5 Things SHE May Be Embarrassed About In The Bedroom

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It really doesn’t matter who you are, what size or shape your body is, whether you are new to sex or have been sexually active for years – we ALL have certain things we are “embarrassed” about in the bedroom. No, we may not call attention to them, but they are lurking in the back of our minds. Racing thoughts that cause embarrassment, and even shame. This is a normal occurrence – to have these “issues” or “things” that cause pause or embarrassment. So, want to feel like you are not so alone in them? Read on, you’ll see, we all have them.

Probably the #1 thing women are embarrassed about in the bedroom is something to do with their body. It could be the cellulite that has landed on your thighs, the poochy belly you have regardless of how many crunches you do, a C-section scar from having babies, a mastectomy scar from surviving Cancer. We are hardly ever really satisfied with our bodies, and most of us are NOT supermodels. The important thing to remember is that we need sexy woman timid in bed during sex to love our body – no matter what it looks like, how heavy we are, what scars we have – we have to love ourselves or nobody else will! Those scars from childbirth or a mastectomy are battle wounds! You SURVIVED something traumatic! Don’t be embarrassed – be PROUD! Yes, our bodies change with age and life and sometimes we don’t like the changes. It can cause shame or embarrassment – but don’t let it! Women ARE BEAUTIFUL! ALL WOMEN – ALL THE TIME!

2. THE SMELL (or taste) “DOWN THERE”
You would be amazed at how many women have concerns over the smells of their vagina. Yes, really. No, it doesn’t smell like fish, and if it does you have a bacterial yeast infection. Otherwise, I assure you, your vaginal odor (and yes ladies, we all have an odor down there) is pleasant and pleasing to our partner. The smell comes from pheromones that are excreted for the direct purpose of luring in a mate! Our natural body odors (considering we take proper care of our personal hygiene) are NOTHING to be embarrassed about, but instead are something that works to our advantage! Don’t be embarrassed ladies, it is not as bad as you think and men like it! Furthermore, on the same subject, your “taste” when your partner gives you oral sex is simply delicious. He loves it and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is simply lovely so relax!

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If you are one of the VERY lucky (Yes, I said LUCKY) women who can squirt – GO YOU! Did it scare you the first time it happened? Did you think you peed yourself? Were you convinced your lover was going to gag and throw up it was so nasty? These are common thoughts – but the truth is – it is hot. It is super-duper hot to squirt. It feels amazing and men find it the ultimate testament to their sexual prowess! Squirting – whether in dribbles or gushes – is a natural occurrence and is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you are prone to squirting just take precautions like putting down some towels. Don’t be embarrassed of this wonderful gift – let the squirting begin!

As we women get older our bodies literally betray us. Our former excessive lubrication sometimes dries up, we may take longer to have an orgasm, we feel less enthused about sex, we may even pee a teeny bit during sex and, sometimes, our vagina’s lose a little of their tightness. Aging sucks – but it happens to ALL of us. These things can cause embarrassment – I mean, leaking a little urine is petrifying in some ways, right? However, these things are all NORMAL and can be remedied with either medical or physical treatments. If you find you are not lubricating, there are hormonal therapies, and, yes, artificial lubricants that can help tremendously. If you have more issues with orgasm, then masturbate more or use a little buzzy friend during sex. IF you have a low libido – check your medicine side effects and speak to your doctor. If you are leaking a bit of urine or your vagina seems less tight – do KEGELS! KEGELS KEGELS ALL DAY LONG! See, nothing to be embarrassed about – just carry on!

OK, so not every woman can have porn star moves, right? Especially if you are new to sex, you need to build a repertoire of talents! This means, practice, read, watch and learn. If you are embarrassed about your lackluster blowjobbing skills – then READ UP ON IT! Too Timid has TONS of articles on giving oral sex. Watch a porno movie and learn from the best. Nina Hartley has some wonderful instructional videos on performing in bed – they are fantastic! Practice with your partner. Let him know you are experimenting – I bet he would love to be a willing test subject! Don’t be embarrassed – it is like riding a bike. You don’t get on and ride perfectly immediately, you have to practice. So, practice!

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