How To Get Out Of A Sexual Rut

If you are in a relationship for any extended amount of time this is sure to happen to you – when you get into a sexual rut. It is not always intentional, but can be detrimental to the relationship. Keeping sex fun and fresh is important to a relationship. So, if you find yourself scheduling sex for every Friday night, if you never have sex anywhere but the bedroom, or if missionary or doggie are the only positions you use – then you may be in a sexual rut! Let’s get you out of that RIGHT NOW – so read on and figure out how to make ho-hum sex WOWZA sex!

How To Have Better Sex

Yes, I know that the bed is comfortable. Yes, I know that you are not a teenager anymore. This does not mean that you have to have a boring, bedroom-only sex life! Come on people, there are many rooms in one’s house and definitely TONS of places outdoors to be having sizzling sex! If you find yourself only having sex in the bedroom then you definitely need to change it up and try a different location!

Visit your lover in the shower, or start a little something while cuddling on the couch, or be even MORE daring and have a little fun outdoors! Just avoid the bedroom for every encounter!

Do you remember the first time you went out with your lover? Do you remember all the kissing? The extended make-out sessions where you couldn’t get enough of each other? YES! You need to do that again. A lot. Kiss like there is no tomorrow. Kiss like it is the first time, every time. Kiss and kiss and kiss. Why? Kissing is an activity that really revs up the horny factor AND it is extremely intimate. Sometimes when we get into a rut with our lover it is because our sexual connection is a bit lacking and we find ourselves drifting apart from our lover. Kissing is a great way to not only reconnect, but to break out of the rut of the mechanical sex you may be in.

The Importance Of Kissing In A Relationship

If either you or your partner are having “don’t think about it sex” – you know when you get naked, get under the covers, insert penis into vagina, pump a little and then roll over – well, it is time to get back to basics: FOREPLAY! Lack of foreplay is sometimes the first indication that you are in a sexual rut. When you stop caressing, fingering or performing oral sex or other forms of foreplay it is time to go back and add the PLAY to the BEFORE sex! Foreplay is so important and there are so many ways to make it fun and different. You can try a new technique, use some ice, get out the toys – you know – FOREPLAY! Get into it, spend time getting your partner off, do all those things that make him or her moan and squirm! See, remember how fun sex is? DO IT NOW!

Perhaps your sex is not bad, but is always pretty much the same rotation of experiences. You go down on her, she goes down on you, then you have sex – or some other variation of the basics. It is satisfying and fun, but pretty much the same each time. Well, if this is you then it is time to try something new. How about watching a little adult entertainment together? What about having a “masturbation only” night – where there is no sex, but mutual or self pleasure only? How about a little light bondage or a blindfold? Find something new and different that is a wee bit out of the norm – or out of your comfort level – and do it! You only live once – YOLO in the bedroom!

If you are a couple who has never inserted sex toys into your sexual encounters then it is time you do! You can explore any option from couple’s vibrators to lube and lotions to any number of vibrating items. Shop together or surprise your lover! See how much fun and how different a sexual experience can be when you add a little toy play into the mix. You may be trying a whole realm of new experiences with your lover via the route of sexual enhancement products!

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