may not be obvious enough. Sometimes men have a harder time telling their partner that they are in the mood for fear of being shot down. Read More

How To Admit A Fantasy To Your Partner

Fantasies, we all have them. Sometimes our fantasies are, well, outside of what society would consider standard. Sometimes we may have a fantasy that borders on unusual and we are afraid to share it with our partner because they may judge us, find us odd, break-up with us, or even become afraid of us! Now you are probably wondering what types of fantasies could evoke such a powerful reaction, right? Read More

5 Ways To Enhance Masturbation

Masturbation is such a pleasurable experience that nearly 90% of adults do on a fairly regular basis (yes, even the married ones!) Masturbation is a great way to experiment with pleasure and to find things that will make your body sing! So, what could possibly make masturbation BETTER? Wanna know?Read More

5 Moments You Should Drop What You Are Doing To Have Sex

Spontaneous sex is absolutely AMAZING because it is when you are so consumed and hot for the other person that you JUST HAVE TO DO IT NOW! Some people struggle with the idea of just stopping whatever they are doing to get it on, but I am telling you, there are some times when you just have to! Read More

Sensation Play With Oral For Her

Sensation play involves adding in different sensations (heat, cold, tickling) to your sex play – whether with new or established partners – and sensation play is a great addition to oral sex! Let’s face it, one of the highlights of sex for both men and women is oral sex! Women, especially, love oral sex performed on them because for many women it is the only chance they get at ORGASM! So imagine how thrilled your woman will be if you add some new sensations to the mix! Read More

How To Use Sex Toys If You Are A Virgin

It may seem impossible that a virgin would have any interest in a sex toy, when realistically, sex toys are absolutely fantastic for virgins. I know, I know…why would a virgin NEED a sex toy? If she (or he) has never had sex before, why do they need supplemental toys? You do realize that most people masturbate BEFORE they ever have sex, right? So, if you are now curious – virgin or not – you must keep on reading!Read More

Why You Should Buy Sex Toys Online

We live in the age of digital EVERYTHING! We have an online store for every possible thing. We can order from Amazon.com, Zappos.com, any clothing store, pet store, grocery store, or pharmacy and get our purchases in a days or even a few hours! We can quite literally buy ANYTHING online – even a groom or bride – so why should we not buy our sexual enhancement products there too? We totally should! Read More

Why Masturbation Is GOOD For You!

Masturbation, self-pleasure, busting a nut, stroking one off, rubbing the bean, playing with yourself, self-love – whatever you call it, most of us (statistically, 78%) masturbate. Why do we do it? Well, it feels good, duh! That seems to be a no brainer. We masturbate because it feels good to do it, and having an orgasm (or orgasms) feels even better! So, besides the obvious pleasure factor, are there other reasons why you should masturbate? Would it surprise you to find out that masturbation is actually GOOD for you? Yup. Totally is. Read More