8 Things For Single Men To Do On Valentine's Day

If you are a single guy on Valentine’s Day, what should you do? Do you even care about that “Hallmark holiday” or are you silently glad you are not coupled up for that mushy-gushy day? The truth is, some men really don’t care about Valentine’s Day while others really get into it. However stoic you may be, if you are single on Valentine’s Day you may still be searching for some things to do to pass the day. When I asked my boyfriend what he would do to celebrate Valentine’s Day if he were single he looked at me and said, “Um, why would I celebrate it? Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is for women!” Then I asked a few other male friends and they all pretty much said the same thing. However, when prompted to actually think about what they would do, here were the most popular choices.

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“Valentine’s Day can be expensive,” said Harrison, “flowers, dinner, candy, lingerie, it all adds up. Being single saves me money!” Well, there is that truth. So, my male buddies all agree – if they are single they would spend some of the money on themselves! “Hey, it makes financial sense, if I would blow $500 on V-Day with a girl, I will spend $250 on myself and still save money. It is a win-win!” Gotta say, makes sense for me. Too bad my boyfriend won’t be making that saving this year.


“Oh, I will be hitting up the strip club,” Ryan reports, “if I am not having sex with my girlfriend then I am still going to get some eye candy for the spank bank!” OK, I can see the logic here. Why not do something that you may not do if you were in a couple? In fact, make it a group effort and all you single guys go together to get those lap dances.


My boyfriend loves action films. Loves them. Me, eh, not so much. So, he said if he found himself alone on V-Day that he would go and see every action film possible and he would eat the entire tub of popcorn all by himself! Hey, I don’t eat THAT much of it!


My friend Matt posited this question to me, “Where is the best place to be if you are a single guy on Valentine’s Day? THE BAR!” According to Matt, the single girls will go out to the bar with their OTHER single friends so if you are single it is like “shooting fish in a barrel.” While I detest the idea that single gals can be easily “shot,” I do see the logic here. If single people head to the same places why not make the most of it?


What do manly-men do? They go to the shooting range, try skydiving, ride ATVs – you know, manly things. According to more than one of my guy buds spending Valentine’s Day at the gun range is a great way to have some fun and forget about the girl who broke your heart. Nothing says “I don’t love you anymore” like shooting holes in the heart of the paper target.Attractive Woman In Bed


Yeah, I know, guys do this anyway. Well, if you are not having sex with a girlfriend why not invest in personal solo sex? Watch some hot porn, have as many releases as you want, get a new masturbation sleeve – make the most of your single days because whether you want to admit it or not, you know you watch less porn when you are in a couple.
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Gather up all your single guy friend and hit your favorite restaurant. Over-indulge on your favorite appetizers, skip the salad, have dessert and enjoy just eating until you have to unbutton your pants. No one will care if you belch the alphabet or if you stink up the car after the meal. Men can be men and that, sometimes, can be sort of gross. So, live it up manly men, ruhh uhh uhh uh.


Maybe you don’t want to be single anymore. So, get out there and do something a little out of your comfort zone – go speed dating! There are tons of places offering unique dating experiences now and what better day to have a large assortment of single females than on Valentine’s Day.

What Do You Like To Do On Valentine's Day?
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