5 Things Women Say and Do In The Bedroom That Make Men Cringe

Shop Male Sex ToysThere is a common misconception that men are always up for sex no matter what their partner does or says. The truth is, women can definitely make their man cringe in the bedroom with some of the things they do, or say. Some things women may not even realize they are doing. Other things they may know damn well is going to cause an issue. So, without further ado, here are just 5 things that women say or do in the bedroom that make their man CRINGE!

Gif of A Man Shaking His Finger Saying No

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I don’t need to finish this. I don’t need to explain it further. Period.

Gif of A Woman Saying That's A Hard No
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Ladies, no. Just no. Men do not want you to name their penises. They ESPECIALLY do not want you to name their penis something cutesy, childish or demeaning. Call it his “cock” or his “dick” or if you must “his penis” but do not, under any circumstances, give his penis a name. He doesn’t like it. He will never like it. Mr. Peckers does NOT want to come out and play with you!

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Oh ladies, why do you always want to talk about feelings? Better yet, why do you EVER want to talk about “feelings” right before sex? How about this, have sex. Then, maybe, while you are cuddling after sex you can ask him about feelings. No, you know what, just don’t. Men do not want to have a discussion about their “feelings” at any time – but NEVER in bed and never before sex.

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Ladies, how would you like it if your man said something about your weight before sex? You wouldn’t! You would cross your arms and stomp out of the room and never eat again. I have news for you, man do NOT want you to comment on their bodies in ANY negative way EVER either. Especially not right before (or after) sex! Everyone wants to feel attractive and sexy including men!

Gif of A Man Saying Give Me A Minute
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This may be a little more than a cringe, this may be a downright libido killer! No man, EVER, wants to hear the words “Are you done yet” or any variation of this theme such as: “can you hurry up” or “I already came, are you going to cum soon?” or, the ever-popular favorite, “can you finish yourself, I am tired?” Men want to know that you are enjoying yourself, that you don’t want the pleasure to end! If you seem rushed or disinterested is bad enough, but if you VERBALIZE this. Well, he will be taking Mr. Hand to bed for a while after this.

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