5 Things Women Should NEVER Do In The Bedroom

Staying sexy and on-point in the bedroom can be difficult from time to time, but there are some rules that all women should abide by. If you want to enjoy your romp through the sheets without a hitch, then you've got to leave some topics for another time or another room of the house! I've created a basic list of what you should avoid so that you can spend more time pleasing your partner, and receiving some well-deserved pleasure yourself!

This has to be a no-brainer, but sadly, lots of ladies forget their wits when they’re in the throes of passion. Comparing your current lover’s techniques or sexual prowess to an ex is a huge no-no! Even if you are commending your new partner for providing you with the best sex you’ve ever had, hearing your ex’s name is enough to turn superior sex into a souring argument. Unless you’re the polyamorous type, nobody likes being reminded that their lover was previously in the grips of some other man or woman - ESPECIALLY not in the middle of an intimate experience! So ladies, in this sense, please keep your mouths shut. Enjoy what’s happening, or about to happen, keep your minds out of the past and in the present! Save that conversation for another time.

Things HE Should Avoid In The Bedroom

I know I just said keep your mouths shut, but that’s just so your previous sexual escapades don’t escape your lips! What men really want is a little communication, a little guidance, a little approval. Much like ladies, men want to hear that they’re showing you a good time in the bedroom! If you are stone-cold silent throughout the experience, how is that going to make him (or her) feel? We’ve been taught to silence ourselves in our bedroom thanks to sneaky masturbation sessions, but when you’re with your lover, give ‘em an, “ohh, yeah,” tell them “that feels sooo good,” or instruct them to “go faster!” Every once in a while give some compliments or instruction! Just remember, talking your lover’s ear off like it’s the last time you’ll ever speak is also a huge turn off.

Going along with the dreadful “Shh Syndrome” mentioned above is what some have coined as the “Starfish.” It is when a women, thoroughly unsexily, just lays in the bed with her arms spread above her shoulders, and her legs spread for penetration, but she doesn’t move. It’s creepy! Everyone wants to feel like their partner is engaging in the relationship, and that is especially true during sex! The worst part of this dead fish-style lovemaking is that it can make the non-Starfish feel like they’re pressuring the Starfish partner. Consent is the first key to good sex, and if you’re leaving your lover guessing whether you want it or not, it’s not going to happen! So buck those hips, wiggle your fins, and get back to swimming!

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This bedroom blunder combines two things that men can not STAND! There should be no teeth being used during a blow job - unless he asks for it - and loosen your ninja grip on his penis! Lots of women think that the tighter they can grab his member while giving a hand job or oral sex, the better the sex will be, but that’s not the case! There are very sensitive areas of the male genitals that should not be rubbed against hard, sharp teeth, and they should not be squeezed into oblivion! Some more BDSM-friendly fellas (and ladies) may love a good tug, a quick nibble, or a strong squeeze, but unless this is expressed, keep your teeth tucked behind your lips and loosen that grip!

Even if you are truthfully complimenting your man’s size, it could backfire! With the severity of the size stigma - ladies, bigger isn’t always better - there is a lot of social anxiety for men! If you sound overly enthusiastic about it, he may think you’re over-compensating or lying and he'll get self-conscious. Self-consciousness can make him have trouble performing, and it can snowball into much bigger issues. Just like he shouldn’t give as much attention to the size of your breasts as he should to teasing them, you shouldn’t comment on his manhood’s size, but rather focus on what you’re going to do to his piece to give him pleasure! Unless he is standing in front of you asking you to talk about his length or girth in explicit detail - some kind of kinky foreplay? - then you should just avoid it all together. Instead of complimenting inches, compliment his skill with licking, or sucking, or thrusting. Trust me, he’d rather be told how good he feels.

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