5 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer

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When the summertime heat starts burning, and clothing starts to get a little shorter and a little tighter, feelings of intimacy beg to be turned into actions. If you are looking for new ways to turn this summer into the season of sexual exploration and excitement, look no further! Whether you're a seasoned couple or just looking for fun, it’s time for you and your lover to get naughty with our 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer!

Take your teasing outdoors and get wild with each other! When warmer weather starts to get you hot and bothered, pitch a tent...in your backyard! In the midst of the crickets, you and your lover will be educating the birds and bees on what it means to get sexual! Feel the thrill that comes with having sex in public, with the privacy of being in a closed tent in your own backyard! Wait till it’s pitch black and explore each other by the glow of flashlights, and see where the night takes you!

It’s time to channel your inner teenager and get a little naughty at the movies! Whether you’re in the comfort of your own living room, or you take your lover out to a public theater (how daring!) a little foreplay during the movies can be quite a turn on! Remember the excitement you felt when sneaking off to the last row and...never watching the movie? You can do the same now with far less awkward kisses, and far more sensual caressing! Bring a sweater to drape over your laps, forget your underwear, and practice your hand jobs. Just don’t get caught!

Spice Up Every Season  - Spring!

Swimming in the summer just got steamier, and it’s time you jumped in the deep end! Skinny dipping is one of those experiences you’ve just got to enjoy before the summer is over. Take something that you’ve been doing all your life and kick up the kink by letting him pull out those bows on your bikini while you slide down his swim trunks. The sensations of the water flowing through your legs and against your bare skin is enough foreplay to get you started! Dive into a private pool, a cool lake, or any other nearby body of water and swim until you can’t stand being separate any longer!

Temperature play is a tip we love to suggest when the weather hits the extremes of hot and cold. This summer, trade in that dripping, sugary popsicle more something more sensual and versatile. A sleek, sculpted glass dildo that’s been hiding behind the produce in your refrigerator doesn’t just soothe sunburned skin on contact. The powerful penetrations of a cold sex toy provide massaging sensations unlike anything else you’ve felt! Imagine the cool water of dripping ice cubes sliding down your back as your lover pleases you with a cold, ribbed cock. With tons of glass toys in all shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from - including glass vibrators - you’ll have a tough time choosing just one!

Try These 5 Toys That Feel Like A Tongue!

Now we’re not saying to go and find a new Sig. O on the spot - unless that’s your prerogative - but rather look at your lover with new eyes. It’s time to get the awkward jitters and go on a "blind" date with your lover! It can be pretty impossible to get all dolled up for a partner when they’re looming over you. I feel prettiest when I can step into the shower one girl, and exit the bathroom a beautified babe! Mixing a little bit of suspense and a little bit of roleplay, this sexy summer treats sets up both lovers for surprises throughout the night! So, go ahead and kick your lover out to get ready at a friend’s house, while you slip into your slinkiest, sexiest new dress and heels. Meet at a new restaurant as if you’ve never seen each other before, and enjoy the game!

How Do You Spice Up Summer?
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