7 Sexual Positions She Actually Hates

Changing up the sexual positions you use during sexy time is a great way to keep things fun and fresh. No one really wants to have sex the same way every time. However, what if the positions you are trying – you know, the ones you researched in 365 Sex Positions To Try –she really hates? I mean REALLY hates? Did you think she loved that upside down one that made her vomit? Yeah, they are that bad. Here are 7 positions that she really hates.

Disclaimer: Your partner may love these positions. The only way to truly know is to ask her if she likes them and to discuss, together, what you both find pleasing.

1. 69 or 96 – THEY BOTH KINDA SUCK
Oh sure, a 69 can be a fun position when you are in your 20s and trying everything and every position possible. Or when you are 125 pounds. However, if you are a little older or a little overweight doing the 69 position can be very uncomfortable. Also, women like to enjoy their oral sex time and when they are trying to manage their own enjoyment and their partners it can render them unable to climax. Who wants that? Not women.

Sure the IDEA of placing both ankles behind your ears and having him pounding into you sounds delicious as does folding yourself Indian style or stretching your leg up over his shoulders. However, how many women can ACTUALLY bend themselves into these positions? Not many. Especially older women. The problem with acrobatic positions is that they tend to cause pain or cramping and nothing halts good sex faster than a horrid cramp in your calf. Leave the acrobatics to the Circe du’soleil performers.

Ah, the reverse cowgirl position. Yes, it can feel really good. Yes, it puts the woman in control. However, it also puts the woman’s ass facing her partner, takes away the intimacy and eye contact, and can cause pain in the knees. This may be a good position for part of the sexual encounter, but may not provide enough pleasure to be the long-term option, especially if she is unpleased about her rear view.

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Some positions make us think “huh, why am I doing this?” and the hanging off the bed position is definitely one of those. Sure, during the heat of passion we can end up in some pretty interesting positions but some of them are just not feasible. One position in particular men seem to love and most women hate. This is the “hang your head backward off the bed and give me a blowjob” position. Yep, you read that right. The woman hangs her head upside down and fallates her partner. What happens when we hang our head upside down? Yep, all the blood rushes there and most of us will get very, very dizzy. What does not go well with having your lover’s penis in your mouth? Vomit. While this position may look fantastic in porn movies – and, admittedly, can be a good way to learn how to deep throat – it is a position most women hate.

Sorry guys, if you think your woman loves doggy style you may be wrong. This position ranks near the top of positions that women hate. Yes, it can feel really good for some women, but for most, it can be painful. It is a deep penetration position (meaning, he can thrust in deeply) but this means it can hit her cervix and most women do not find that a pleasing feeling. Not to mention doggy is not intimate at all, she can feel her boobs and whatever extra belly fat she has giggling around, and he tends to grab her harder doing doggy. These aspects make it an unpleasing position for her. While she may do it because you like it she may be hating it while it is occurring.

I know you love this one guys. Seeing your woman up on top of you, naked, riding you and making those happy sex faces. What guy wouldn’t love that, right? Why does she hate it? Well, unless she is completely comfortable in her skin and doesn’t care that her boobs are jiggling around in different directions then she may be a bit self-conscious about her body and how it looks. Also, it is sometimes hard to get the right fit between thighs and hips and bellies (yes, both of you) and woman on top can be logistically impossible or at very least uncomfortable. Not to mention it can take a while to get to her orgasm and she may be tired before either can achieve orgasm.

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This is most definitely a hated position because it is, well, tiring and hard to do! With the frog position the woman squats above her partner, lowers down onto him and then bounces up and down on him while in the squatting position. How many women can do that long-term on the floor not to mention a squishy bed? Not many. While he may love it – great visual for him and deep penetration – she will likely be too tired to make it worth the effort. To say women hate this position is a gross understatement.

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