Have Better Oral Sex

Think oral sex can’t get any better? Think again. With these oral sex enhancers from TooTimid, oral sex goes from oh-so-good to unbelievably hot.

You’ll love that this deliciously sexy activity feels even better and is even more fun with the help of a few simple products. Whether you want to arouse your partner in new ways or go down on your lover for longer, you’ll find a handy little helper in this lineup of sex toys and enhancement products.

If you’re looking to amplify the sensations during oral sex, a clitoral arousal gel or cream is sure to make you hot with desire. These intimate lubricants can send any woman over the edge towards a mind-blowing orgasm. The tingling, warming sensations can truly make oral action feel better than ever imagined. For those who want to go down on their man, a desensitizing spray can help to suppress the gag reflex so you can take all of him in for an utterly erotic experience. Edible oils and flavored lubes offer additional options for making his member more appetizing and arousing. Having a delicious flavor you can enjoy while coaxing your lover to climax is surely the best of both worlds. Learn how to deepthroatand give your man the best oral he has ever received!

While vibrators, dildos and personal massagers make for great sex toys, don’t forget to try out these oral sex products as well. Oral can be just as stimulating, arousing and erotic as penetrative sex, especially when you have the right oral sex enhancers on hand. Turn your partner on in new ways and make them burn with desire for you by choosing from this collection. You’ll receive a one-year guarantee with your purchase plus 100 percent discreet shipping and billing. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our products, our customer service team will be happy to help you out via phone, email or chat.

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