How To Eat Her Out: 6 Easy Tips

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As a bi-sexual woman I feel I can say this in complete confidence: There is more to eating out a woman than just licking her like an ice cream cone! No, seriously! Have men (and some women, too) forgotten that there is an art to cunnilingus? There is! So, why don't we all take a trip back to the basic skills that all cunnilingus connoisseurs need to know in order to eat out their woman!

Definition: A basic definition for "eating out" a woman is using a mixture of mouth, tongue and fingers to stimulate her vaginal and clitoral areas, hopefully to an orgasm (or five)!

Whether it is your first time diving down below, or you have been there a few times already, it is very important to remember that women like things a bit slower. Just ramming your tongue and fingers in her vagina is not going to render good results for either of you! So, when you first find yourself ready to play with her kitty, take a minute to introduce yourself. Admire the beauty which is her vagina. Then, once you have introduced yourself up close and personal, you are ready to tease and please her.

Women are just as self conscious about their vagina as you are about your penis! While we are not concerned with length or girth, we ARE wondering if you find us beautiful, sexy, and enticing! Some women worry about their "odor" even though we all know it is perfectly lovely and natural! So, take a few minutes to touch, rub, spread and even comment on our pretty pussy. Let us know that we are sexy and that you cannot wait to taste us. Take time to just explore with your fingers - ONLY YOUR FINGERS - before diving in for the main event!

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The tongue is an amazing muscle (yes, muscle) and is the strongest in the body. So, why not utilize this super appendage and give your woman something to moan about! Again, we do NOT want you to just dart your tongue in there as a replacement for your penis! No, we want you to explore all of us with your tongue. Take time to taste, to feel, to see how our bodies react while you are lovingly lapping our labia! Here is the most important part: AVOID THE CLITORIS! I know, but trust me. You want to delay that portion of the program for a while. Just allow your tongue to caress her and she will be thrusting those hips trying to get you where she wants you in no time!

It is absolutely, positively NECESSARY that you not only know WHAT the clitoris is, but that you know where to find it and how to treat it! Not understanding the fine mechanics of the clitoris is like your woman completely missing your penis when trying to give you oral! The clitoris has more nerve endings in its super small space than in your entire penis! Take that! So, to give your woman the most amazing attentions you need to know where her clit is and how to stimulate her. All women are different, but, here is a basic "how to" when it comes to the clit. The clit is located ABOVE her vaginal opening, at the apex of her labia. There is a small, triangular patch of skin that protects the sensitive clitoris (the clitoral hood). In order to stimulate her clit you can rub or lick it while the clitoral hood is still in place - and should for the first little while. Then, however, you want to gently move the hood back to expose the now ready and waiting clitoris to your attentions. Go gently, easing yourself into exploring her here. Then, once you get to know what she likes you can lick harder, add in some finger tricks and, if she likes it, give her a gentle nibble.

Now Read This: DO NOT, under any circumstances, JAM YOUR FINGERS INTO HER VAGINA! Yes, we like to be fingered. Yes, it is a great stimulation. NO, we do not want you to jam 4 fingers in there right off the bat! You need to work up to it. While you are exploring our vagina with your tongue, mouth, nose and fingers, you want to concentrate more on the clitoris and then start to slowly and gently insert a finger inside. Allow your finger to feel her insides. If she is contracting against it, that is very good! Then, if things are moving along and you feel her getting wet, you can add another! Again, going slowly. Twisting and moving your fingers around for optimal stimulation. Every woman is different with the number of fingers she likes inside her. So, go slow, ask for feedback, and continue to stimulate her in this way as long as the results are favorable. Oh, and guys, manicures are a MUST if you are going to be digitally stimulating your woman! Hangnails and sharp points do NOT feel so nice cutting up our vaginal walls!

6. A, B, C, and G
So, you are probably feeling like an oral sex rock star by now, right? Your woman is spreading her legs and begging you to stroke and lick her, and she may have even had an orgasm! So, if you want to take the basics and go up a notch, why not try for some internal, G-Spot stimulation! Even if you do not render that elusive G-Spot orgasm, stimulating her there will take all your oral loving to new heights! So, when you have a finger inside her vagina, look for a rough patch of skin on the UPPER "ceiling" of her vagina. It protrudes a bit and feels almost spongy or rough to the touch. When you rub your finger across this spot her reaction should be VERY favorable. Here is one place where you do not want to be too gentle. For most women, G-Spot stimulation requires a more firm touch. So, if you know you have found that spot, make sure you are rubbing it while putting pressure on it. Then, once you are sure that you are getting it pretty good, you can amp up your skills to see if you can give her the G-O! However, this is not basics so I will leave you with the hope and promise of making her explode in this very, special way!

Mikayla's tip: Remember, oral sex takes practice and it is always dependent upon your partner. What worked with Sally may not work with Michelle, so make sure you are paying attention to her special cues, likes and dislikes. Then, once you have figured her out, you can please her in ways that both of you will enjoy!

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