What to Do If You Think You've Got ED - Erectile Dysfunction


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Ok Guys, if you are reading this article then you may think there is something going awry with your little guy. First and foremost – DO NOT PANIC! I know it is hard to remain calm when your best buddy is not cooperating with you, but trust me panic is the LAST thing you need to do because it can actually make the situation down there worse! I will also tell you that ED (Erectile Dysfunction) has happened to almost every guy at least once in his lifetime. Many times it is a temporary situation and can be remedied easily or with minor changes.

However, there are times when ED can become a frequent or permanent situation. There are lots of options to help you to continue to have a satisfying sex life! If you have any questions whatsoever regarding this topic I would HIGHLY recommend you see your doctor. Trust me guys, they have seen and heard it ALL! This article is not meant to be a “tell all” regarding ED, but more of a general “what to look for” and “what to try” sort of guide. Read on to see what to do if you think you may have E.D.

A common misconception is that E.D. is one thing, but there is more than one “type” of ED:

* Intermittent ED, when you can get an erection and the erection varies in hardness or goes completely soft during a sexual session – or – when you can sometimes have no issues at all and other times you can’t get an erection at all. Then there is

* Performance ED, which usually happens when you are nervous about a new partner or when you are afraid that a bout of ED is going to rear its ugly head again.

*Frequent ED is when you can’t get or maintain an erection more often than not. When you have a hard time getting erect during masturbation or when extremely aroused.

*Permanent ED is when, due to illness, injury, chemical castration or other factors you can no longer achieve an erection at all.

OK, so sex and rock-n-roll can mix very well together, but drugs not so much - particularly anything that lowers blood pressure (example: marijuana). Sometimes when you are having bouts of intermittent or frequent ED it can be traced back to a drug (illegal or prescription) or alcohol consumption. If you have never had issues before and are suddenly finding it difficult to get or keep an erection then you may want to stop drinking or doing the drugs and see if your erectile abilities resume. If it is a prescription drug, like something for ADHD, depression or blood pressure – speak to your doctor. Do NOT take yourself off any prescription meds without doctor approval.

As mentioned above, sometimes a new partner just makes you so nervous that the unthinkable happens – HE WON’T COOPERATE!! When this happens your first reaction is to run and hide, never to let your penis out to play again! Stop! Do not panic. This is normal. Yes, I said it – NORMAL! Every dude has had a night or two when they are just overwhelmed with emotions or arousal that the most important deed can’t be done. So, what do you do? Pleasure her in any other way you can! Go to town with oral, fingers, toys. Don’t let her see that things aren’t working. By the time you finish getting her off your little guy may just be back off the bench!

OK, so let’s get serious now. If you are noticing that your penis will not get or keep an erection more often than not - OR - if you notice that you can’t keep an erection while masturbating, then there may be a more serious issue. When a man is alone and masturbating there is no pressure to please a partner, so optimally there should be no issues. If your penis is failing frequently it is time to go to the doctor, preferably an urologist. An urologist can check things such as hormone level and blood flow.

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Men have testosterone in their systems in a higher amount than women, and if this level is low, it can cause ED. Similarly, if your blood pressure is low then the pressure surging through your penis during erection is also low, and this can cause erectile issues. Or, in some rare cases, there is a break in the blood vessel that carries the blood into and back out of the penis. If this track is compromised, then the erection will not happen or will not be as solid as you would need for penetration.

In any of the above situations the first step is to go see a medical professional. Oftentimes a simple blood test or ultrasound of the penis can diagnose this issue. Medications such as Cialis® or Viagra® can assist with these problems and help you to achieve stronger and longer-lasting erections. However, not every medicine works for every issue. So, make sure to be honest with your doctor and always tell him / her about any substances (drugs) or medications you may be using.

The penis is not a stupid organ. It knows when you are tired, stressed, unhappy or, in some cases, deceitful. What does this mean? Well, if you are cheating you may have ED with your wife! If you are overly tired or stressed at work, he may not want to cooperate. Or, in some cases, if you are having doubts about your sexual orientation, he just won’t work for you. While it can be easy enough to get some rest or to try and leave work at the office, the other issues are more complex. It is a myth that a cheating man wants more sex with his wife. Many times the guilt of the affair causes his penis to go on strike! Or, if you have been hiding your true sexual orientation, your erection can portray your true feelings by not performing for your current partner.

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If you are having issues that are not related to a physical problem, then you will want to work through what may be affecting you psychologically. Even something like depression can wreak havoc on your penile abilities. Sexual psychologists and psychiatrists can work wonders at getting your big head in shape so that your little head can go back to having fun.

In rare cases ED can be permanent (or mostly so). In this case you may be thinking that your sex life is literally over. No, it is not. First and foremost, even men with severe ED can feel and get pleasure from sexual touch. In some cases, prostate massage becomes the mode of sexual fulfillment. Kissing, massaging, touching can all be satisfying to you if your partner is patient and loving. As for what you can do for your partner - NEVER FEAR - there is a lot you can do to bring her pleasure! You can use your fingers, mouth, tongue, toys and, if you chose, a hollow penis extension. Items like this allow you to put your flaccid or semi-hard penis into them and still be able to explore penetration with your partner. These items help ED sufferers feel like they are still giving their partner what she desires.

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The most important thing to remember is that ED can often be diagnosed, treated, cured or managed. Even the most severe cases have solutions. The key is to make sure you are exploring the reasons why ED is happening and talk to the appropriate medical professional to find help. Also, TELL YOUR PARTNER! Especially if you are in a long term relationship. Withholding or avoiding sex to avoid the problem only causes confusing feelings and self-doubt for your partner. Do not allow that to happen as more problems can fester from that as well.

So, do you feel less panicked now? I hope so. I know this is a scary thing to go through, even if it only happened once. However, you are NOT alone. Statistically, between 15 to 30 million men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. That is A LOT of men and a lot of panic! So, take the first step and try to figure out if there is anything in your diet or lifestyle causing the issue. If not, go see a doctor. Acknowledging the issue is the first thing to do and then the next step is the road to a solution!


  • Benson Okagbare

    I am suffering from ED. I am 80 years old. I still have a young wife. I want you to recommend to me good hollow strap-dildos indicating where I can buy them.

  • David Hehl

    I have Ed a d my girlfriend thinks I am not into her but I really do cause we have a great set life

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