10 Things She Doesn't Want During Oral Sex

Women love receiving oral sex. We LOVE it. For many women it may be the only chance they have at an orgasm. For many others, it is the main way they get aroused. Plus, it truly feels amazing and is a very intimate experience. However, there are some things that we women simply do not like when you are eating us out. Furthermore, there are some things we definitely do not want while you are between our legs. Here are 10 things to avoid when you are orally pleasing your woman. She doesn't want you to . . .

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1. RUSH!
Slow down man, what's the rush? Take your time and explore her nether area. Let your lips pass slowly over her labia, kiss her inner thighs, admire the glistening wetness and observe the slow gyrations of her hips as she becomes aroused. Let her feel your hot breath on her before you ever actually take a lick - and when you do, go slow. Take. Your. Sweet. Time.

Yes, we women love to be fingered while receiving oral. Yes, we love that slow dip of your fingers inside of us while you are working us up with your tongue. What we hate, though, is when you start with the fingers without getting us properly lubricated and worked up. The first thing done should never be fingers IN, you have to work that clitoris a bit before that.

While we are on the subject of fingering, let's pause and talk about your rather enthusiastic fingering, shall we? We know you are excited, we are excited too! However, nothing will derail our excitement more quickly than feeling like you are trying to push your whole hand inside of us. Fingering requires some finesse, and some patience. So, keep that in mind when you are using finger play with oral sex.

Many women enjoy a little nibble during oral, especially on her clitoris. However, not many women enjoy a true bite. It can happen accidentally, or on purpose, but many times biting will render us in pain and not pleasure. We love some sucking of our thighs, some sucking of our lips, and a little nibble in those places too, but biting is a giant negative.

Women laying on bed with man in-between her legs.

I, personally, enjoy when my fiancé is down between my legs and he is holding my thighs while he lets me grind against his face. However, at times his grip can become very tight and almost like a pinch. When that happens all the pleasure he is giving me gets overshadowed by the pinching sensation on my thighs. So, while you may want to hold her down a bit so you can do your work, you don't want to grab her too tightly. That results in lost pleasure and next day bruising.

Yes, we definitely like to hear that we taste good, smell delicious or how much you are enjoying giving us this pleasure. We don't, however, want a play by play sportscaster-like dialogue with questions and answers. "Do you like that baby?" "I am now licking your clit, does it feel good?" "Tell me how good that feels." Why do we not like too much talking? Well, for many women there is a huge psychological aspect to enjoying oral sex and we may need to concentrate a bit on it. When you talk, or ask questions too much, it takes us out of our zone. Trust me, if she is moaning she is loving it. Don't ask us 20 times.

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Variety is the spice of life, and in oral sex this is a definite bonus. However, if you are all over her vagina with licking, sucking, clitoral attention, fingering, then changing it all up too rapidly, how will you know what she really likes and is getting into? When you sense something is making her really excited STICK WITH IT! You should be able to tell by the way she moves, how she moans or if she plain out tells you not to stop. When you find the thing that is working keep on doing that! You can experiment, and we want you to, but do not rapid cycle through it so we can't enjoy it.

Part of the excitement for us is knowing that this excites you. We get off knowing how sexy you find eating us out to be. If we sense you are bored or just not into it, then we would rather you not be down there at all. There should be enthusiasm, some excitement, involvement and a seeming true desire to give us pleasure. If you don't want to be down there, then don't go down there. If you do go down there, enjoy every second of it.

Men are not natural question askers, especially when it comes to directions. So, if you are going down on your woman and she doesn't seem to be into it, isn't moaning or moving, or seems to be directing your down or up with her bodily movements then maybe you should ask her what she wants or likes. All women are different and what worked with the previous woman may not work at all with her. If you feel like your techniques aren't working, ask her what she wants, needs or likes. Be the bigger man, ask for help.

This one sort of goes without saying but, please for all that is holy do not stop before she has had her orgasm! Yes, it may take a little bit. Yes, you may have to be down there longer than you think you want to be. Yes, I know you want to move on to sex. However, we want that orgasm. We NEED that orgasm. Give us that orgasm. Do not stop before we have orgasmed. Also, don't stop after either. Why not go for another? You may be surprised at how lovely that can be.

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Do you have any tips for what to avoid when eating her out? Let us know below!

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