10 Toys She Wants Under The Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy…hey, I don’t care about the tree, I want what is UNDER the tree! Which are for me? What did he get me? Is there a sexy little something in there? Did he catch the hint when I told him my favorite vibrator died? Yes, it is true, women love to get sexy presents for Christmas. This shows her just how sexy she is to you and how much he is looking forward to playing with you in the bedroom! So, if you need an idea of what she may like under the tree look no further! Here are 10 great toys she wants to find under the Christmas tree.

See 10 Sexy Gifts Men Want To See Under The Tree!

1. Thrusting Jack Rabbit
Thrusting Jack Rabbit
Give her what she really wants. A toy that is going to actually thrust up and down. This #1 rabbit vibrator is an incredibly amazing toy that has helped so many women cum FAST! The rabbit ears are strong and vibrate against her clit and you can angle the tip to thrust into her gspot. Her legs will be curling in no time.

2. Luv Pop Rechargeable Bullet
Pop Rechargeable Bullet
I’m pretty confident your woman has a bullet vibrator and if she doesn’t this is a fantastic one to have! This unique bullet not only has powerful vibrations, like most bullets, but it also has a silicone pull cord so you can insert and remove with no issue. The high powered modes of this toy will deliver super intense clitoral stimulation during masturbation, foreplay or intercourse.

3. Waterproof Silicone Vibrator
Waterproof Silicone Vibrator
Has your woman tried to have a G-Spot orgasm? Do you know if she can have one? Does she like when you try to find her G-Spot? Women love internal stimulation even if they can’t have a full-on G-Spot O! This magnificent silicone vibrator looks like the neck and head of a purple dinosaur. The firm texture and the curved head are likely to hit her G-Spot in just the way she will love it! Plus, it’s so cute!

4. Rotating Rabbit Dual-Action Vibrator
Pink rotating rabbit dual action vibrator on TooTimid
This rabbit vibe is the crème de la crème of vibrators because it has everything a woman needs for orgasm – internal stimulation, vibration, rotation and clitoral stimulation. The I-Vibe is the best of the rabbit vibes because it is the perfect size, has a realistic penis-style head, the rotating beads, the wonderfully stimulating bunny ear clitoral stimulator, AND multiple choices for rotation and vibration all in a pretty pink toy.

5. First Timer's Cuffs
First Timer's Cuffs
Why not give her the gift of bondage for Christmas? This is a cute little set that only has one set of cuffs and a blindfold. Ease her into the idea of submission! The standard blindfold will provide darkness, so you can surprise her with teasing and tickles and the cuffs can be used to keep her in place!

6. Door Sex Swing
Door Sex Swing
Have you ever had the fantasy of using a sex swing? Well guess what, so has she! This swing is easy to use and doesn’t require anchoring into the ceiling. Simply install it on a sturdy door in your house and lift her up into it and let the sex swinging begin!

7. #1 Curved Suction Cup Dildo
#1 Curved Suction Cup Dildo
Every woman should have at least one suction cup dildo. Suction cup dildos allow her to play hands free! Just stick it somewhere and climb on. If you think that you can’t benefit from her having a suction cup dildo think again, because she can put on a little show for you! Plus, she can practice new moves for you.

8. On Natural Arousal Oil
On Natural Arousal Oil
While not technically a toy, arousal gels are amazing gifts for both of you. They help to engorge the clitoris making arousal quicker and making her much more sensitive to your stimulations. ON gel is a powerful clitoral gel and will make her crazily aroused! That is the gift that keeps on giving!

9. Anal Beads
Pink anal beads
Does your lover like anal play? She will with these amazing anal bead! This string of egg shaped beads gradually increase in size to provide increased stimulation. The final egg will provide an easy retrieval once play is over. Insert these eggs and pull out at the time of orgasm and she is sure to want to explore anal play even more!

10. The Original Magic Wand

The Original Magic Wand
This is absolutely hands-down the best gift she can find under the tree. The super powerful massage wand will deliver extremely intense vibration to her clitoral area and bring her to powerful and quick orgasm! Not to mention you can actually use this item as a muscle massager too so it is like 2 gifts in one. Every woman needs one of these in her toy collection!

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