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5 Positions To Eat Her Out

Oral sex is not always done the same way. No sexual activity should EVER be done the same way every time. Sure, you may have your favorites; we all do, but try to change it up every so often. Your lover will love you for it! So, here are some tried-and-true and very new oral sex positions for HER! See More Sex Positions Here

Sex Toys

5 Toys That Feel Like A Tongue

The feeling of a tongue running up and down your clit is so stimulating that sometimes it is the only way a woman can experience an orgasm. Stimulation of the clit is absolutely essential when you want to bring a woman to orgasm. After all, what other reason could we have a clitoris for? See More Sex Toys Here

How-To Guides

9 Ways For Her To Cum Faster

One hard fact of sex is that not all women can orgasm, well, quickly. For many women achieving climax can be quite the lengthy ordeal and some men even get a bit frustrated trying to get her there! For other women, the first one may come quickly but subsequent ones could take what seems like forever! See More How-To Guides Here

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10 Toys He Wants Under The Tree

Do you think that men do not want erotic gifts for Christmas? Do you assume all they want is football tickets? Well, while they would love those NFL tickets, the truth is they are expensive, and a few sex toys will save you a lot of money! Plus, this will let him know that you are thinking of taking him on the floor right under the glowing lights of the Christmas tree. Read More

10 Toys She Wants Under The Tree

Yes, it is true, women love to get sexy presents for Christmas. This shows her just how sexy she is to you and how much he is looking forward to playing with you in the bedroom! So, if you need an idea of what she may like under the tree look no further! Read More

How To Prioritize Sex

The fact is, a couple needs to prioritize sex because sex is more than just orgasms it is intimacy. A very important part of intimacy. When a couple lets sex go they become disconnected and, sometimes, grow resentful. So, how do you prioritize sex when you honestly feel you can’t find the time? Read More

On Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

While you often see these two terms side by side (and usually in a sexual context), only voyeurism has definitive sexual connotation. Exhibitionism means to purposefully draw attention to oneself in a general sense. However, when we apply this in a sexual light, it means to display one’s self in a sexual manner on purpose... Read More

How To Get Out Of A Sexual Rut

If you are in a relationship for any extended amount of time this is sure to happen to you – when you get into a sexual rut. It is not always intentional, but can be detrimental to the relationship. Keeping sex fun and fresh is important to a relationship. So, if you find yourself scheduling sex for every Friday night, if you never have sex anywhere but the bedroom, or if missionary or doggie are the only positions you use – then you may be in a sexual rut! Read More

Foreplay Tips for Bondage Sex

You may be reading the title of this article and think, “Uh, exactly how is foreplay for bondage any different than any other kind of foreplay?” Foreplay, being the activities, you engage in before intercourse, right? Well, let me be the first to tell you that foreplay before sex involving bondage is different in some very important ways! In fact, bondage sex foreplay is on a whole, other level and it is part of what makes bondage sex so incredibly hot and so appealing to couples! Read More

7 Sex Surprises No Woman Wants

In life some surprises are great! A surprise birthday party, a proposal by a long-time love or even winning the lottery. Surprises can be a very welcome addition to our lives. Sometimes, however, surprises are not so awesome and can even be unwanted. During sex we can experience both the good and bad kinds of surprises. So, what happens when the surprise is not so good? Read More

What Your Partner Wants During Foreplay

Foreplay is a very fluid idea for many couples. Some guys think foreplay consists of, “Hey babe, wanna go fuck?” or even just a slap on the ass. Some women, contrarily, think foreplay must last for 4 hours and include every sexual activity under the sun! So, what do our partners really want during foreplay? Are men and women the same when it comes to this?Read More

How To Try Bondage For The First Time

Truthfully, bondage is not just one thing, but instead is more of a concept. Bondage is, by simplest definition, the physical restraining or restriction of someone. So, as you can imagine, this can take on many different forms. Many couples are intrigued by the idea of bondage – specifically, sexual bondage – but they really have no idea how or where to begin. Read More

5 Common Ways To Use Suction Cup Toys

Sex toys with suction cup bases are incredibly versatile and can be a lot of fun for individuals and couples. Most commonly, suction cup toys are dildos, vibrating dildos, or anal toys, and the suction cup feature offers a wide variety of fun and flirty benefits. What can YOU do with a suction cup toy? Read More

5 Facts About Oral Sex

Oral sex - the act of stimulating your partner's genitals with your mouth and tongue (and usually, hands too). Oral sex is used during foreplay but also, sometimes, as the main event. For many people, performing or receiving oral sex can be more intimate than actual intercourse. While it is not as intimate as to being able to gaze into your lover's eyes during the act, it definitely IS more intimate in that you are up close and personal with their most sacred sexual body parts. Read More

How To Give A Better Blowjob

If you read that and thought, “Ugh, blowjobs AGAIN,” then you do not have the right attitude ladies! Blowjobs are such an amazingly intimate experience for both you and him. It is a time to sink into his manly essence, showcase your erotic talents, make him moan and writhe underneath the talents of your tongue! Yes indeed, giving your man a blowjob is a wonderful way to keep your relationship fun, flirty and full of pleasure. Read More



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