Why Sex Is Always On His Mind

Have you ever heard the expression, “Men always have sex on the brain"? Well, there is a reason that this is a cliché – statistically, they do! Recently an article on the subject in Psychology Today by Dr. Terri Fisher revealed that “While men do not actually think about sex every 7 seconds, as previously reported, but that they do think about sex at least 50% more of the time than women do.” Ok, so that is a relief, because at every 7 seconds it would be 8,000 times a day! How could they work? A study published in the Journal of Sex Research found similar results, “On average most men think about sex 19 times a day, while women think about it 10 times a day.” These numbers are conditional upon many factors, including how comfortable one is with their sexuality. So, let’s evaluate this, why do women think that men always think about sex AND why are his numbers double hers?

Ladies assume that men have sex on their minds all the time because on average men talk about, hint about, and voice their desires to have sex more than women do. While there are definitely exceptions to the rule (Me! Me! Me!) most women do not verbalize their sexual thoughts to their partners, so it seems like men are always thinking about sex. Keeping in mind that thinking about sex nearly double what a woman does may SEEM like “all the time”- statistically, it isn’t, but it is more than her.

It seem like this because he gets a hard on even when he is sleeping! According to SexHealthMatters.org, the average, healthy man will get an average of 11 erections per day and several more during the course of the night. Interestingly, this doesn’t mean that he is actually AROUSED all of those times. Differing stimuli can make the penis erect, so this doesn’t even mean he is thinking about sex when he gets one! Women, however, not knowing this assume “he is thinking about sex again!”

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Doesn’t he ever want to take a break? Listen ladies, if your man is attracted to you, thank your lucky stars! When a man is hot for you, he wants to have sex with you. This is a good thing. Plus, statistically, men are more often the ones who initiate sex, so if you think he is always asking for it, it may be because you aren’t! Men want to have sex, so they will ask, suggest, or just start to fondle you. It may not be that they are ALWAYS asking for it, it just may seem that way.

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Scientifically speaking, the reason men think about sex so much more is that they have “the desire to procreate.” Men have an instinctual desire to have children and, therefore, they want to have more sex. I could also say that most often women are the more timid sex, and they let the man initiate sex, so they really have no need to be thinking about it all the time. Women, also, are charged with more household activities, such as child duties, household duties, and careers – so, in short, they may be exhausted and their sex life may suffer. However, men tend to want sex even when they are quite tired. So, these are just the general statements about why men think about sex so much. They seem to hold true more often than not. If his sex drive is ever too much for you, you can always look into buying him a toy.

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