What She Is Really Thinking When You Go Down On Her

Nothing feels quite so good as when your lover is down between your legs giving you some fantastic oral sex. While she is most likely settling in to the sensations and enjoying all the tricks you are using on her, she may also be thinking about how good it feels, how she wishes you knew where her clit was, or if you realize that she has already cum. If you ever wondered what your lover is thinking while your mouth is on her, here are just a few things.

You would THINK that all men would know where a woman’s clitoris is, but the truth is many men are slightly off the mark. Whether they are just really unsure as to where the clit is, or whether they are teasing areas all around but avoiding the clitoris, women WANT you to concentrate your attentions on her clit. It is a shame that more women THINK this than actually direct their man to the right location. There would be more orgasms if women would speak while they are thinking.

Oral sex is extremely important for women because upwards of 85% of ALL women can’t climax with intercourse and require clitoral stimulation, which oral sex provides wonderfully. So, most likely, while you are down there she is thinking about just how good it feels!

Once a woman’s body begins its descent to orgasm all she really wants – needs – you to do is to make her climax. There is this definite window of opportunity where a woman will be able to orgasm if the stimulation remains constant. However, if the stimulation switches, slows or stops she may lose her orgasm! How sad is that? Pay attention to your lover’s cues and if you sense she is close, DO NOT STOP!

Learn How Oral Sex Helps Her Cum!

Many women like a little fingering action when they are getting orally pleased. The dual sensations of being filled and clitorally stimulated can often make orgasm more intense. However, some men do not think to finger her during oral sex and at these times she may be thinking about how she wants your fingers inside of her.

Some women do think about how they want you to stop giving oral sex. Usually this is because they have either already climaxed and know they will not get another orgasm or because they realize they are not going to HAVE an orgasm. Many women are very in tune with their bodies and as such they realize that they may not be able to have an orgasm and as a result they don’t want you to wait to move on to sex. If your partner seems uninterested in what you are doing, isn’t moving or stops moaning then she may be thinking just stop.

This can happen after climax or before climax but sometimes a woman will have a strong desire to move on to sex. It could be because she is craving that intimate closeness or because after her orgasm her refractory period makes her less interested in sex, especially if she is unable to have multiple orgasms. Women want to please their partners, so they tend to want to move on to sex at some point so that their partner can reach his climax.

Women are emotional creatures and sex is a manifestation of that emotion. Women a woman is in love with her partner and he is down between her legs she is most likely thinking about how much she loves him. The combination of pleasure from the oral sex in conjunction with the feelings of love can often consume a woman’s thoughts during oral sex.

What Do You Think About During Oral Sex? Let Us Know!

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