5 Sex Positions Women Love

Everyone has those sex positions that they prefer over others. Oftentimes, a woman will have completely different favorite sex positions than her partner. We humans tend to gravitate toward positions that feel good – obviously - and women tend to prefer intimate positions over the more base and raw positions. It all sort of depends on her mood at the moment, and as everyone knows, a woman can cycle through moods very quickly! However, there are the more popularly preferred female positions and these are just 5 of them.

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I know it may seem all ho-hum to many of you, but missionary position (either woman on top or man on top) is a favorite among the fairer gender because it is a very intimate position. You can lock eyes, kiss and be very close to one another. You can gaze into the eyes and look at the face of the person who you are making love to. Furthermore, from a stimulation standpoint, missionary position will offer a fair amount of clitoral rubbing and shallow penetration that will be very pleasing for her and increases the possibility of orgasm. This is why the missionary position is a top of the list favorite.

Woman on top positions put the woman in control of the pace, depth and angle of the action and this is a very empowering and gratifying thing! The standard woman on top – Cowgirl position – allows her to really control her man, riding him to her own pleasure! If she wants to go fast – she can; if she wants to gyrate in circles – she can; if she wants to adjust the angle for greater stimulation – she can! Women are crazy for the cowgirl because they are the ones pleasuring themselves while he gets to admire her in all her wanton sexiness!

There is a misconception that women do not like the doggy style position because they feel it is not intimate or that it is a “rude” position. The truth is, many women find doggy to be a favorite position because of the deep penetration that it can offer! Not only this, but the position allows the female to stimulate her own clitoris during penetration, which could seriously increase the chances of orgasm. Also, many women actually like the fairly animalistic and lustful nature of this position and the excitement that their partner has while doing it. Don’t dismiss the doggy!

This is a personal favorite of mine and many of my female buds. When I can feel sexy and empowered as well as erotic that is the beginning of a win-win situation for me. The sit and spin is a remarkable position for all things sexy. Have your man take a seat on a standard kitchen chair (or any armless chair), and you mount him (facing toward or away, it is your preference) and then take complete control of the situation. He will love that he can feel you, look at you, and overall enjoy you and YOU will love that your pleasure is in your own control. Ride him fast, ride him slow, ride him up and down or gyrate until you orgasm! All I know is, if this is not one of your top 5 positions you must have never tried it! This is also a really great sex position for the couch!

Nothing is quite as sexy and romantic is having your man cuddle up behind you on a lazy, weekend morning. He slides his arms around your waist, his bristle tickles the back of your neck. You feel that erection poking you buttocks so you slowly twist and adjust so that he can enter you while still spooning behind you. You rock together in slow, methodical, erotic harmony. This is an amazing and intimate position that really screams passion and closeness. Women love it because it not only feels physically good, but also is emotionally attaching.

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