6 Killer Sex Moves For Her

I have been hanging around the wonderful virtual halls of TooTimid for nearly 10 years now! I have become a sort of “go to girl” for many things, and for that privilege I am extremely humbled! Over the years I have been asked everything from “How do you give a blowjob” to “How can I eat my girlfriend out and make her cum?” I have given my most honest and, hopefully, helpful advice to so many people and have heard “thank you” for that advice. Today I am answering a completely new question: what are some of your best sex moves? Well, I am pleased to share some of my tried and true sexual moves that have driven men (and some women) crazy! 

I don’t mean to brag but I have been told that my oral sex skills are on par with a porn star (not that anyone I have dated has ever been with a porn star), but the compliment remains. I think, for me, what makes my oral sex performance so memorable is that I truly love to do it and I am always striving to make my man beg for more! I have one move that is always a no-fail-make-him-moan-and quiver fave! I call it the “Twist and Moan!”

How you do it is, after you have been giving him some lovely oral and his penis is all slick and slippery with your saliva, you take your dominant hand and wrap it around his cock. You slide it up and down a bit as you continue to suck on him, getting your hand slick so it moves easily. For an extra sexy touch let the saliva ooze from your mouth – men love that! Then, bring the tip and head only of his penis into your mouth, licking and sucking gently and twist your wrist back and forth around the top of his penis, right under the head, so that you are stroking him in a twisting motion. The combination of the twisty stroke and your hot mouth will drive him to moan and cum in no time! Try it, it is a guaranteed favorite!

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One thing that I know about men is: they are very visual! This means they like to look at us ladies! Believe me, they do not care that you have a little extra tummy pouch or that you have cellulite on your thighs. No, they are just thrilled that you are naked and having sex with them. So, one thing that will really heat things up is if you take a bit of control and get on top – but not just in missionary – no, get on top while he is sitting on a chair or couch!

I have found that a great way to initiate sex is to sit astride my man on the couch and kiss and grind on him like a horny teenager. Get him all worked up and hot as we claw at each other’s bodies and remove clothing. Then, after a quick detour down south for some oral loving, surprise him by getting on top and riding him! There are a few things that make this a simple, yet killer, sex move. First, he gets a GREAT view! He can look at your face, your breasts and, well, all of you! Second, you are in control and men LOVE that! Third, the penetration is deep and if you orgasm around him it will feel amazing to him. If you want to switch things up you can do this in the reverse, giving him a view of your backend and allowing him to watch his penis slide in and out of you!

Arms wrapped around women

You may THINK that in doggy style there is nothing for you to do, right? WRONG! One of the things that really drives my lovers crazy is when I participate a bit in the doggy style romp. Here is an example: my lover is behind me, kissing me and rubbing his hands all over my body. He pushes me, gently, on to the bed and I spread my legs and wait for him to enter. As he does I feel that tight and delicious stretch. He grabs my hips and starts to thrust. I am arching my back and enjoying the feeling. Then, I start to push back against him while lowering my torso downward.

This not only changes the angle and depth, but it also shows him that I am eager for him to be inside me. He figures what I am doing and allows me to push back onto him – rolling my hips as I do. This move is something that will surprise him as well as feel amazing to you! So what are you waiting for, back that thing UP!

I am sorry ladies for those of you who do not enjoy giving a blowjob, but I do. Not only do I enjoy it, but I have virtually NO gag reflex! I know, lucky me! I learned a long time ago that this is a talent that not every woman has and for that reason, being able to deepthroat successfully is one of my top killer sex moves! For me, the best way to do this is to be on my knees. The angle is better and he can look down and watch me orally loving his penis! I will stroke and lick and suck on him and then I will tilt my head just so and grab him at his base and then bring him into my mouth, past my tonsils and into oral HEAVEN! Every time I do this I get some sort of verbal accolade that tells me how much he is enjoying it – and me. I will sometimes allow him to take my head and push himself down my throat – other times I will bounce my head on him and let his penis slide effortlessly down my throat in between long strokes and licks. So, my mantra is: those who can deepthroat SHOULD; and those who can’t should learn!

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I am a huge advocate of kegel exercises! I do them all day! Doing kegels is something that helps your overall feminine health, increases the intensity of your orgasms, and develops your PC muscles so you can do handy and fun little tricks like “milking your man.” Confused? Let me explain.

The vagina is a long tube of muscles. These muscles contract during orgasm of course but you can also make them contract voluntarily. Not only can you make it contract in general, but with patience and practice you can make different sections of your vagina contract! So, much like someone milking a cow and starting at the top of the utter and squeezing down until the milk comes out, I can squeeze my man’s penis with 3 separate sections of my vagina!

So, sometimes I will sit atop him, usually while he lies on the bed, and simply hold still and “milk” him. This is a great move for those last moments before orgasm or immediately after while he is still inside! I have been told that this is a unique skill and that it feels quite amazing! So, ladies, get your kegel on and try this with your man!

As I have already mentioned, when a woman takes control in the bedroom it can be extremely arousing for her lover. I love to take control of the action and give my man a chance to lay back and enjoy! One of my most well received positions is “froggy” style. Not just anyone can do this position because it really does take some strength to do. It also helps if you have a headboard to hold on to.

Have your man slide all the way up until his head is right at the headboard. Then, stand up and walk above him. Lower yourself onto his penis but stay on your feet (like a fog jump). Then, lower yourself up and down on him (while using the headboard for stability) and vary the depth of the action as well as the speed. This is an EXTREMELY deep and tight position for him and it always makes me orgasm – hard! It takes a lot of leg strength to keep this up, but it really is worth it in the end! Plus, you get your workout at the same time! He will love it because of the view, the tightness and, if you can speed it up, it will almost certainly make him orgasm! Get your FROGGY on!

What Are Your Favorite Moves? Tell Us In The Comments!

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