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5 Positions To Eat Her Out

Oral sex is not always done the same way. No sexual activity should EVER be done the same way every time. Sure, you may have your favorites; we all do, but try to change it up every so often. Your lover will love you for it! So, here are some tried-and-true and very new oral sex positions for HER! See More Sex Positions Here

Sex Toys

5 Toys That Feel Like A Tongue

The feeling of a tongue running up and down your clit is so stimulating that sometimes it is the only way a woman can experience an orgasm. Stimulation of the clit is absolutely essential when you want to bring a woman to orgasm. After all, what other reason could we have a clitoris for? See More Sex Toys Here

How-To Guides

9 Ways For Her To Cum Faster

One hard fact of sex is that not all women can orgasm, well, quickly. For many women achieving climax can be quite the lengthy ordeal and some men even get a bit frustrated trying to get her there! For other women, the first one may come quickly but subsequent ones could take what seems like forever! See More How-To Guides Here

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7 Spots To Kiss And Touch To Drive Her Crazy

Have you ever seen the Friends episode where the girls make a diagram of their erogenous zones and then show the guys what order to kiss / touch them? The guys are not even aware that some of these are erogenous spots but the women all agree! This is because there are so many more places you can touch her to drive her nuts besides the big three (breasts, vagina, butt). Read More

5 Things Men Say and Do In The Bedroom That Make Women Cringe

Oh guys, you know that sometimes you put your foot in your mouth, right? Or, let’s admit it sometimes women take offense to things that their man says even if it is not meant to be upsetting. The truth is, men can definitely make their woman cringe in the bedroom with some of the things they do, or say. Read More

7 Oral Sex Tips Every Guy Should Know

Going down. Oral loving. Eating pussy. Sucking snatch. No matter what you call it, you SHOULD be doing it. Oral sex is a healthy and natural part of a healthy sex life. Especially when it comes to women because an overwhelming majority of women will only climax during oral sex or manual (finger) stimulation. Read More

7 BJ Tips Every Woman Should Know

Giving head. Going down. Oral loving. Blowjob. No matter what you call it, you SHOULD be doing it. Oral sex is a healthy and natural part of a healthy sex life. While you may think that just putting your lips around his penis is the golden ticket, the truth is a good blowjob takes some practice... Read More

5 Things Women Say and Do In The Bedroom That Make Men Cringe

There is a common misconception that men are always up for sex no matter what their partner does or says. The truth is, women can definitely make their man cringe in the bedroom with some of the things they do, or say. Some things women may not even realize they are doing. Read More

5 Ways To Get Her Into A Sexy Mood

We have all had that experience when we want sex but our partner doesn’t. It can be really frustrating when your partner is on a different sex schedule than you are, or, when they seemingly are never in the mood. While this can happen in reverse (the woman is interested, the man isn’t) it more prevalently happens that the woman is the one not in the mood. Read More

5 Things He Can Do Better In Bed

Hopefully, we all want to be the best lovers we can be. Men, being the competitive gender that they are, definitely want to be the best lover she has ever had! Sometimes, however, we can all get sort of stuck in the rut of doing things the same with each lover, or we stick to the moves we think work. Read More

5 Things She Can Do To Be Better In Bed

The goal should be to grow as sexual partners, to increase our personal knowledge of each other, and to learn all the ins and outs of what makes our partner have the most pleasure. While, obviously, this is personal and specific to each couples, there are certain things that she can do in general to be better in bed. Read More

10 Things You Do That Make Him Horny!

Contrary to what you may believe, men do not get horny at the drop of a hat. They actually do respond to a variety of different stimuli, and some things that you do really get his engines running and it may be a lot easier than you think. Read More

10 Things You Do That Make Her Horny!

Do you know how many little things you do that make your woman horny? Bet you didn't know that taking out the trash could make her want to sleep with you? Or that compliments really are a man's best friend! Read More

Real-Feel Sex Toys For Women!

Masturbation is a wonderful solo experience that allows us to have our sexual release without a partner. While masturbation feels good, it sometimes doesn’t feel as good as with a partner. Therefore, it stands to reason that all of us avid masturbators are always trying to find items that replicate a real partner. Read More

How To Pick The Perfect Vibrator

When we are looking for a sexual partner we often have a list of “desires” or criteria that would make this person a good match for us. We may think about their personality, their appearance, how intelligent or funny they are and even how they make us feel as a woman. Well, why don’t we have the same criteria for picking out our buzzing buddies? Read More