Your Guide When You're Single on Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day – the day for lovers. Every year some single ladies, gents and non-binaries lament being alone on Valentine’s Day while others embrace their singledom and enjoy the day anyway. The truth is, while Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to spend with your partner, it doesn’t have to be a downer if you find yourself single! Make your single V-Day a great day by taking on some of these suggestions. 

1. Know That You're Not Alone

Whether you hate this day, dread this day or even love this day, everyone has been there at some point or will be there at some point. We all go through times when we are "single." Just because others are in a relationship doesn't mean you are any less desirable, valuable, attractive, loved, etc. Practice self-compassion and know that you are not alone. Whether you are in a relationship or not, it does not define you.

2. Schedule a Night With Your Friends

I know that in times like this it is a little tough to see our friends. But you can plan a virtual video call with your group of friends or plan a safe socially distanced hangout with them. Being with your other single friends (or, coupled up friends who may be free) is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Being with other people (in person or virtually) is a great way to make Valentine’s Day entertaining and fun.

3. Put On That Lingerie

Alright, this tip is for the ladies. You know that lingerie that you bought that's just been sitting in the closet waiting for that "someone special" but you just haven't had that chance to wear it yet? Well, pull that lingerie out because tonight is the night that you become that someone special for yourself.

4. Seduce Yourself

I have spent numerous Valentine’s Days dedicated solely to myself with the coup degras being some quality naked time with myself. Long masturbation sessions where the only person you want or need to please being yourself is a priceless experience. Watch some porn, get out your favorite toy, buy a NEW toy – be good to yourself sexually and enjoy the moment of seducing yourself and bringing yourself to climax after climax!

5. Get To Masturbating

Following up with the last idea, masturbate. Yep. I said it. Plug in your wand massager, new masturbation sleeve, anal plug, whatever you love and enjoy your body! Maybe take some time reading our articles about how to have specific types of orgasm or masturbation tips and try the tips and techniques to get to know your body even more.

6. Binge Watch Netflix 

You know you want to watch ALL of the Grey’s Anatomies again – admit it, we won’t judge you! There are so many shows that we would love to watch again and again when we find ourselves single – or with some extra time on our hands. Why not make V-Day into a movie or television series watching marathon. Get in your jammies, order some takeout that you love and sit your single butt on the couch and just chill.

7. Treat Yourself

When is the last time that you took a long, hot bath? How about taking a bath with lit candles and a glass of wine? Oh yeah, now you are visualizing it. Get yourself into a complete state of relaxed Zen. Allow the wine to relax you and the warm, bath-salt infused waters to soothe your aching muscles. Then, after your bath move on to another activity like Netflix or a long masturbation session. Hell, if one thing on this list is a must-do – this one is definitely it.

8. Play Online Games/Video Games

Any activity that keeps you busy is going to be beneficial to get you through Valentine's Day. Get into a game online to play with others. Or, of course I'm going to make this sexual, there are lots of "Roleplaying Games" online that you can sign up for and they have a story mode where you'd be shocked you get completely lost in! This is a great idea if you're feeling lonely and horny.

9. Have an Online Shopping Spree

Sometimes, retail therapy makes you feel good, right? While I am not suggesting you break the bank by buying everything in the store, but a day of online shopping and allowing yourself to buy a little something-something all for yourself is a definite way to enjoy a single Valentine’s Day.

10. Try a New Experience

Of course I have to end this on a sexual note, you expected nothing less, right? So my final tip for enjoying your Valentine's Day alone is to try a new sexual experience that you've been thinking about. Right now it's not safe to be going out to the bars or meeting random people on from the apps, however, you can always experiment with new sex toys!

If you've never tried anal play but have thought about it, maybe buy yourself a small anal plug or prostate massager and try it out. Or, if you typically use a toy that focuses on your clit, maybe it's time to invest in a dual action toy or a suction cup dildo. Get in front of a mirror and watch yourself play with whatever new toy you decide to get, you'll forget you're single in no time.

What Are Your Plans For Valentine's Day? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!


  • K.

    Personally, I love being single…especially on Valentine’s Day. That’s money I keep in my purse and can spend on MYSELF!!! 😜

  • Nanna 1

    Hot pink devil dick. I got yesterday. Tried it out. Definitely will use again very enjoyable. We can get our job done alone. Solo. Very much fun.

  • Robert

    I loved how candid, subliminally seductive and flat out fun it was reading your Single on Valentines. Your sensitivity will make me one of those V Day shoppers (may begin a little early). Going to explore the lingerie and find something new to wear. Maybe some stockings as well, and of course something cute to hold them up. Thank you for providing this forum to share. And, oh yes, I hope there are heels made for me. Yep, for me.
    Kisses. R

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