5 Moments You Should Drop What You Are Doing To Have Sex

In your love life do you have more spontaneous sex or planned sex? I think most people would answer “planned” sex, even if that just means that it is Friday night and you are pretty sure you are gonna get laid so you shave your legs and armpits. Spontaneous sex isn’t something that most couples keep in a relationship after the initial first months, if they ever really had it to begin with. Spontaneous sex is absolutely AMAZING because it is when you are so consumed and hot for the other person that you JUST HAVE TO DO IT NOW! Some people struggle with the idea of just stopping whatever they are doing to get it on, but I am telling you, there are some times when you just have to! Here are just 5 of them.

If you have children then you realize that sex becomes a “behind closed doors, don’t make too much noise, after 10 pm on a Tuesday” type affair. At least for most people. So, when you have that opportunity when the kids are actually out of the house for whatever reason – like a trip to Grandma’s – you take FULL advantage of this! No, you do not do the laundry, go to the grocerystore, or mow the lawn – you have SEX! Loud, no-one-is-home, screaming, dirty sex! You do it in the kitchen, in the shower, the couch – you do it wherever you want because for the time being you are KID FREE! Enjoy!

Perhaps you are standing at the sink, doing some dishes and your man comes up behind you, sliding his hands around your waist, kissing the back of your neck, moving his hands up to cup your breasts and whispers, “Hi baby…” in your ear. Girl, those dishes can WAIT! You take full advantage of his lust for you and you go have sex! Yes, we need to never take those occasions where our partner is hot for us for granted because things in a relationship sometimes cool down, so those hot, spontaneous time we need to put sex and pleasure first!

How To Make More Time For Sex

Keep in mind if you are having a real fight about real issues, it is never good to deter it by having sex. However, if you both realize that you are fighting over something insignificant, like who ate the last cookie, they you should stop what you are doing and have some sex! Sex is a great way to reconnect when you are feeling disconnected from your partner and it is also a great way to say ‘I am sorry I was a douchenozzle’ without saying a word. Sex is not a Band-Aid for real issues, but it can definitely be a way to forget something that is not important and concentrate on what is – the love you have for your partner.

There are also special masturbation lubes that can provide either a warming or cooling sensation, aid in clitoral or penile arousal, or even just provide desensitization to make the even last a little longer. Any way you squeeze it, lube is a great way to enhance masturbation.

Some relationships require one person to be away for a period of time. Whether it be armed service deployment, traveling for business, or even traveling to visit family or friends, time apart is always hard on a couple. So, when your traveling partner comes home you drop EVERYTHING to have sex! They deserve a welcome home celebration that includes sex. So, when you know that your partner is returning after a long trip, you make it special, send the kids for a sleepover, light some candles, and give him / her a welcome home that will make them never want to leave again!

OK, so while this last one is a little clinical and less romantic than some of the others, the fact is, if you are trying to have a baby and you know it is prime “baby making time” you should drop everything and get your baby making ON. In fact, couples who are having difficulty conceiving should be doing it all the time to increase the chances (unless your doctor has advised otherwise.) Since having sex can make a baby, it stands to reason that if you are trying to do that, you drop what you are doing and have sex! Not to mention, after that baby comes, it will be harder to have that sex – see the first point!

When Do You Drop Everything For Some Spontaneous Sex?
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