10 Tips to Turn Him On

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Ladies! It’s time to reel in your man! If you’ve been wanting more alone time with your boyfriend, hubby, friend with benefits, whatever I’ve got some tips for you! Sometimes gentlemen can be stand-offish if they aren’t feeling you want that kind of attention. You’ve got to be coy, cool, and captivating to let him know what you want - without scaring him away! Want to learn how to make him beg for your sex? Read my 10 Tips to Turn Him On!

There’s something inherently beautiful about the way women’s bodies smell. If you want to trigger this incredible sense and keep him yearning for more, you’ve got to get him addicted to your scent. Now, you may be the type who likes a ton of different perfumes, but to hook your mate, you’ve got to stick to one for a while. I personally recommend vanilla - hello mouthwatering cookie - but any body spray or perfume will do. Then, secretly spray the back of his shirt, or another inconspicuous area of his clothing, sit back and wait. He will be smelling your intoxicating scent all day and won’t be able to resist you!

2. PDA
There’s nothing worse for a hopeful man than questioning whether he is in it to win it, or if he is being placed in the “friend zone.” Though women’s sexuality is more emotionally driven, men need love too! If you want to please him in more ways than one, show him off to the public, and be proud about it. A few public displays of affection (kisses on cheeks, hand-holding), you know, the usual, can go along way. Once you feel he’s warmed up to the idea, start sneaking in more sex. Grab him by the belt loop closest to his fly and pull him close to you. Play with his hair and then give it a little tug. Use your nails when running a hand up his back. Each little PDA = electrified sexual results!

How to Surprise Him Sexually

Okay, we know you’re going to want to latch onto his piece like nobody’s business but you must resist (at first)! Showering together is a basic step to rekindle the sexual spark. It helps you both with feeling comfortable being naked in front of one another. It can be playful, sensual, and hardcore sexual, and it’s a simple way to create or re-create your intimate connection. Next time your man hops in the shower, hop in with him! Before long, the warmth of the water, the closeness of your bodies, and your buck-nakedness will win him over!

A lot of women keep this part of their sex lives secret from their men, but it shouldn’t be! Using toys is amazing, right ladies? So, letting him see what you’ve gathered to get yourself off is a huge turn on! Imagine the thoughts going through his head when you pull out a little silicone vibrator and run it across your skin. He’ll be so turned on, he won’t know whether he wants to watch you use your vibe, or take the place of the vibe! Add a little extra sizzle by incorporating toys like bullets in your couples play!

You don’t have to take a vacation for him to feel frisky. Location, location, location! Tease him in the kitchen. Sneak a hand deep down into his pockets in the hallway. Let him know that you want him, and that you want him anywhere. The simple act of surprising your man in a new area of the house - being a little adventurous - will turn him on instantly! Now I’m not talking about PDA here. This is the one tip where you can really let him have it - have YOU! Pull him up to you with your back on a wall. Sit on the counter top and straddle him. Get it!

You know what he thinks when he sees your skin? SEX! If you want to turn him on, give him a little peek into what makes you a woman, and what makes him a turned on man! Something as simply as adding mascara to your eyelashes and wearing a skirt instead of jeans will help him remember what is at the end of your legs, and keep him locking eyes with you all day. Feel free to “accidentally” drop your towel and give him a quick peek, or go all out with a low v-neck shirt or the classic LBD (Little Black Dress) and raging red lips!

Going along with Number 6, you’ve got to show off your goods! One of the worst killers of sex lives is self-consciousness (AKA negative self-image). Wipe it away with a flick of the light switch! Let him know that you are taking your seduction to the next level by leaving the light on. Sneak into bed, and when he wants to turn off the lights, turn up the heat! Show off your curves and invite him to enjoy a more exhibitionist-style, bare-all experience in the bedroom!

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Want to keep him begging? Increase your foreplay time! With all sorts of tech advancements and clever ideas, you can extend foreplay ALL day! Most men and women are hoping for at least 15 minutes of foreplay. But most men and women’s ideas of foreplay are old school. Skip the standard makeout session and think outside of the bed. Leave naughty love notes all over the house. Carefully set up a shrine for all things sexual (condoms, lubricant, a whip) on the top of his dresser. Play with erotic foods or refrigerate a glass dildo for a cool new sensation. Whatever you do, make it last!

If you’ve had an extended period of abstinence, he may be wary to touch, taste, or have sex with you. If you want to let him know that it’s time to get back in the saddle - like a reverse cowgirl! - then you’ve got to show him what you want. What’s the easiest way to show him that you desire sex? Show him sex! Break down the unspoken barrier by watching porn together! Whether you've got a DVD ready to go, or pull up some free short videos on the internet, the array of pornography you and your man can enjoy together is astounding! Trust me. He'll get the hint when you slide off your panties during a hardcore sex scene. Just try to keep his hands off you!

One of the most redeeming qualities of the girl next door type is her ability to hang out with the guys and actually have fun. Why? Because she has a sense of humor. Hitting up a slapstick comedy at the local movie theater and really laughing is a huge turn on! Let ya hair down - or take a tip from 90s movies and put it in a classic girl-next-door ponytail - and snort. When you let your guard down, he will start dreaming of other ways you can let loose. So go girl, be rambunctious, spontaneous and SEXY.

How Do You Get Him In The Mood?
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