10 Things That Gross Her Out In The Bedroom

There are many not-so-sexy infractions that happen in our sex lives that deserve pardon. We’re usually not gross on purpose, but sometimes it just, happens! But there are things that might really make your partner think, “YUCK!” that you aren’t aware of. Watch out for these 10 things that gross her out!

1. Hygiene Horrors

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Most of your probably don't have bad hygiene, but there may be some hygiene offense that you are committing that just gross her out! Being extra sweaty or dirty before you even get to the sex is not at all appealing. Hopping into bed after eating some garlic-onion strew isn't either. Greasy? Stinky? Yuck and yuck. If you often forget to brush your teeth or you come to bed still dirtied from the day, you're not exciting your partner - you're scaring her away. Be polite! Clean up. 

2. Gastric Turn-Off

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Gas happens. Gas happens especially during sex. Digestive tracts are very sensitive, and sex just shakes it all up! So queefing, farting, and even burping gets a pass most of the time. But be aware of the KIND of gas you are throwing off. If a couple of toots are slipping out while you change positions, no big deal. But if your stomach is legitimately upset and you can smell your lunch, stop it! Stop it right now! Go to the medicine cabinet and drink some chalky stomach reliever. Everyone will feel a lot better if you do.

3. Dirty, Dirty Talk

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There is a time and a place for your kinkiest chat, so springing your filthiest phrases on her whenever you want will just seem obscene. Also, be aware of what you’re actually saying when you dirty talk to her. Just because it’s considered, “dirty talk” doesn’t mean it’s going to turn her on. Not everyone is into the “Daddy’s little girl” chatter or excessive use of vulgar swearwords. Be in-tune with your lover’s interests, and choose your words carefully or risk horrifying her!

4. Quest For The Condom

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Condoms can get lost sometimes, and that’s okay, but it shouldn’t happen all the time. If it does, you’re either not putting it on right or you need to get a different kind. Rummaging around for the latex lost in her crevices is unpleasant. It only gets worse if you can’t find it and she has to squat it out. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s worth mentioning because only ladies know what it’s like to have a condom stuck up there, and you should know in order to avoid it.

5. Hair, Hair, Everywhere

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Too much hair all over the place annoys me. It tickles, it itches, and it gets in the way. No one likes to have to stop sex in order to pull coarse hairs from the back of their throat. So please, keep all hair tidy. If you are a hairier guy, you know it and need to take steps to reduce its unwieldiness. I’m not saying you need to get a full-body wax, I’m just saying that no one wants to give a blowjob in a dense jungle. Ugh.

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6. Stinky Package

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This is like bad hygiene, but it gets its own explanation because I think this is the most gag-worthy offense of all. The crevices of the human body get ripe FAST during the day, so please, PLEASE do not smother your partner’s face into your smelly, sweaty, or gritty package. She’s already suppressing her gag reflex – do you really want to tempt fate by making her breathe your exceptional aroma? DO NOT DO THAT TO YOUR PARTNER.

7. Swapping Spit

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You are not a Saint Bernard, so don’t drench her in drool like one. Too much licking or biting or kissing can be a bad thing! Don’t make her sticky with your spit. If you have a really wet mouth after giving her oral and you move up to kiss her on the lips, make sure you’re not excessively dripping with fluids. There can be a lot of flavors, smells, and sensations associated with this, and your lover might find every single one to be completely terrible.

8. Sticky Stuff

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This is kind of like the spit one, but there is more to it. Don’t make her all sticky with the fluids you are dripping. Whether it’s from your saliva or ejaculation or a cheap lube or massage oil – no one wants to be STICKY. NO ONE. All she is going to think about is taking a shower. Some stickiness will happen, and that’s okay, but don’t make her have to peel herself from the bed and scrub the sticky particles from her body with a copper scrubber.

9. Derriere Dismay

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If you and your lover are really into anal play, this won’t apply so much. But there are people who are cool with it and people who are NOT cool with it. Is your partner into it? Unless you’re in a brand-new relationship, you should know the answer pretty quickly. Of course you would never pressure your lover into anal stimulation, but you can seriously turn her off even if you’re just teasing. Do not take every sexual opportunity to remind her that you want to do butt stuff when she does not seem interested. It will just be a big interruption and a bigger turn-off.

10. Throat Exploration

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Whether you are getting head or erotically sticking your fingers in her mouth, forcing yourself deeper down her throat is nasty. A little rough stuff is fine if that’s what you’re into, but do you really think she wants to actually gag on your fingers? People gag to eject objects from the throat, so if she’s gagging profusely and not in the middle of training to deep throat you, you need to ease up a little. Gagging is ALWAYS disgusting no matter what. It feels horrible and it hurts and the consequences of going too deep could result in a huge mess. So tread cautiously.

I’m not trying to pick on the boys here. Girls can be gross, too. We’re all gross! The key is to find a balance and to not be gross all the time. As I mentioned, these things are expected to happen during sex. The occasional smelly fart or oniony kiss won’t hurt anyone. Just don’t make a habit of bringing any of these infractions to bed every single night!

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