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5 Positions To Eat Her Out

Oral sex is not always done the same way. No sexual activity should EVER be done the same way every time. Sure, you may have your favorites; we all do, but try to change it up every so often. Your lover will love you for it! So, here are some tried-and-true and very new oral sex positions for HER! See More Sex Positions Here

Sex Toys

5 Toys That Feel Like A Tongue

The feeling of a tongue running up and down your clit is so stimulating that sometimes it is the only way a woman can experience an orgasm. Stimulation of the clit is absolutely essential when you want to bring a woman to orgasm. After all, what other reason could we have a clitoris for? See More Sex Toys Here

How-To Guides

9 Ways For Her To Cum Faster

One hard fact of sex is that not all women can orgasm, well, quickly. For many women achieving climax can be quite the lengthy ordeal and some men even get a bit frustrated trying to get her there! For other women, the first one may come quickly but subsequent ones could take what seems like forever! See More How-To Guides Here

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7 Signs You May Be Bad At A Blowjob

Most women really want to be good in bed and that includes being good at oral sex. There is a myth that “any blow job is a good blow job” because there truly are bad blowjobs. However, how do you KNOW that you are bad at a blowjob? Well, here are 7 clues that you just may need a bit more practice. Read More

5 Blowjob Tips From Sex Professionals

When you want expert advice on any subject from cooking to sex, where do you turn? A professional of course! In the land of sex, who constitutes a “professional?” In some ways I would count myself as one, as I have dedicated many years of my life to learning about pleasure and trying to perfect the art of oral sex! However, there are other “professionals” out there such as porn stars, sexual therapists, or even sex educators like myself! Read More

5 Erotic Massage Techniques For Her Pussy

Did you read the title of this article and think that "erotic massage" was synonymous with "fingering?" You would be completely wrong if you thought this! Erotic massage is just as the name implies - a massage that is of the erotic - personal and sensual - nature. Is this massage supposed to elicit orgasm? Yes, sure, but even if it doesn't it is designed to feel amazing. Read More

7 Places In Your Home You NEED To Have Sex In

If you think that sex is only for the bedroom then you are so, so missing out on some sexy and fun opportunities! There are so many places in (and outside) of your home where you can have some unique sexual encounters. So, the next time you are thinking of sexy time why not take it OUT of the bedroom and try something new in one of these other places in your home!Read More

Kinky Sex Tips For Beginners

Sexually speaking, “kink” or “kinky” refers to sexual activities or desires which are outside of the “normal” or “standard” realm. So, in a way, something UNEXPECTED or not “supposed” to be happening. Kinky is a subjective term but in order to be considered “kinky” it has to at least have a mild addition of something out of the standard sex. So, if you have decided to kink-up your sexy time, how do you go about it? Read More

Spontaneously Sexy

Do you remember when you were first dating your lover and you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other? You were making out in grocery stores, having sex in the bar bathroom or in the car - you were getting busy whenever the mood struck you. In other words: you were spontaneous! Spontaneous sex is some of the best sex because it is sex that is lust driven. You WANT each other and you just HAVE to have each other. How incredibly sexy is that? Read More

How To Show Him You Love Him In Bed

Sex is the most intimate thing that a couple can share and once love is involved, sex takes on a whole, new form that usually makes the sex hotter, more passionate, and, ultimately, more satisfying. Sure, having sex with someone who you don’t love, but like, can be fulfilling too. However, when a couple is in love and they share sex it becomes a bonding experience as well as I way to say “I Love You” without any words at all. Read More

3 Tricks For Better Sex

Doesn’t everyone want to have great sex? You know what I mean, super, duper ROCKING sex! Sex that makes you want to have a cigarette after even if you don’t smoke! Sex that makes you go, “WOW, that was amazing!” Sex that goes on your list of “10 best sexual experiences of my life!” Yes, I think it is obvious; we all want to have better sex! So, what are 3 top tricks you can employ to have better sex?Read More

The Female Orgasm Explained

An orgasmic experience is different for every person – and – can be different from experience to experience. However, the main components of the event are the same. So, now that you know what it is, let’s take a look at the steps of orgasm. For women, more than men, an orgasm is a whole body experience and oftentimes requires more of a brain-body connection for a woman, than a man.Read More

Keeping It HOT When You Are Away!

Today’s relationships are not always centrally located! We seem to have more “long-distance” relationships than ever (thank you internet dating). Plus, so many more people have to travel for work. This means more time away from that special someone who shares your heart and your bed. So, if you need some ideas on how to turn up the heat while you aren’t there, then read on!Read More

The Basics of Female Masturbation

It may seem sort of obvious to some of you on how to self-pleasure, and this is most likely because you have been doing it so long that it is second nature to you. However, what if you are new to the idea? Or, what if you have only tried one of the many ways to masturbate? Sometimes it is good to get back to the basics on things – even masturbation! Read More

The Importance of Sex

Over the years I have had many people (mostly women) ask me, “why is sex so damn important to him?” My answer is always the same, “why is it not important to YOU?” Sex should be important to both people in an adult relationship. Sex is not just an “act” or activity that two people do. No, sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Sex conveys and allows intimacy – which is instrumental in a relationship. Read More